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I feel like lot of survivor mains should try killer

I saw many discussion and heard lot of camping issue and tunneling issue. Yes, there are toxic players but it is not all cases.

Even if you think about it its pretty simple. you knocked down survivor and you hooked survivor. Let's say you see two survivors near trying to unhook. If you are in this type of situation, do u guys think killer should go away to let those survivors easily rescue?

or survivors has repaired 4 gens and rest 3 gens are in really close range, and you hooked survivor in the middle where you can see all 3 gens. Some survivors think killer should just go away from hook and let other survivors to unhook.

For tunneling, in front of killer(not legion using skills), you have one fully healed survivor and one in dire situation. What is the reason for killers to hit fully healed survivor when you have to spend lot more time chasing?

I really don't know why, but if everyone just think about the situations little bit, It is really easy to understand.



  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 7,083

    Well, it goes both ways.

    If killers want survivors to stop complaining about those things then they should stop complaining about looping, „second-chance“-perks, tbagging (to get Killer to chase you instead of others) etc. It’s all about trying to escape/win, isn’t it?

    I really hope the new skil-based matchmaking will address this and finally match somewhat fairly. Put those scummy survivors with those scummy killer and let me get more normal matches. but we all know that this will never really be the case.

  • Steve0333Steve0333 Member Posts: 529

    It's not simply a matter of fully healed versus injured survivor when it comes to deciding who to go after. That's only one variable and arguably not the most important one. Who is the better looper is probably the most important question to ask yourself and are they in a position to loop me well? You might spend less time going after a healed survivor than an injured one if the injured survivor is a much better player. Often times this is the death of the tunneler. They keep thier focus on the injured survivor who is the best survivor in the game and then they end up getting looped for three gens.

    Also if you always target the injured survivor then you are being very predictable and all the other survivors feel like they are safe to do gens. "Oh he's not going after me, he just wants that other guy." If a survivor knows you are tunneling they wont even leave the gen when you get close, you literally have to hit them off of it.

  • ColgateAdvancedWhiteColgateAdvancedWhite Member Posts: 616
    edited February 2020

    That's because most of the forum users almost exclusively play one of the two roles. It's quite plain to see in their arguments.

    For example, in the most recent change of ruin, many forum user are unaware (!!!) that skill checks pop up randomly and not at fixed intervals. Something they would know if they had played survivor.


    Remember (censored because of rules)? He was one of the rudest anti-survivor poster here. Even got some sort of award. Quit the game within two weeks of switching over to survivor. He never knew what was going on on the other side until he finally tried. Didn't last two weeks.

  • FearedbytheGodsFearedbytheGods Member Posts: 476

    True, if killers played survivor more they'd probably whine less about why they lost.

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946

    Not really, I avoid DS and BT and Adren like the plague, they are such cheap perks.

    Whenever anyone runs those you get escapes you NEVER would have gotten if it wasnt for this one completely game changing perks, its just disgusting.

    Run a 4man game where everyone has those and its just pathetic, it would be funny if it wasnt so sad.

  • FearedbytheGodsFearedbytheGods Member Posts: 476

    Yea cause that happens often -.-

    You should look up 'group think' mentalities, or 'rules for thee but not for me' which is a similar tangent and has some good memes..

    Anyway, its been a pleasure....

  • PornbjörnPornbjörn Member Posts: 51

    Why should i play him?

    To get genrushed in 5 mins with 2-3 hooks?

    Haha no thanks

  • Nos37Nos37 Member Posts: 2,127

    But how do you boost a Survivor Main's Killer to Green and Purple Ranks so they can see what it's actually like to face Red Rank Survivors?

    They play Killer at Brown/Yellow and say "I don't see what the problem is..."

  • cipherbay_cipherbay_ Member Posts: 344

    Playing Survivor after you only play killer makes you humble. You are prone to be less toxic because you understand the game and the players

  • andyollollollandyollolloll Member Posts: 940

    I tried to message a nurse on console just now to wish her well as cornfields aren't good for her. She had turned off messages and friend requests

  • fleshboxfleshbox Member Posts: 494
    edited February 2020

    Many dedicated surv's have switched roles and then come on here and say they are sorry. That they were wrong. They only say they were wrong after putting themselves into our shoes.

    This is also one of the reasons i dont use scumbag tactics like BT and DS. But then again as a killer who counters BT and leaves the hook its a tactic i dont have to deal with much tbh.

  • FearedbytheGodsFearedbytheGods Member Posts: 476


    Can you actually show me them people?

    Ive been playing killer alot recently, I haven't changed my opinion.

    If anything I'm fascinated with the devs and their match making, my survivor queues have suddenly become slow and my killer games super quick.

    I've been telling people for awhile that the devs massage the queues and give preferential treatment to some players.

    BUT people are naturally tribalistic so they'll use my point to rationalise their own survivor/killer viewpoint -.-

    I guess they got a little sick of my survivor tactics xD

  • RuncoreRuncore Member Posts: 328
    edited February 2020

    Many of entitled survivor mains play killers only for dailies or rift challenges so they hardly know or understand how hard is playing with any killer versus well organised group of survivors. They will never understand how sweaty is playing killers nowadays when all gens can be done in 5 mins and how survivors can easily bully any killer. Little wonder that killers are using camping and tunneling because they have no time to chase and hook honestly every survivor. Survivor mains dont try but they are entitled enough to dictate killers how to play their game based on non-existing "rulesbook" and tell devs what killer powers, perks and addons "must be" nerfed ASAP.

