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All survivor meta perks need nerfed to the ground or deleted.



  • Androuruguayo99Androuruguayo99 Member Posts: 55

    It's funny how you show that Unbreakable and Ds make you can't do anything.

    Wait 15s for BT and then hook? Oh I can't, he has ds. Don`t grab? I can't, he has unbreakable

    At that time already 3 generators were made

  • dominatrodominatro Member Posts: 1

    This is painful. As someone that plays both sides, I don’t see a reason that any of these really need to be nerfed. Don’t be ######### or don’t give up so easily and you’ll be fine, dude. If you really wanna hook that person with DS, suck up the stun and continue chasing. If you really wanna hook that person that was unhooked with BT, hit them twice. Or don’t be #########, and instead go after the person who unhooked. Should be able to hit once while unhooking and again after the unhook. Dead Hard’s fine. Just don’t fall for it a second time. Unbreakable’s fine. If you’re worried about someone having it, pick them up after you down them. Or let them get up and down them again. It’s single-use.

  • xBEATDOWNSxxBEATDOWNSx Member Posts: 629

    Bad bait 2/10

  • JenkinsuJenkinsu Member Posts: 13

    I’m a survivor main, and I think having Unbreakable to potentially save the entire team from a slug play is super fun. I think stunning a tunneling killer with DS so I can waste time for my team and so they dont die is fun. I think using dead hard to narrowly escape a down and extending the chase a bit linger is fun. I think using BT to counter a facecamping killer and saving my teammate is fun. I think that clutch moment when Adrenaline saves you from a down at the endgame is fun.

    Similarly, I don’t have fun when I die to NOED. I don’t have fun getting cucked out of an escape with Remember Me and Blood Warden is fun. I don’t think having to spend more time healing with Sloppy Butcher is fun. I don’t think having to focus super hard on the game to hit red Ruin skill checks is fun.

    Now here’s the difference between me and you. I understand why these perks exist, and I don’t whine and ######### and demand something be removed just because I don’t like it.

    Why is your sense of fun superior to my sense of fun? Why should you get to remove anything unfun you like? Get off your throne of entitlement and play the damn game like everyone else.

  • Kai6864Kai6864 Member Posts: 365

    I have a few issues with what you’re saying there, if you don’t mind me pointing out. I thin items being stronger than co-op actions (not including keys, maps, the purple gen toolbox) are fine. They have charges and will run out- whereas co-op actions are infinite and the whole process can be sped up by Leader, Botany, Autodidact, Solidarity. Toolboxes are already getting nerfed substantially and an item should be able to be used by everyone not to ‘help out the noobs’. Sorry if I sound mean, that wasn’t my intention :)

  • CrescentGentCrescentGent Member Posts: 60

    Couldn't care less about perks, more so with infinite loops and gen rushing :) because it's a tactic

  • DeltaForce291DeltaForce291 Member Posts: 13

    Killer main here.

    Borrowed Time is fine. It's a 15 second time. If you really can't help but tunnel that survivor after they're unhooked, that's on you and BT is meant to counter tunneling. The perk is working as it should: a counter to a single thing.

    Same can be said for Decisive Strike. Granted, multiple people being able to stun a killer in the same lobby for a free escape is rather annoying. However, you can easily wait out the timer or trap them in a body block to cut their run shorter and catch them again.

    And again with Unbreakable. It counters slugging, and that's it. It takes roughly a minute of healing to get to the point of being even able to use the perk. If you pick them up, then your problem is solved. If not, then I don't see how you're losing games to Unbreakable. If you know where you downed someone and know they needed to heal up to that point, you should know their general location.

    Adrenaline is touchy, but again, a counter to slugging. If it didn't reward a survivor for being alive and standing when all gens were completed, I think it'd be better. Especially rewarding a freshly hit survivor in a chase. However, it's another perk that isn't that big of a deal to counter unless you were...slugging.

