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Who can I talk to about receiving my lost legacy skins back?

Hello everyone. I've been a long time DbD fan and player. I believe I started in June or July of 2016, and unfortunately lost my saved data in December of 2017. I was reimbursed all the bloodpoints, but lost my legacy skins. I posed this question when the data loss first occurred, but received no information on getting the skins back. I was hoping after so long, there would be a way of retrieving said skins again. I still have pictures on my steam page of me with my full Dwight legacy, but there aren't any of my Billy, so I would understand not getting the Billy skin, if the process is even possible! Thanks in advance for any information on the matter.


  • CrazewtboyCrazewtboy Member Posts: 611

    Unfortunately, they probably won't give them back. I'm pretty sure the devs won't give them back for any reason, and the only way you can get them back is by cheating them in (which will just get you banned). However one of the mods will just tell you to put in a ticket because this is not the place to discuss it and close this thread.

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 793

    As far as I'm aware, you can submit a ticket from the help center ( about 'loss of progress'. Unfortunately, I think they're limited in what they can reimburse. If they've already given you back your Bloodpoints but no legacy skins, it's unlikely you will get them back.

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 819

    Support is notoriously unreliable with lost Legacy claims. Good luck though.

  • HolidayLemonHolidayLemon Member Posts: 11

    I suppose I'll go ahead and see if anything can be done through a ticket submission. Thank you for the responses. Greatly appreciated!

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 3,751

    yeah, i'd like to know that aswell.

    last time i talked to support about my loss of progress, i got like 60 million BPs, but no legacy :c

  • HolidayLemonHolidayLemon Member Posts: 11

    I ended up submitting another ticket. We'll see what happens. I don't see why it wouldn't be possible, especially if you have the proof through steam screenies, and achievement dates. If it doesn't pan out though, it's not the end of the world. 😄

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 3,751

    can you do me a favour and IF you do get them back / if they tell you why it is not possible, update this post accordingly?

    i'd like to know if its possible to get them back / if not, why, and since i havent gotten any official respose myself yet, i'd apprecitae it if you did that ^^

    thanks in advance!

  • HolidayLemonHolidayLemon Member Posts: 11

    Sorry I never responded to the thread. I still haven't received the legacy skins, even with the screenshots as proof. It's not the worst thing ever though. I switched from pc to console a few months ago anyway because a few of my friends only played on console. Maybe one day they'll have some way of giving them back!

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,920
    edited February 8


    The issue with returning Legacy is that BHVR (I.E. Support) needs irrefutable proof that you indeed owned these skins beforehand to get them back, and even than it becomes an issue from there.

    Your best option is to try and contact support again about this issue for an update, since BHVR has been working on a solution to reimburse all users that had their skins lost before. They recently found a way to do this with the Lunar New Year event skins and the BBQ Summer skins as well instead of the original plan, which was to just release them to every player, so instead they found a way to give them to the players that earned them and left them exclusive.

    I'll provide the Support Team link below so you can file a ticket and see what information they can tell you on the situation at this time, otherwise that's the best I can do for you at the moment.

    [Here's the Support Team link]:

    also for context... they gave this update on the situation before

    [Here's the update they had on those Legacy and the reinbursed skins above]:

    "Unless we are able to identify every player that lost legacy, it will not come back. At the moment, we are still unable to identify the players that lost their legacy, therefore, we are not refunding or unlocking legacy."

  • FibijeanFibijean Member, Trusted Posts: 5,928

    I'm sorry you lost your skins, but as evidenced by the quote FireHazard provided above, they cannot reimburse legacy skins currently. The issue is largely with the fact that all player-specific data was stored locally in 2016, not on their servers, so they have no records of who had what back then.

    Support are apparently very busy at the moment, and probably answer this same question all the time, and they will almost certainly just tell you that they still can't refund legacy skins and close the ticket. I would advise you not to waste time contacting them until we receive an update which contradicts what we were told last November.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,920

    I mean they might give him some information possible, even if it's unlikely to be the case.

    He can still try to contact support on the issue but they're quite overwhelmed at the moment, so it would be best to leave it be right now unfortunately. I can understand his want for the skins he earned back than, it's sadly a bit of a sticky situation that some of the old players will have to keep waiting on.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member, Trusted Posts: 5,928

    Yeah, that's what I was saying. One could contact Support, but since they're very busy at the moment and we almost certainly already know what they're going to say, perhaps it's best not to in this case.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,920
  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 5,240

    Right now we have no way to refund Legacy - please do not contact Support about this, they cannot tell you more than I can unfortunately.

    If a way does become available in the future, we will communicate that, but until then there's nothing that can be done sadly.

  • HolidayLemonHolidayLemon Member Posts: 11

    Thanks for all the replies =)

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,920

    I'm glad this could be cleared up for you... or at the very least gave you some insight on the situation I suppose.

    I hope your problem is resolved in the future, so don't give up hope!

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