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Survivors Unfair Advantage from Using Voice Chat



  • RuncoreRuncore Member Posts: 328
    edited February 2020

    Facing voice chat groups is highly unfair for killers. Voice chat is simulating survivor aura reading perks (Bond, Empathy, Kindred...etc.) so survivors dont have to sacrifice perk slots for these perks and just use chat. Its same like they have 4 perk slots + X another aura reading perks and as bonus its negating killers perks like Hex: Third seal, Knockout,killers abilities like stealth or traps and its worsening gen-rushing problem (its huge problem even without voice chat). Its absolutely not fair for killers playing vs this. It is kind of cheating. Killers dont have "friend" on chat that tell them where are survivors and what are they doing. Survivors are defending their voice chat but how would they like if killers have same unfair advantage? They will be first who will cry over forum.

    Devs cannot delete 3rd party voice chat but they can implement own voice chat into game so everybody will have chance to use voice chat and then buff killers around to balance group voice chat. Its only solution. Then dont cry that killers are dodging loobies if they see SWF, voice chat is giving HUGE UNFAIR advantage and not much killers are masochists to play voluntarily against it. Voice chat and gen-rushing, two urgent problems that should be fixed asap.

  • OicimauOicimau Member Posts: 897

    Yeah, SWF Voice Comm is the supreme perk of this game.

    And imo whom defends it use to be survivor-only or survivor-main. Nevertheless i know some survivors-only that do not do Voice Comm, the incapacity to understant how SWF Voice Comm is overhelming and frustating to killers tatic and playstyle is somehow proof of self-centeredness.

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