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Rework Suggestions - Brutal Strength

Just a couple of ideas for reworking Brutal Strength, because it seems really lackluster.

A - Bringing it up in terms of power by bumping its breaking speeds to 30/40/50% instead of 10/15/20% that they are now. Makes it actually tempting to take and makes it dangerous to try to loop killers running it.

B - Keeping the speeds it has now but adding: 'Your view is no longer locked to the pallet you are breaking.'. Let's face it - honestly there isn't any logic reason the killer should have to look at their feet when kicking a pallet - they should be able to look forward menacingly and kick through the pallet. "But-But-But the camera change is so Survivors can run away and killers have to take a moment to look where they went" No. Just, no. You have enough second chances in the game; killers should not have an illogical reaction just so you get another chance to get away from them.

C - Similar to above, but instead add 'You can no longer be stunned by flashlights while breaking a pallet.'. Again, logic-based. If we are looking AT OUR FEET to break the pallet; then there is zero plausible reason a flashlight should be able to blind and stun us while we do so.

D - The overboard suggestion; combine A and B to make it a truly powerful perk to take.


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