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Moris need to change

Before I say anything I'm saying that I play both sides of this game amd I enjoy both sides. I'm not being some whiney survivor main when I say this.

A mori should only be able to be used in my opinion after the second hook. To mori after first hook is a shameful thing I feel for the killer to do. It's the sign of an insecure and unskilled killer desperate to get a 4k at any cost who is afraid of a longer game.

Plus, one has to consider that you get less points as killer and lessen your chances of pipping when you do this. It makes no sense to me as a killer why anyone does this outside of desperation to meet their definition of winning. As a killer I have never used a mori, I see no point in it. I would rather play the game and have fun, and have the survivors I'm playing with enjoy it as well. I'm not going to farm mind you, my goal is points and to get the most points I need to kill them but i dont tunnel or camp or one hook mori to do it.

To many killers use it to shorten the game to get their win. Survivors do not have an option to shorten the game. Even if a key is brought they have to complete enough gens to get the hatch to spawn. So either all the gens need to be done or your entire team has to die.

Last night I played against a rank 2, one hook mori killer and found it shameful, not to mention insulting after I had to wait 20 minutes for a match.

Stop making excuses. Don't blame swf, ruin, keys, what have you. The new Ruin is far better than the old one of you understand how it works. Learn to really play killer. Remember it's a game and have fun. If you relax and just enjoy it you'll find you do a lot better ranking up than you did before.

Peace out.



  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,864
    edited February 2020

    No, on third hook it would still promote tunneling and more BP for the killer cause of those 2 hooks you gave him.

    Moris should only work like this:


    Which means the killer would have to hook you the 3 times, no mori, if one of your team members hasn't been hooked. He wants to mori, he needs to work for it without tunneling.

    And about the keys, I'm ok with them as they are (maybe have a 10 sec charge up to open hatch?), you can actually prevent them from letting more than one escape if you don't panic and press the right buttons.

    Here's an example: I was playing as I normally do whyle doing the "kill with rancor" challenge with an ebony too, no tunneling, no mori on second hook, only morying after all had been hooked at least once and instead of deathhook and boom, a survivor noticed hatch and started teabagging at it with a key. Karma:

  • OrangeJackOrangeJack Member Posts: 410
    edited February 2020

    Get rid of keys and Mori's and we fine.

    or rework them both

    Also no old ruin is still better than new ruin. new ruin is arguably better for killers who never really needed old ruin. Eg: billy

  • RuncoreRuncore Member Posts: 328

    If keys are changed too.... Equity for both sides, not whip only killers.

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 1,228

    Moris are fine

    Survivors genrush

    Killers killrush

  • RuncoreRuncore Member Posts: 328

    Survivors need only empty hands to genrush, killers need rare Mori 🙄

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 2,427

    Get rid of both. They have overstayed their reasons for even being in the game.

    I say get rid of hatch and toolboxes as well. That would go a long way to balancing out some issues.

    At this point why do we have hatch? So 1 survivor can get out after their team lost? Just power gates when there is 1 survivor left.

  • goat10emgoat10em Member Posts: 750

    Honestly I feel the only change in moris should be their frequency in blood webs. Ebony mori is in every single blood web. Why not make them as rare as the ever elusive party streamers so killers don't easily accumulate hundreds of them? Keys on the other hand seeing as how they can be found in game...they need changed.

  • LadyRahlLadyRahl Member Posts: 15

    The only thing I feel needs to change about keys is to not have them spawn in chests in the game. I'm fine with them as they are as a killer.

    And yes, I don't have a problem with a mori after everyone is hooked once. At that point that's just a killer who wants a 4k more that they want points and rank. It still reeks of desperation to me, but I'll take it.

    And for the record, like I said, I'm not a survivor main. I used to be, but I enjoy both sides of the game. When I make a comment it's objective as someone who enjoys all sides of the game.

  • goat10emgoat10em Member Posts: 750

    I agree with the keys. If they stay the same just make them something you can't get from a chest. I feel moris just spawn too much in blood webs. It is literally every blood web on any killer I have a chance to grab an ebony mori. Meanwhile, I can spend 1 million bps and not get a party streamer.

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 1,228

    Exactly. So survivors should bring rare add-ons to genrush, and make mori basekit. Thanks for the suggestion. (yes, that was sarcasm)

    but jokes aside, nothing wrong with moris. yes, it sucks getting mori'd first, but not every killer goes for the mori as soon as they can, a lot of them either wait for generators to get done, or for everyone to have been hooked at least once or twice.. Some go for the kill right away though.

