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Survivor main, why do you NOT run the meta?



  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 2,396

    I prefer stealth play. I can’t loop very well, so I just do objectives, unhook and heal.

    My build is Urban Evasion, Spinechill, Self Care and Botany.

    Not powerful, but I like it.

  • SkelemaniaSkelemania Member Posts: 227

    I don't run Decisive Strike because good killers just slug you for a minute anyway.

    I don't run Dead Hard because good killers will just wait to swing to play around it anyway.

    I don't run Adrenaline because a lot of games, your team doesn't complete five generators so it's like only playing with three perks.

    I do run Borrowed Time but only because I also run We're Gonna Live Forever & want the stacks.

  • asergioamasergioam Member Posts: 362

    Right, that info is a huge advantage plus, those two perks are usefull every match. The borrowed time, to be honest, is mostly because if I want to raise wglf fast, i just get a hit near the hooked guy, unhook him and get another it immediatly, giving me 3 WGLF levels. In some games, I almost have to do it so I can get my wglf filled and it is better than escaping because 3 levels almost doubles the bloodpoints.

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    The meta build is boring. Very boring. Much more fun to run other stuff. I like Any Means Necessary because it's pretty cool and funny when it actually works. Almost never but I have managed to flip back up a few strong pallets when the killer just leaves them and hooks somebody, then they go back to the pallet only to find it stood back up. I've made a few killers VERY salty because of it lmao

  • Kongtwenty12Kongtwenty12 Member Posts: 140

    I personally just dont enjoy using them. Occasionally I'll run BT but normally I run Iron Will,Calm Spirit,Urban Evasion, and any other miscellaneous perk if feel like running. Haven't settled on a final perk

  • TheRealNoodleTheRealNoodle Member Posts: 2

    Those are mostly very situational perks, i prefer perks that ill know ill use

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,292

    Because I don't like them. I couldn't care less about DS or DH. Unbreakable is too situational for my taste. BT and Adrenaline I'll run on occasion. But both are pretty rare for me. I basically only use them if multiple games in a row I needed them.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 3,145

    I run Spine Chill and Lithe as my choices for non meta perks. I only run Adrenaline and DS because it fits my aggressive playstyle.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    As survivor, I don't like running perks outside of my control like UB or DS. Adrenaline is also a no-no because I usually sacrifice myself before all the gens get done anyways lol.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    I should fit in WGLF because I do enjoy the BPs. Maybe take out the exhaustion perk for it and see.

    DS is great when you get that tunneling killer too, I feel like when I have it they “play fair,” and when I don’t they tunnel even if someone on my team is an obsession.

    BT is similar, I make safe saves so I don’t need it... but I do wish I had it at times for end game camper saves.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,065

    Out of that meta list I only use BT. Its a great perk and can be used multiple times.

    I don't like exhaustion perks generally. Sprint burst means I need to slow walk all the time. Dead hard is overrated as hell. Once the killer knows you have it they just bait it out. DS is nice for tunneling but I rarely get tunneled. Unbreakable for slugging but I rarely get slugged. Adrenaline relies on endgame which doesn't always happen.

    I like to use perks that I know I will get frequent use of every match and will help the team. I run BT, Prove Thyself, We'll make it, and Bond. These all synergize well together for my playstyle. Team Dweet.

  • wait4him2leavewait4him2leave Member Posts: 118

    DS and DH are for good runners not me **blush**. Rarely need adrenaline and unbreakable. BT: If they camp I do gens, and if it's end game 99% have NOED.

  • WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,158

    I want to cater to my play style, not the genuine consensus’s. I have more fun that way, and I experiment with other builds than just sitting with the meta. Ive played meta before just to try it, but it just felt... dull. It felt uninspired. It played well, but I didn’t feel nearly as satisfied as I did when I ran MY build. I like having a unique set of perks to really spice up my gameplay, and I change them all the time. I don’t think meta is completely worth my time personally since it’s just so... boring to me, and when I play killer, I want to face something distinct and unique, so I be that change I wanna see.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,296
    edited February 2020

    Sometimes I like to mess around.

    I'll run an autodidact build and act as the team healer.

    I'll bring my farming build of WGLF, BT, We'll Make it if I need bloodpoints.

    I'll bring a farming build like ace in the hole, pharmacy and plunderers instinct if I need medkits.

    If I want to be sneaky i'll bring spinechill, UE, IW and technician to try to avoid being found. Keep in mind I still do gens even though Im being sneaky.

