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Survivors get stuck in injured/deep-wound crouch animation

StrangeErikStrangeErik Member Posts: 1


i was playing Legion today and at a random point after hitting some survivors with feral frenzy they started getting stuck in the mending/crouched injured animation and couldnt move on their own. They could still be healed and perfom other button-assigned actions and also get hit by my ability/primary attack. I couldnt pick them up when downed, when downed they still had the same locked animation.

We managed to get them un-stuck by interrupting their vault over a window or pallet and hooking them or them being rescued by others from my grasp, after which they were able to play normally. But after some time, they randomly got stuck again (one of them after exit was opened barely metres away from escape).

Also, at first it was only one survivor, but after i downed another unaffected survivor next to the affected one he also got stuck.

The perks i used were "Barbecue and Chilli", "Ruin", "Agitation" and "Mad Grit".

My Addons were "Scratched Ruler" and "Friendship Bracelet"

I hit the survivors close to a pallet and maybe them dropping the pallet or vaulting it while injured/afflicted by deep wounds made them stuck.

As i dont know if i'm allowed to upload youtube-links from my gameplay, i uploaded 2 videos unlisted so they can only be accessed by my 2 links. I can provide them if necessary, just message me/reply.


  • JoelwinoJoelwino Member Posts: 546

    I got that glitch as a survivor, I broke out eventually after spamming the pointing/come here emotes

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