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How do you feel about the speed of generator repair and the overall speed of the game?



  • Slaughterhouse3Slaughterhouse3 Member Posts: 364

    Too fast. Pretty much all I can say as of lately haha.

  • KycerKycer Member Posts: 337

    As a killer main on console, I’m gonna be completely honest. The game is still winnable in the red ranks unless if you’re going against a sweat-squad but the thing is... the game is is just so unfun and frustrating even if you managed to win. That’s because of gens speed and the survivor perks that you gonna have to play around.. they’re too many.. Hell, even ZubatLEL got sick of playing killer because of the survivors’ perks.

  • KurosujiKurosuji Member Posts: 27
    edited February 9

    Well in most of my games, playing survivor or killer, there's usually about 3 gens left by time the killer gets a hook. Ruin was perfectly balanced to slowing down the game so I dont understand why the devs changed that (this coming from a survivor main). With the ruin change, you're in deep crap if there is one or possibly more brand new part and you're in even worse crap if an optimal SWF. So yeah, I think that gen speed needs to be slowed down a bit. I get that there are new survivors that struggle with doing gens, but if we expect killers to get better at the game, then we should expect survivors to get better as well.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 875

    I'd say it "feels" too fast but it's just the pace of the game... having 2-4 survivors on 1-2 gens creates pressure on the killer thus making it seem like gens fly by... but the killer can put that pressure back onto survivors by getting hits and hooks in making it seem like the killer is snowballing

    The biggest issue stems from the fact that most maps aren't balanced for both sides and even some killers are even worse off by it... maps need to be "slightly" or "considerably" reduced in overall size and gen placement need to be looked at....

    Also there's no more effects on skillchecks so in essence just hit skillchecks 4head and GGEZ afterward... I made a post on making status effects apply to skillchecks so both killers and survivors can feel like they played the game (but not meny ppl read/reacted to it feelsbadman) like making critical choices on healing or using SB to get to a Gen at the start of the match

    And (I swear this is the last thing I want to say on this... maybe) some perks and items can also make the match go quick survivors have more options to chose from but suffer from "gotta do every thing on my own" syndrome so they bring perks like SC(cause no one will heal me), DS(cause someone will unhook me in front of the killer), UB(cause no one will pick me up), etc. And the killer brings their best perks (up for debate) BBQ&C (cause I at least want 10k BP for this match... oh look I see someone SC ING in the corner of the map), SB (cause they heal to fast), old Ruin (cause they get gens done in my face), etc... All I'm saying is that the player base as a whole is better then before and the devs only throw perks on us like band-aids and call it a day... give us new game play content and the matches would be even (maybe)

  • xEcoLog1cDuk3XxxEcoLog1cDuk3Xx Member Posts: 126

    Were basically back to square 1 except that the devs are even more (UN)smart'er

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 875

    The devs are thinking of new content with a few changes to existing content not the other way around cause they want more players new to the game

    But little do they know but if they fixed this game it will be more appealing to new players and word of mouth can be even better for the game

    I didn't even know of this game till a friend gifted it to me

  • SmesonSmeson Member Posts: 35

    The genspeeds are going way too quick in red ranks. Cant even keep pressure as freddy sometimes, and I prefer playing pig/legion.

    This has also made the survivors alot more toxic, not only to play against them, but as a survivor in red ranks they are toxic as hell to you aswell. When survivors expect easy games all the time, and a slight misshap happens they assault you at once. Its a clear difference since killers got nerfed (again...).

  • HaraakHaraak Member Posts: 80

    Too fast at the beggining of the game. Survivors should have more objectives to complete in order to scape. Then it would be funnier for both sides.

  • Withered8Withered8 Member Posts: 78

    This is A huge misconception I find within the game. The problem isn’t gen speeds but rather the ability to pressure gens as a killer, and this comes down to map size. Large maps are extremely difficult to win with low-mid tier killers, and they also skew up results regarding how good every killer is, because high mobility killers will have far better results on larger maps, yet may do worse on smaller maps due to the low-mid tier killers being able to pressure gens and use their power more efficiently. If you watch a good killer player on a map like wreckers yard (which is a very balanced and fair map regarding size), you will see that they will be able to do far better and keep the gens going far slower than that if they were on a map such as the asylum. Ideally if maps were more around 9000km2 and circular shaped, then I could almost guarantee you that gen speeds would be far less of an issue.

