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The stream today was amazing! (Summary)

TooKoolFoUTooKoolFoU Member Posts: 378
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I mean I already knew everything they had talked about or better to say that I already understood the issue. It was well put and I send my best regards to @Peanits and the other two (can’t remember the other two names, I apologize but they were great). Too some extent, you can look at it from a astronomical perspective. The devs are trying to make it where as you look at the night sky (the game) that all stars that you see are still actually there. If a star dies it will take however many light years away for the light to reach earth and many years for it to stop reaching earth. So if the servers see a ‘star’ go out (any action made in that game by a player) than you’ll know as soon as it happens.... Instead of having a visual delay of what is really going on in the game. With that, no one-side (killer or survivor) have to wait until the light of the star (the action of the player) to reach them visually. So in a simpler way to say, the devs are trying to make the number difference between frames for each player as similar, visually speaking, as possible. So for survivors, that means that the killer doesn’t hit you from 20 meters away on your screen, but for the killers perspective it would be showing them that the hit did connect.

I hope this made sense. I’m in highschool, so wording something like this isn’t my strong suit, because I’m no astrologists nor dev by any means


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