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3 year and 8 months of holding M1. Why is there no rush for the Devs to implement a second objective

AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 4,046

In a recent dev stream, McClean stated that secondary objectives are not going to be looked at until potentially way down the line.

The line is almost 4 years and a secondary objective has still not been looked into.

The vast majority of the playerbase want something more elaborate to do other than holding M1, killers too. Killers see an implementation of a second objective as a means to better balance the game in terms of them being able to defend objectives.

I find it insulting that for something which has been an issue for a long time, is repeatedly dismissed as something they might get onto changing one day. The truth is that it's been almost 4 years and that day hasn't yet come.

Some of you will say "how are supposed to balance a second objective?" It's literally their job.

How will they make Claudette's new dress pretty...by making it look good.

How do they make perk X more fair...by nerfing/buffing/reworking it.

The fact is that the option has been there for a while and for whatever reason they don't want to trouble themselves with having to add new gameplay mechanics to their game.

Also before someone says "Cleansing sickness is like an additional gameplay mechanic" while I'll agree the variety is nice but if it's not of vital importance to do a certain thing then it doesn't matter.


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