  • LuzielErebusLuzielErebus Member Posts: 2
    I don't understand how there are still people who say that the time required to make generators is fine. How many hours and experience do they have? I have been playing since the beginning, I will take around 1500 hours. 75% of the time playing all the killers. And in my streamings, people can see how there are games in which in less than 2 minutes they make 3 generators. 
    - 80% of the players are survivors, and I understand that they should feel that it is fun, but they expect us to kill with 12 hooks, and they make 2 generators for each killer hook. In the wiki you can see how between 2 people, with only 1 toolbox, they can make a generator in less than 40 seconds.
    - According to the wiki, the generators take more than 320 seconds to regress. RUIN serves to take only 160 seconds ... seriously? That's what some games last. Even hex: devourer of hope, much stronger, is not used because they often break the hex in less than 2 minutes.
    - I understand that only 20% of the players are murderers. Only one in five. But it is ridiculously easy for survivors to make 5 generators in 4 minutes, being only 2, because the other 2 are in windows, infinite pallets or blinding you in half a second from impossible angles.
    - It is so easy, that being a bad survivor, I have reached rank 2 without perks or addons in my streamings.
    Honestly, the game would be much more fun and better if the games were really 20-25 minutes, and not as at present it is normal for everything to be decided in the first 4 minutes. With more duration, there would be more tactics, more time for intermediate or final game tactics and more competitive tension. Sorry for my awkward English. It is not my mother tongue.

  • nyan_painbownyan_painbow Member Posts: 53

    Repairing speed makes impossibly difficult to get rank up as killer. When survivors get their emblems quickly and easily.

    After Ruin was nerfed survivors act UNFAIR and RESPECTLESS towards the killer. They aren't afraid of killer's approaching, they repair IN FRONT OF THE KILLER'S FACE.

    Dead by Daylight is now a game where killers are being mocked. Thank you for it.

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

    Standard gen speeds are fine, maps and gen speed increase items aren't. Neither are weaker killers.

    Some killers are kept balanced exclusively because killer early games are very weak in terms of pressure. i don't want to be in a world where Hag finishes her setup with 5 gens up or Oni gets his power with 5 gens up. Weaker killers with no map pressure need buffs and maps need reworks. Don't make survivors hold M1 for longer than they already have to.

  • KindredMainKindredMain Member Posts: 8

    For survivor, seeing a gen poping up everywhere on the map seems unabalanced as you thought to yourself "huh, where is the killer?" but then you realize they're still in a chase and struggle with loops or pallet.

    For killer, it's unfair and stressful. I recently quit playing as killer (and i used to be rank 3 killer) since Ruin nerf as i know the gen speed would be crazy. And it did happen, tons of matches i played have the first gen done within 35s because we spawned almost miles away from killer. Idk what the f*ck devs have in their minds when they nerfed Ruin but not the gen speed in first minutes itself.

    The idea of balancing is the gen speed should be slowed down 40-50% when killer is not in a chase, this change would make the game more fun to play as it forces survivors to interact with killer. If this doesn't happen soon, we already know why the devs are considered to be on of the worst game developers ever.

  • SadonicShadowSadonicShadow Member Posts: 1,143

    Summed up my thoughts exactly. BHVR is known to make very poor game balance decisions unfortunately. They did not stop to really think about why people used ruin so much; they just saw the statistically high rate of use and decided to nerf it into the ground because newer players have a hard time with it. It feels like i am back in early 2018 again when they made flashlight and pallet saves nearly impossible to screw up so that noobs would have an easier time getting them smh.

  • laKUKAlaKUKA Member Posts: 307

    Fast! and i loveit! and i think BHR too lol!

  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 4,957

    Too fast for both sides, but this is mostly due to bad map design.

    Why should I worry about how many pallets I need to manage if two generators get done by the first minute, and the three remaining generators get down in the next three because I kept the killer busy and being unable to touch me by just throwing down pallets willy-nilly rather than being risky? It makes the gameplay so shallow for both sides, but it works. Even more terrible when you can hug a god window on one of the many numerous maps that still has them, like Disturbed Ward or groaning Storehouse. It should never take a killer minutes to catch up and hit a survivor once just because of a couple pieces of wood and a window, which can be further extended with perks like dead hard.

    By the time the killer could ever hit the survivor twice, five generators are done by that point, which of course, often leads to camping, because what else do you do as killer by that point?

    In high tier play, games go too fast, because the maps make survivors too safe, with many perks to extend chases or erase mistakes as a sugar coating on top of that, which means killers cannot apply pressure, which means generators get pumped out too quickly because there's nothing stopping the survivors from doing them, which leads to incredibly fast games, often with the killer losing.

    There's also the age-old issue of many killers just literally being broken in one way or another, and considering how perfectly killers must play in high tier play to even have a chance at winning, a bug happening that makes their power not work, or "screws" them in just the wrong way, can just lead to a loss outright. I can throw a clown gas bottle, but the survivor runs right through it, screaming, meaning they make a pallet they otherwise couldn't, denying me a hit, which means the chase is now basically reset -- through no fault of my own. That's just one example of many.

  • YatolYatol Member Posts: 18

    Gen speed is fine IMO

  • gamerscrybecauseofmegamerscrybecauseofme Member Posts: 341
    edited February 9

    I must have missed something, when I play, gens seems to take forever. I often wonder if survivors even know how to find them and what to do when they get there. When I play survivor, I think the same [BAD WORD] too. Nerf [BAD WORD] teammates

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 2,677

    I think you're in the ballpark here.

    Gen speeds are winnable, other things need to change.