    If I wan't a build where I try to loose the killer once found i'll bring q&q+lithe to try to break LoS after a fast vault and lose him in a chase.

    Then there's the time when I feel like bringing q&q+head on+bond. I'll try to find a locker where my friends are being chased and smack the killer to get them to change targets.

    It's only after I've been defeated but a try hard killer do I revert to the norm.

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  • ChaubinChaubin Member Posts: 16

    Essentially, I dont like being told what to do. I'll experiment myself, and try to find synergy that works for me.

    Unless I'm doing a tome or daily that requires something like safe unhooks or something of that sort.

  • RottingAlienRottingAlien Member Posts: 11
    edited February 2020

    I find DH extremely easy to counter when I play killer. I never really thought it was more useful than other exhaustion perks.

    About DS, I try to have a mind set of not using perks that require me to go down. I always try to not go down in the first place even if I fail, it's a mind set i try to go for. Also I don't really think a one time use in the entire game is a good thing in a perk.

    Unbreakable falls in the same mindset as DS

    BT I don't either like it or dislike it, I just prefer to use the slot on something else

    BUT.. I do love adrenaline, wich is also a one time thing but it saved me during chases way to many times to ignore.

    I usually change my builds a lot, but now that I notice, it's funny that those perks considered "meta" are the ones I never use. Except adrenaline. I love it too much xD

  • TatiTurtleTatiTurtle Member Posts: 4

    For me, it's really boring if I have to rely on those perks all the time. I like the creativity put into creating a build or trying new things. I do run DS cause there's many situations that I play to where I end up getting farmed off the hook and then tunneled. Other than that my build is Prove Thyself, Urban Evasion, DS, & Balanced Landing. (I play ps4 & switch.)

  • underlord99underlord99 Member Posts: 1,030

    It gets boring after awhile , dont get me wrong I still run borrowed time and adrenalin but I hate having a crutch for when I mess up. also I've noticed that having DS makes me play extra bold which I dont like.

  • Chicagopimp2019Chicagopimp2019 Member Posts: 458

    In two words....its boring.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,084

    I haven't been running DS lately because I want to use fun builds even at the cost of the killer being a complete jerk. I'd much rather not have at least two slots tied up in case of something like that so I just run whatever I like and if the killer tunnels someone else before me, they only get one hook. If they camp, they only get one hook. Makes me much less annoyed when I just don't care what the killer is doing and annoy them more than they're gonna try to annoy me.

  • StorntStornt Member Posts: 145

    I don't main survivor, but when I play my Jeff, I run Autodidact, WGLF, Any Means Necessary, and some other perk like Lightweight or Resilience. It's vastly more fun to not have a crutch and play the game casually (plus Autodidact and Any Means Necessary feel so damn good when they work).

  • SolAkiraSolAkira Member Posts: 71

    It's just not fun. I like to run what makes the game fun for me. I already suck at the game anyway so why not change It up and have fun? I play differently than everyone else so why would I use the same perks? Only meta perk i use is adrenaline but barely even that. I get left on the hook so long I quit bringing BT. I kinda just worry about myself in games now and if we all get out we get out.

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 2,057

    Autodidact is so good when you actually get skillchecks.. Best is when the first skillchecks appears right as you start healing, and you manage to get 4 skillchecks in a full heal, next heals are insta-heals (or you get screwed and don't get any more skillchecks for 2 heals)

  • RussianSpyPigeonRussianSpyPigeon Member Posts: 83

    Whenever I play survivor I always run Plunderers Instinct, Ace in the hole, Diversion and Stake Out. Ace and Plunderers you may wonder is because I'm usually the last one to get sacrificed, and I can find a key with those two perks. Stake out is for completing generators quicker, and diversion because I just enjoy throwing rocks at the killer when I'm at the exit gate.

  • StorntStornt Member Posts: 145
    edited February 2020
  • HamburgerHamburger Member Posts: 28

    I personally run BT and Adrenaline, so I could counter campers. I play swf and its obvious how you can counter Campers with BT. As for adrenaline, If someone is hooked and they are being camped. I'll have one of my teammates 99 the last ten. And when I unhook the last person and take a hit, the other guy finishes the gen and I go up one health state. So in the end its for killers that like to camp.

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 1,174

    When I play survivor I solo queue so I usually run with Kindred for info, Urban Evasion for immersion, Alert for more info to go with immersion, and some kind of exhaustion perk, usually Lithe or Sprint Burst. I like to play immersed and focus on totems and gens but need some way to get distance towards the start of chases. The current tome also got me using Head On every now and then as well but for me that one is really situational

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