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Scott junds gen slowdown video devs look at this



  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 3,951

    It would help a lot and I think it's a good change. But they said they wont do it.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 7,472

    Oh well that we have nothing currently other than speculation. I would speculate differently than you. No where else to go with that though since we don't have stats.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,306

    Exactly. All arguments are pointless because devs don't provide stats :/

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 2,184

    It sounds like a good idea to me. I think there should still be a timer of some kind as well even if a survivor isn't found so hide and seek games with afk wraiths don't become common.

  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,483

    So I do not like the 120 second timer idea, imo it would need to be longer but a timer should be involved at least to the point where the survivors don't wanna sit around and do nothing... since the point of implementing something like this is to give a chance to the killers to get in the game before 3 gens are done..

    Also this would not punish stealth players. This could give a new reward for stealth players to work for. since a timer exists in this idea all time you stealth/evade the killer is time wasted for the killer and progress can still be made on gens soo.

  • PatchNoirPatchNoir Member Posts: 404

    juts dont use the choosen idea, give the obsession status to the first survivor, this status dont affect the gameplay anyway if someone is not using an obsession perk, "ah but the killer wont know if someone has DS" as a killer main i think that you must be prepared to it anyway cause is like the survivor ruin 80% uses it, and its just not tunnelin that everything will be fine.

    This obssesion first person find will help pwyf stacks making this perks not being so useless and more used, also it will make STBFL more viable cause the other survivors will stack you if you dont tunnel your first hook the obsession.

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,153
    edited February 2020

    I really like your idea and I sincerely hope they will eventually implement something similar, but I still think there is some tinkering to do regarding the triggers to end the Trial Warmup: for example, what about The Map, which is on two levels and you, as a killer, don't necessarily have the ability to go from one floor to the other immediately? The 4 meters could be already too much to trigger the end of the Warmup without having an idea of where a survivor may be.

    At the same time, if you lower the radius you risk giving an unfair advantage to instadown killers like Hillbilly or Bubba, and, similarly, other killers could be able to induce potato survivors to drop pallets even when not in a chase but very close to the killer.

    Again, a killer could induce survivors to waste their sprint burst without triggering the end of the Warmup, catch up with them and when close enough finally start the chase, adding valuable seconds to the slow down.

    I think with your current implementation there could be a lot of exploitable potential by killers, which could be very nasty against low ranked survivors - and that's why I think they'll never implement this :P

  • A_Can_Of_AirA_Can_Of_Air Member Posts: 863

    I really like this idea and somehow never thought of anything like it. It’s simple and effective. A timer would solve any issues with killers like Wraith abusing it and I can’t see it having any negative impacts. Would it solve 100% of issues surrounding generator speeds? I don’t know, but it would most likely cover the important issues like early game generator speeds and big maps, also set up killers. If BHVR actually implemented this I’d have a new found respect for them.

  • GHOSTfaceP3GHOSTfaceP3 Member Posts: 1,174

    Agreed they could also keep creating bigger maps aswell and not limiting themselves well that’s how I feel

  • HellCatJaneHellCatJane Member Posts: 698

    Careful, your personal bias towards Scott is showing.

    I'd actually love to see this looked more into and can even test it first on the PTB.

  • BillyAndStuBillyAndStu Member Posts: 72

    This isnt punishing stealth play and "stealth play" shouldnt be rewarded. Hiding from the killer all game means doing nothing. If u work on a gen you will be found. Maybe get good at chases instead of urban evasioning around lol. It literally rewards a single surv by encouraging interaction and allows teamwork because it allows gens to actually begin to be worked on. It hurts no one in the long term and makes killer feel less hopeless.

  • TraitorousLeopardTraitorousLeopard Member Posts: 156

    The only addition I could think of would be adding "Reaching Tier 2 Evil Within" as a Killer-specific trigger for ending the warm-up. Getting from EW1 to 99% EW2 is a huge amount of progress that never requires Myers to start a chase, land a hit, or get within a few meters of a survivor. By the time he's out of EW1, he's basically past his sometimes frustrating "setup" phase anyway.

  • TraitorousLeopardTraitorousLeopard Member Posts: 156

    I mean, he's already hell on 90% of maps. So either you're on a good map for him, and you can probably get a sneaky hit and end the warm-up, or worst case-scenario you get looped for 2 minutes and the warm-up times out.

