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How are you supposed to play on Yamoka Estate / Oni's Map

EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 1,668

They are so dark and there are bushes everywhere. I can't see anyone they are pretty much invisible.

I watch a Claudette run in a straight line and just disappear entirely in front of me like 10 meters out.

I've tried addressing brightness/contrast and gamma settings as much as I could, but that only goes so far before it kills the games visuals entirely, and even then it doesn't really stop the merging of all the dark tones the game has.

I don't have this problem on any other map in the game, only these two, and DC penalty or not it's getting to a point where I am going to just give up trying to play on them because I can't find anyone and if I do the chase is over in like 10 seconds because all they need to do is run to any bush and I will never find them.

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  • Foxfire47Foxfire47 Posts: 108
    edited February 13 Accepted Answer

    Agreed, I dread these maps as a killer and even as survivor at times to be honest. The statues, grass and bamboo around the building on Sanctum of Wrath are an absolute pain and even outside of that, this map is completely dark. I can't even begin to count how many times I have lost survivors due to how dark these maps are.

    Even as survivor I have bamboozled a lot of killers simply by crouching and basically urban evasioning around a rock or wall. Plus the layouts aren't always that great either.

    This game absolutely needs a brightness/contrast option and I am frankly surprised that their isn't one. Heck, even other horror games where you need to keep it dark or a certain brightness still has options for you to adjust your brightness to where you can actually SEE.

    Hopefully the devs will take this into consideration cause I actually have seen a few people complaining about this along with not having a colorblind option.


  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,920


    some possible questions you might have...

    If you're asking "Is this issue a bug on the Yamaoka maps" or "Is this supposed to happen?" than i'll answer both of those.

    No, it's not a bug and it's a part of the design for the Yamaoka maps. And Yes, it's supposed to look at way on those maps.

    as for my opinion on the changes to the maps...

    I personally don't like the changes myself as it's fairly easy to lose Survivors like you said, but after adapting to how dark the map is and playing on it for a fair amount of time... it's hardly noticeable anymore for me personally.

    I'm not telling you to get used to it, but if you play the two maps after awhile than you'll start to adapt to how dark it is and use tactics to avoid Survivors from applying stealth in chases. I can't say it was easy to adapt to this and it's still easy to lose Survivors if you're not paying attention, but once you play the maps enough than you'll get used to the common hiding places they use and how to keep your sights on a Survivor in a chase.

    I'm not really into the change myself, but it's not a change that you can't get used too, at least that's how I see it.

    "is there a way for me to "adapt" to these maps like you said?"

    That's hard to honestly describe, usually when I adapt to changes or new metas it comes naturally. Adapting to a meta or "finding an answer to overcome it" is usually separated into two possible scenarios.

    • [Scenario 1] (Adapting to a meta change, map change, or game-play change could require you to, in a sense, attempt for yourself. Sometimes guides and tips can only do so much, and if you don't apply these changes yourself than you'll either never get used to it or you will get used to it. This scenario is kind of hard to explain, so i'll try to simplify it a bit. In a sense, telling someone the answer to a task isn't always the answer to the problem, sometimes you need to attempt it yourself to work around the issue.)
    • [Scenario 2] (What's explained to me through text or words is easy to apply in game. In a more simplified way, it's the opposite of the phrase "easier said than done" for this scenario, where a player can easily take in the information through a guide or tip that was given to them and apply this change in-game themselves with no issues.)

    Now allow me to go more in-depth with the two scenarios above, specifically scenario 1 for the most part. For Scenario 1 It might sound stupid at first and you could argue "Why should I adapt to something most players hate?", which in that case you would be right, but sometimes you need to adapt to something that's harder to overcome to get ahead in the game, I can't say I agree with every change BHVR does to DBD, but I try to look past it and either adapt or move forward with the change. The change could've been because of balance, because of aesthetics, who knows! But after taking time to get used to the issue itself, I can say that it isn't that big of a deal once you get used to it.

    So in the literal sense I feel you'd have a harder time adapting to the change itself, hence why I gave two scenario's above. That's not really a bad thing, since some players just adapt quicker than others, but it does mean you'll eventually adapt to the change yourself with time and repetition by playing through the two maps.

    It's hard to describe what you should do, since in this case it's just slightly darker than usual... you just honestly need to get used to the contrast in the lighting by playing the two maps a few times, than you'll probably understand what I mean over time, or not, in some cases you might never adapt to a chance, but this change isn't really that drastic, so i'm sure you'll understand what I mean in the future.

    It's kind of like drawing, you can try to copy what someone draws by walking them do it step by step, but it'll still come out terrible after because it's your first time doing it. That might sound like a terrible example, but i'm basically saying "practice makes perfect" and you'll eventually adapt to the issue itself, just like how a first time artist will eventually draw masterpieces!... or something. I'm not great with analogies but you get the idea... I hope.

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