  • Nutty_ProfessorNutty_Professor Member Posts: 621

    TBH they won't get the same experience unless they're playing at red ranks. Because playing against grey, yellow, green and purple rank survivors is a walk in the park. They won't experience what makes the game frustrating for the killer at those ranks.

    So it should be "survivor mains should try to play killer at red ranks".

    I am a survivor main, but I was a rank 1 killer before the recent rank reset.

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 1,183

    A lot of survivor refuse to play killer because and I quote what excuses I've heard verbatIm

    "Killer is too easy" (these survivors are mostly brown rank killers)

    "I wanna play with my friends"

    "I don't wanna get a taste of my own medicine"

    This one is the biggest cop

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Agreed. And the same to all other players who don't play survivor or even perhaps not at all anymore.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    I feel like killer should taste their own medicine some more. Its not only just plain unfun to get tunneled, camped or slugged, you just cannot play the game how its used to be like this. And this is only a killersided problem, cause survivors do not have the same impact on gameplay, they just can do holding M1 at gens. That doesnt impact the killers gameplay, cause they can still chase around and hook survivors, while the survivor itself isnt able to anything regarding said issues. But havin a look at those recent posts i doubt killers will ever accept that.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014

    If you camp and tunnel, you don't get to complain about gen rushing tbh. And yes, I play both sides pretty equally. When you camp and tunnel, guess what? Survivors have no choice BUT to gen rush! If their game ends because they get caught once, they have every incentive to bring in the best toolboxes, and do nothing but generators and avoid chases. Killer Mains are every bit as entitled as Survivor Mains.

    I've gotten Gen Rushed, and I've got tunneled. Neither are fun. And if you need to tunnel or camp, tbh you're probably not as good as you think you are. And when you face a better group of players, of course you're going to have to sweat.


    Yes, and it should be! That might not be something you want to hear, but playing the game at high ranks should be hard! You shouldn't be no-sweating every match when you're in the red ranks.

    "But Red Rank survivors don't sweat their matches!"

    If you don't make them, they don't. And of course a lot of red rank players are SWF teams that the game can't be balanced around unless you want to kill random play entirely. The game isn't designed for the coordination of a team of four survivors who can pick their perks in advance, cover their weaknesses, and communicate with each other in the game. SWF teams aren't invincible though. They're just MUCH harder to face for reasons outside the devs control.

    There are issues with killer that need to be addressed. Each killer needs a slight buff, so they're all more viable options beyond mid-tier range. Toolboxes need to be nerfed. Especially BNP's. Key's need to be reworked slightly. But so do Mori's! Getting tunneled off the hook and then Mori'd is the opposite of fun. Just like getting gen rushed is no fun.

    When I play killer, I don't camp and tunnel. If I see a survivor rescue another survivor, I'll kill the rescuer over the victim. (This changes in end game, at which point I think tunneling and camping are acceptable, because what else are you going to do? The power structure changes as soon as all 5 gens are complete. Unless you know where the other survivors are, or need to guard the exit gates, there's not much else to do as a killer. And when I play survivor, I don't bring in items (unless its for a daily or a rift challenge). Because I know how not-fun it can be to get gen rushed. But if you don't care about the other sides fun, then why should they care about yours?

  • hex_genrushhex_genrush Member Posts: 736

    They are to scared to be bullied like how they bully poor Greek rank killers lol

  • Most of the reasons you give are reasonable. im a survivor main, im annoyed when they go out of theyre way and tunnel/camp when its not a reasonable choice. Same for survivor choices.

  • Ok? I play both sides, i dont find him to be anything special. Most killers are somewhat balance but it the position they are put in that decides if they will shine of fail

  • WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,118

    I do play killer from time to time, even though I call myself a survivor main.

    I had gotten to rank 3 as Spirit post-add-on-change and playing other killers was stressful for me. Also playing both sides can be incredibly informative— the other perspective makes all the difference, especially in chase. I felt too overstimulated when playing killer, it got very bad to the point where I had to put the game down for a few days since there was a lot more going on.

    However there’s no black and white in this situation, regardless my skill could be less in killer which constitutes for a small bias I have, however, Both sides played, I suggest killers play survivor as well; it’s a two way street.

    I understand that many people won’t have as hard of a time as they would as killer (at least, to my knowledge) but it would help both sides come to a better informed consensus of the issue itself.

  • RuncoreRuncore Member Posts: 328
    edited February 2020

    To all who complain about camp and tunnel, its result of unbalanced gen times. Killers dont have time to properly chase and hook every single survivor X times without tunneling. After gen times are fixed, then less killers will camp and tunnel but until that, these (btw fully legit) tactics are only way to achieve some kills in 5-7 mins long gen-rush games. And about tunneling, its imaginated term of entitled survivors based on imaginary rules book. Tunneling doesnt exist. Why I should go voluntarily chase survivors with full health, get looped (its easy because of god loops) and waste precious time if I can delete one opponent from game???? Why should I voluntarily whip myself???

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 4,505

    Pretty sure they tried it. Why do you think they are survivor mains?

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