    Dead Hard being broken? That is one of the most delusional things I have heard on this forum. So much so, I had to throw an account together just to make this comment. Get closer to the survivor before you swing. If they DH, you can catch them with a lunge. If they don't, they can't react to a hit at point blank range. This just sounds bad.

    This whole post sounds like a complaint from a low rank player that doesn't want to improve, but would rather see survivors thrashed for playing the game with certain perks. I don't see you complaining about our equipment. NoED, BBQ, Moris, Whispers, Corrupt Intervention, Nurse's Calling, Enduring + Spirit Fury...Killers have meta perks too. If you're using a weak build as an average/below average killer, you aren't going to have an easy game. You aren't expected to 4k every game either.

    Stop trying to ruin the experience for others because you cant manage. The game is already struggling enough to keep a playerbase, and changes like you suggest or nerfing into oblivion won't keep it alive.

  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474

    but you dont need co-op actions, if you have items. You can do it all alone.

    Would you like to escape without powering generators? - grab a key. ♿️☑️

    Would you like to quicky do middle generators alone- grab 180 charges toolbox (140% boost). ♿️☑️

    Would you like to heal 70% faster than in co-op and without Botany- grab a med-kit. ♿️ ☑️

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 1,258
    edited February 2020

    only second chance perk I have a problem with is DH simply because of the strength of looping and the fact that DH is literally being used to prolong loops and not avoid taking a hit

  • ApeOfMazorApeOfMazor Member Posts: 471

    You might as well have changed your first sentence to "Survivor main here." Ohhh the game is dying really you don't say. Maybe making it fair will bring back some killers and survivors will actually find it more fun to be challenged and in the weaker role as they should be.

  • UpsettingDruid0UpsettingDruid0 Member Posts: 20

    Glad you didn't actually read and just labeled me as survivor main. I play both sides all the time and have since launch. Both sides have perks the other side doesn't like playing against, that's just the nature of perks. You nerf DS, BT, DH and adrenaline into the ground then noed, rancor, bbq, and pop will get nerfs. All the ruin nerf did was make matchmaking worse by letting potato survivors get into red ranks. I'll play a game against a four stack swf with all of them being red/purple and only one knows how to run in a chase. Ruin, while it made gens longer, was not needed by good killers. I hated running ruin just because of how uncertain it was and was 90% of the time a waste of a slot.

    I'll say it again after seeing you complain about the devs time after time and about perks and the game in general on other posts, stop playing. People like you make the health of the game worse and you obviously aren't enjoying it anymore. For your own sanity and mental health, take a nice long break from the gama and come back after some patches.

  • DeltaForce291DeltaForce291 Member Posts: 13

    So let me clarify: because I disagree with you, even though I play the exact same role as you, I must be a survivor main? Well, you just sealed my doubts as to whether or not you were a competent killer or not.

    Every perk you are complaining about has a counter FFS.

    Dead Hard? I said it: don't be a bloodthirsty mongoloid and just get close to them first.

    Decisive? Don't tunnel, and use Enduring. Combo it with Spirit Fury for a build that isn't just to counter a single perk.

    Adrenaline? NoED. Bring PGTW, Ruin, CI, Surveillance, or Discordance to pressure and stall gens to completely render the perk useless.

    Unbreakable? Pick up the survivor. Don't rely on slugging, and actually remember where you downed someone if they do get up.

    Borrowed Time? Hmmm...don't tunnel. Or chase them at point blank for 15 seconds.

    These are things you should know to do as a killer at this point. I haven't played in months and I can at least tell you how to play better without even seeing your gameplay. Why? Because nothing has changed for countering these perks that have been around for forever. This is just a post to complain because you aren't improving. Look up builds. Watch YouTube videos. Take initiative to better your skills instead of complaining and attempting to trash the game.

    "Ohh the game is dying really you dont say" Suggestions to completely kill off any playerbase of survivors gives you no killer lobbies, bud. Can't play the game if you kill off all the viable perks for one side and ruin the fun for them.