    Would people rather have extra time added to gens, but then be forced to commit to survivors sprint bursting and running god loops until the windows are blocked off?

    Or would people rather just have problematic maps and loops fixed, maps shrunk, removing the boring parts of the game?

    The game feels fine on a decent map.

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 890

    Tossing my thoughts in. There are a lot of games I see as both survivor or killer where all the survivors are dead and the generators aren't done.

    Sometimes none of them are done.

    I have also been a part of games where we just busted generators and the killer ended the game with like 6000 blood points.

    The longer the game takes, the more likely you are to die. I'm gonna die on this hill I know but if the killer wasn't so threatening I wouldn't feel like this gen most turn on now or I die.

    What games do killers win? The ones where people were doing totems and slithering around. What games do killers lose? Run to the gen, pop it or we die.

    Just saying.

  • HollowsGriefHollowsGrief Member Posts: 396

    The problem isn't just gen speed, it is gen speed, namely early game, as well as map design on top of it. Ever notice how when you get The Game that the trial lasts quite a bit longer most of the time? That is because the map is small enough for the killer to apply the correct level of pressure to slow the game down well. Now switch over to Rotten Fields where a gen literally gets finished before you can run to it, assuming you headed straight to said gen.

    Different maps need different gen speeds that or a majority of maps need a massive rework, because a lot of people hit the nail on the head: just run full meta perks, bring a toolbox and play with a friend or three and you will win 95% of your games, easily. I know all of this from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE DOING IT. I am a much better killer than I am survivor, but even I can run the killer around for 1-2 mins, costing him 2-3 gens easily, and that is before any kind of god window/pallet abuse.

  • LiisjakLiisjak Member Posts: 40

    I started playing killer 3 days ago rank 12...and I'm getting matched with rank 5s, it's really something. By the time I hook the first guy they've got like 1-2 gens done...god forbid you get in some insane loop with a crap ton of pallets inbetween.

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    I've been trying to think of ways to create alternative objectives without hosing over the mid and low rank survivors. How about a selfish objective? If the survivors clear all the totems before the final gen is done, the hatch will spawn. The hatch can then be opened by one person using a 20 second timer and skill checks. It allows that one person to escape, and then closes again.

  • CrassardStreamsCrassardStreams Member Posts: 179

    Right now it's absolutely not worth it to kick a gen over chasing. I think making generators regress faster would be a good start - reward the killer for pressuring and playing well rather than just "all gens take X% longer now"

    Scott's early game idea has a lot of merit as well, applying a heavy debuff to repair speeds on gens until the first down or until a couple minutes has passed. Survivors can stealth/power through the time or get the game started in full force earlier to cut the killer's prep time short.

    The main issue right now is the developers think "giving up" is okay for killers and they should count themselves lucky if they get more than 2 kills a game. That's [BAD WORD] ridiculous. That's even more stupid than their "We can't make ruin not a hex perk because hag can only have hexes" like what? Balancing the game trumps anything else related to "aesthetic" or design.

    It should be equally possible for all survivors to escape or all survivors to die. I'm sure I'm not the only one sick of all the pandering to newbie survivors. You don't pander to newbie sports players or newbies in any other game you expect them to feel rewarded for putting the time in and learning - ie: investing in your game.

    Regressing should be a lot more punishing in general imo, seeing as all it takes is a split second to stop it anyway + repairing generators doesn't take any skill and barely takes your attention. I think making the skill checks more difficult or going for a new system that actually requires a bit of attention would be beneficial so people aren't just scanning around constantly not giving any shits about their boring m1 objective.

  • CoderCoder Member Posts: 580

    The problem is not really the gen speed. There are a lot of issues.

    1) Killers are so unbalanced between themselves, that 5 gens is enough for a hillbilly, but not really for a bubba, a wraith or a clown. All killers should (like pig) have a built-in slow down mechanic. Even if it's small, like applying mangled for every bubba's chainsaw, or a built-in Blind Warrior effect, or mangled if the clown hits you with the bottle and then hits you. ALL BUILT-IN, without the need to use an addon spot.

    2) Map design is bad with old maps. It's crazy that I have to follow a guy jumping the same window 3 times (wretched shop, ironworks, coal tower...) or drop the chase and find someone else, both really detrimental to me and 0 risk for survivors. They shouldn't have safe areas. You should be able to mindgame a survivor everywhere, those time wasters are just bad design. Though Devs are learning from their mistakes. New maps, like Lery's, yamaoka and Hawkins are balanced maps, since they have no infinite windows and jungle gyms are more unsafe than mcmillan, Crotus Prenn or autohaven.

    3) An early game mechanic (like go find a highlighted toolkit at the other side of the map, like Freddy's Clocks) would help the killer find people faster and would prevent survivors to sit on a gen the first 3 seconds of the game.

    4) SWF. Coordination gives too much of an advantage in this game. You can't ban SWF, since that was what made this game popular, but there has to be some penalty to gen speed for SWF.

    My 2 cents.

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