    Personnaly, I don't bring mori offerings, if I want to mori someone, I bring Devour Hope. I do go for the kill right away after I get my 5 stacks, though, because who knows when it'll be destroyed, but 5 stacks is everyone hooked once and twice for one of them, which means the game has been going on for a bit already, everyone had their chance to enjoy the game, time to die now.

  • rhodamiarhodamia Member Posts: 273

    A killer takes rank hits for Mori. And bloodpoints hits. Just as you said. And it's a one time use thing. Like a BNP. It's a one time use so ya gotta use it when you feel like ya need a good game.

    Personally I don't even play killer anymore. But when I did I never ran moris unless I had a daily that required me to kill by my own hand. But that's just me.

    Keys are being brought up. They are also one time use. (Though they can be transferred, white ward, found in match, etc)... There could be changes. But ya don't see that many keys either. Plus the requirements to get hatch spawn are pretty high too.

    I don't see a problem with either. They are both strong. And thus one time use. I don't see it THAT often in red ranks.

  • MisterCremasterMisterCremaster Member Posts: 613

    I think an easy fix for Mori would be this:

    If you have been hooked, but still on 1st phase, you must be carried back to the hooked and then mori'd on the hook (Yeah new violence animation!) This way survivors get a second chance for a save, but the killer still gets their quick killer.

    If you have been hooked, and on 2nd phase, you can be mori'd where you fell.

    However, I would only accept this if keys took time to open the hatch, and the killer had a notification or sound or something when it started to be used.

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,343

    Don't forget survivor can dc to avoid a mori and give hatch.

  • Divinitye9Divinitye9 Member Posts: 392

    Keys need to change, too.

    Both keys and moris are cheap cop outs within the game. The only time I will ever use a mori is if a streamer appears with their frothing fans, and I don’t even do that sometimes.

  • LustForBPLustForBP Member Posts: 611

    Always remember, everyone that complains about one side starts off with: “I play both sides so my opinion is validated”

  • SandySushiSandySushi Member Posts: 27

    Might I add to the fact that MORIS HAVE ALREADY BEEN NERFED. Back in Grand ol' 2016-17 you could mori a survivor without hooking them 🙃

    You really sound like a whiny survivor (and I'm a survivor main!), survivors are OP as is and keys are the most disgraceful thing in the game. Moris are strategic counterpoint to keys where mori'ing someone can help a killer get some pressure back mid/late game.

    The fact that survivors can finish a game in less than 5 minutes, use keys to escape at any time, and you STILL have the NERVE to say killers need to be nerfed is insanely stupid. Smh, these poor killer mains are getting abused with these survivors asking for killer nerfs!

  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 437

    So if the killer offering is not secret then you don’t gen rush?

  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 437

    agree with your comments but survivors nerfing killers also hurts survivors in que times and quality of games.

  • hex_genrushhex_genrush Member Posts: 736


  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    Here's a thought: What if Mori's had two animations?

    First cripples the survivor, second murders them? I'd be less hesitant to let a toxic Nea back into the wild if I knew she had a limp.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 1,884

    Ivory Mori is fine, maybe should require a total of 4 hooks before using.

    Ebony Mori should require you to hook each survivor once.

    Keys should require an action that takes X amount of seconds to open the hatch unless the EGC is going.

    Toolboxes should be nerfed. BNP's should be erased from existence.

  • Andy111777Andy111777 Member Posts: 59

    Killers use Moris to shorten the match time... I would have to friendly disagree. I've had games where using a green mori made a difference between getting gen rushed and having a 15+ min game. Tunneling is never the way to go, I always try to hook everyone, depending on how fast the game goes I might not even use the mori but dealing with 3 survivors instead of 4 gives me more leanway in how I end up finishing the game. Less slugging and more going after different survivors

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 8,772

    1) That promotes tunneling no more than the game normally does.

    2) You cannot prevent multiple Survivors from escaping with one Key unless you are immediately right there when the Hatch opens or one person opens the Hatch alone.

  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 437

    I know the forums are full of ideas for implementation so here’s another one: offer a survivor ultra rare offering that negates a mori. You can burn one if you think the killer is bringing a mori?

  • Spirit_HagSpirit_Hag Member Posts: 166

    While there are still keys and fast gen times, moris are the best way to give killers a chance to fight back

  • McLightningMcLightning Member Posts: 949

    Mori's can change. Right after keys.

  • rephaimrephaim Member Posts: 96

    I like devour hope. It goes fast but I like the thought of it. Like someone in a relationship that always messes up by accident but brings you fries, I like the idea of them and their French fries effort. Moris are okay. I see them and say okay. We will still gen rush and spine chill will put in work.

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