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BHVRs desperate attempts to get more killers is killing the game. Buff survivor gameplay instead

Buffing gameplay doesn't mean making it easier or stronger.

BHVR is desperate for more people playing killer as evidenced by matchmaking rank oddities, queue times for survivor vs. killer, and ease of killer points. However, their "make things easier for killer even at the expense of survivor experience" approach is putting the game down a bad path.

It seems they haven't distinguished between 'easy' gameplay and 'better/fun' gameplay. Everyone has had those games where you thought it was a good game even though you didn't get a single kill as killer or got slaughtered as a survivor. This is what they should be trying to understand and incentivized. Conversely, truly 'toxic' behaviors should be evaluated for disincentivizing or flat out penalized.....for both sides.

BHVR is terrified of losing killers and as such, does nothing to address killer gameplay that can make the survivor gameplay experience incredibly boring (AFK killers, farm games, stealthy hook camping, 3rd survivor slugging come to mind) which then leads to a domino of even more terrible game experience driven from HELPLESS survivor reactions (insta-suicides, DCs, and please-kill-me hook bombing).

Manipulating points (including negative points), rank, and even introducing in-game modifiers would all be better than wasting any development time on this silly 'blanket DC penalty'. Killers can still play 'toxic' if they want to while survivors can be incentivized to stick through it.

Here's a few ideas to make DCs less likely due to survivor helplessness/unfunness:

* "stop watching me eat": -500 killer points hook staring

* "unsafe unhook": -100 survivor points

* "same meal again?": -100/500 killer points for certain-scenario tunnelling

*vote-kick system in first couple minutes of game if a player has had zero input actions for <X> seconds at start of game. If successful, items are kept and game ends.

* "feed me already": -200 pts/<time> for 3rd survivor slugging

*DC time penalty for DCing if you were downed within the previous <x> minute(s).

* game-modifying addons/items/perks. This could be a lot of fun where something highly 'unbalanced' items affect in-game mechanics (just some examples for creative juice ideas): 1) Every survivor that is mori'd increases other survivor gen repair speed by x% 2) Iri-head huntress has movement speed decreased by x%

*Give survivors a clue on how sweaty a killer build is by intensifying the lobby campfire through brightness/color/sparks/etc. Killers can already see survivor items. Perks/addons have certain point values so a belt/iri/mori huntress is in the lobby then survivors can at least mystery-prepare rather than just DC the second the first hatchet hits.


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    what game are you playing fish? Because in an effort to balance the game DbD changes have been both pro and against killer/survivor independent of how killers “feel” about it.

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    This doesn't really seem to fix the problem in fact as a killer player if they did this I would want to play even less. And I can't even play anymore since killer queues are upward of 15 min at my rank

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    I'd rather players stay in the game for me to beat on rather than feeling helpless and quitting out of the game. This knee-jerk DC penalty will only make it even worse as it reduces the player base.

    Not sure what time of day that you're playing, but red rank killer isn't nearly 15 minutes for the times that I'm on.

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