  • iBetClaudetteiBetClaudette Member Posts: 299

    Wow...another "Let's nerf every survivor perk" post

  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 442

    Comms as basekit would be the beginning of a balance point. its so obvious when your versing a SWF and/or good SoloQ gamers. Its so obvious when you're not. Some players don't need comms because their game sense is already really good but it is impossible to balance this game with a HUGE advantage to comms that is not accounted for.

    Sadly based on Dev comments and their decisions, I feel like a good chunk of them are probably rank 18s.

  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 442

    Obviously, I mean when you swing a axe in real life it take like 5 seconds for you to be ready to swing again or do anything else. But when you remove a person from a jagged rusty impaled object 8 feet off the ground, you're surprisingly efficient.

  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 442

    Survivor Meta Perks are fine by themselves, they are not fine when paired with map size, brokenly safe tiles, brokenly quick objective times.

    I would argue to leave perks alone for now, adjust the maps and broken tiles, then look at how the games are going.

    Its annoying when they try to adjust the game by buffing/nerfing perks and adjusting add-ons. The core issue is the maps and tiles and it takes the longest to fix. And stop fixing tweaking lery's. You honestly would've been better off to completely delete the map and start over. Its TERRIBLE.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 3,145

    Guess what the counter play to DS is?

    Eat the stun. It's that easy.

  • ApeOfMazorApeOfMazor Member Posts: 471

    Which is what is being done to killers BUD. But its fine if its not your side

  • DeltaForce291DeltaForce291 Member Posts: 13

    Oh, I didn't realize all of my aforementioned meta items for killer were hit. What's that? It was only Ruin? Oh, well then I guess all of survivor meta should die off.

    This has to be bait of you can't provide any valid argument against anything I've mentioned to counter all of your hated perks. If you knew anything about any game, you should know there is always going to be a meta. No matter what you do to perks, there will be a new meta. Get better at the game instead of recommending trash changes, or use meta perks on great killers. Either way, stop complaining. Again, all this coming from a killer main. I play Spirit, Billy, Clown, Plague, and Ghostface. So not even all top tier killers. I just have game sense and map knowledge, meaning I played the game enough to counter what you're complaining about.

  • 70% ++ kill rates say otherwise

  • ApeOfMazorApeOfMazor Member Posts: 471

    I've provided plenty of valid arguments you just don't agree with me so you wanna play that game. The game can run its course then while you stay in denial thinking its healthy.

  • shmoulshmoul Member Posts: 97

    DS - Because the survivors have no idea where the killer is right after he picked up a survivor. (At least I think you mean it would activate after getting picked up)

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 1,280

    Its funny how entitled some survivors have become when they think DS and BT are the only chances survivors have to get out. I play without both of those perks and escape still. They are just crutch perks.

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 1,280

    Survivors have a chance to escape, its called playing the game. Also none of the second chance perks can actually be countered, and only DS can be mitigated. BT to be 'outplayed' is waiting 15 seconds of not hitting them or ignoring them, DS is slugging, but neither is actually a counter. Adrenaline has no counter aside from NOED, but that can actually be countered as well without needing another perk to do it. Dead hard can be baited, unless they are too close to a pallet or window.

  • danielbird11danielbird11 Member Posts: 149
    edited February 2020

    This guy has no idea what he is talking about. He is defiantly lying about playing from release and is probably a rank 20. And he does not care if anyone else has fun apart from him. Play survivor and you will have a little bit more of an idea about balance. All the perks that you want deleted are perfectly fine apart from ds in SOME circumstances. People like you that complain about everything in games should not be playing them. Games are meant to be played for fun so if you say the game is bad and is unfun then why play?

  • NakedwildmanNakedwildman Member Posts: 198

    DS, BT, DH, Unbreakable...

    Like dafuq.. how many second chance perks should they still have?

    Killer don't even have one "oh, I didn't hit him *perks activated* and he's down" #########.

    Just delete all of that bs perks of survivors which makes the game unfun for the killer.

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