  • Nos37Nos37 Member Posts: 1,224

    As a survivor who mains stealth, I would like this idea (even if my addendum of increased Cleanse, Search, and Sabotage speeds was not included) because I would hate to know that other sniveling cowards like myself are wetting themselves in a corner of the map while I'm desparately running from the killer and they are completely unaware because I'm not the Obsession.

  • FeydFeyd Member Posts: 271
    edited February 2020

    It's the thrill of evading the killer. He's there and he's actively looking for you while you slip around an object. I find it far more enjoyable to play cat and mouse in this scenario than I ever have playing ring-around-the-rosie with loops.

    In a chase, I look for an opportunity to stop running and slip from sight, to lose the killer entirely and disappear like a ghost. It's far more thrilling for me to genuinely outplay and lose a killer, to watch them frantically searching where they'd lost me than it ever was to run them in circles until they down me or give up.

    I don't feel I won when they choose to walk away. When I slip away though, those are the moments I love most.

  • FeydFeyd Member Posts: 271
    edited February 2020

    Last night I "hid from the killer" most of the game. Was chased once, where I slipped them, did three gens myself and unhooked 4 people safely, then broke his 3-stack devour hope and another hex as well as two dull totems. Then proceeded to escape through the hatch as my potato team finally perished.

    Considering I basically did *everything* myself, I find it hard to take you seriously when you say stealth play accomplishes nothing.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    What stats? I don’t have to think, I just sat here and got 5 straight instant games as killer after waiting 5 as survivor and never getting. One.

  • TDRTDR Member Posts: 25

    I like how many things now need to be redone in the game just because they nerfed Ruin. This was definitely a very wise decision by the developers. Or not?

  • gamerscrybecauseofmegamerscrybecauseofme Member Posts: 347
    edited February 2020

    You will have to forgive me, I am one if the killers that doesn't have problems with a couple gens popping early, so the whole need for this kind of thing isn't on my list of things bhvr need to address. I automatically assume it's to stop gen rushing, which is only really possible against 4 man co ordinated SWF groups, anything else is just sloppy killing. Anyhoo, that said.

    1) 50% reduction still has a gen popping before some players can get to the other side of the map. Even if it's just 4 survivors with commodious and speed add ons and a price thyself.

    2) It's not a problem that all hooks can now be virtually disabled before the killer has got into a chase? Lol ok

    3) I won't argue an opinion about killers needing buffs, but giving me extra time to lay traps before 2 gens pop, is really making it too easy. Yes, of course it helps high mobility killers, they're the ones that benefit the most from an in game slow down at the start.

    4) 4 man SWF is when the whole gen popping quickly happens the most. Penalising randoms because 4 man SWF is too strong for some players, is a bad idea and bhvr have consistently stood firm on on this. This mechanic, punishes random survivors.

    5) How does the game decide which gens to block off? Would it be the 3 that aren't touched yet? Furthest from the killer, at start, at that point? Be interesting.

    Yes, there are other considerations, such as stalk killers.

    Also, why does a chase need to be initiated, it could be argued that seeing a survivor/killer is the true start of a chase, as now it's planning your move. Seems a bit strange to give stalking killers a disadvantage of being able to stalk while the other killers can get up close and personal. What about killers that have terror radius debuffs?

    Like I said, it's a nice idea. But simply fixing low mobility killers is the better way to go (like they did with DR, not that he really needed changing in my hands), rather than over react to the gen rush koolade and make large in game changes to fix extremely rare scenarios. I think, waiting for how matchmaking changes and bhvr seeing how long games last (if they don't already) would be a better way to decide what needs to be fixed and how

  • PirscherPirscher Member Posts: 446

    So, while the killer is in warm-up and everything is horror-like and slow, would all killers be in undetectable status too until the first chase starts?

    It would be fun to have at least one jump scare in a match

  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 2,134

    I like this idea. It would finally give killers a fighting chance at the start of maps. Sure, some are still going to be a little unbalanced, but a good majority of maps would be fine. It really does add a feeling of dread, like, is it me that's going to be the first to be hunted? And it really fits in well to the game. It's pretty much a EGC, but a start version.

  • nimesulidenimesulide Member Posts: 39

    Thanks for the feedback, @PatBrutal. It's good to hear a confirmation, that you started to pick-up things, and thinking about it. :)

    Personally, for me, this is like a lightbulb has just activated in my head. :D So simple, yet amazing idea, and benefitial for both sides. Ofc needs some/lot adjustments on perks side as well, but maybe this is a kind of thing a 3-4 years old game needs: some completely new, yet very simple part.

  • Bob32544523Bob32544523 Member Posts: 14

    This is easily the best idea I have heard.

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