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Yeah, nerf NoED 🤦🏽‍♂️

LustForBPLustForBP Member Posts: 611
edited February 2020 in General Discussions

There’s a thread about NoED being fine and the amount of comments opposing NoED is ridiculous.

NoED activates after all generators are completed and can be countered by:

  • Cleansing Totems during Gameplay (5 total)
  • Cleansing the Hex Totem after generators are completed.
  • Run out of the Exit Gates before being Hit.

How exactly do you oppose a perk that is has a higher chance of being a wasted perk, especially at higher skilled gameplay?

It’s pretty much a wasted slot.


  • It gives free kills
  • nobody wants to cleanse totems
  • it rewards failure

how does it give “free” kills?

whats so difficult about cleansing Totems? Oh, it extends your 5 minutes of gameplay and forces you to do something else.

It rewards failure? Hmm? Doesn’t:

  • decisive strike? You got caught, caught again = failed
  • Adrenaline? you’re injured when gens are finished = failed but are rewarded a health slot
  • Unbreakable? You got downed, failed but here’s your pass to get up without help
  • Borrowed time? The killer spotted your teammate coming to rescue you, failed but here’s a free pass to get away
  • spine chill? oh, you don’t want to look at your surroundings, failed here’s a warning the killers otw
  • sprint burst? killers close, here’s Usain Bolts legs.
  • Dead hard? You’re injured, here’s a chance at lunging a football field forward to get you away.
  • Balanced Landing? Yeah, drop 30ft, no injury but a speed boost 😂
  • self-care? Teammates won’t heal you, here you can heal yourself with air!
  • Boil over? Yeah, you’re 1/4 the killers size but outmuscle them, sure.
  • Iron will? Hole through your chest, don’t worry you won’t make a sound.
  • Breakdown?
  • Deliverance?
  • Hope?
  • Inner strength?
  • Flip flop?

Literally of the 70+ survivor perks, the MAJORITY of them reward failure.



  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,867

    Kinda agree but I hate noed as a Killer main, since it doesnt provide or require any gameplay fromt the Killer side. Almost all survivor meta perks have the same issues, I agree. But noed is just the same as these perks are. You do nothing but can get some kills without any effort by just 1 hitting everyone you see, also the 4% more movementspeed can give you alot more hits through pallets and windows then before.

  • MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 3,655

    people need the match to be extended, as so many complain the game goes too quick, NOED is fine as it is, survs should be doing totems, least it gives very much something else to do

  • RuncoreRuncore Member Posts: 328
    edited February 2020

    Sure, its low effort because survivors ignore totems and better go gen-rush to finish game asap, thats why it is low effort. If survivors dont ignore secondary objectives, NOED will never pop up. Its problem of survivors how they play but they will be punished according to their effort. When Im playing survivor (only for dailies or challenges) Im looking for totems and cleansing, because Im not so stupid to ignore it, but if survivors prefer gen-rush and finish game in 5 mins then they will be at risk of NOED...easy. I really ❤️ survivors that ignore totems, gen-rush and then go cry to forum for NOED nerfs because they want comfotably gen-rushing without any distubance of secondary objectives. These ppl deserve to be NOEDed. Ruin was destroyed so gen-rushing is real problem now so calm down your tits kids and just do other objectives then only gen-rushing.

  • McLightningMcLightning Member Posts: 949

    None. DS is balanced, and countered by slugging...but you're scummy if you slug. Don't ya know?

  • IronIron Member Posts: 241

    Honestly I do want NOED changed. I've had the idea for while now that only tier 3 should give one hits. Tier 1 and 2 should give something like 5% and 10% movement speed and attack cool down buffs respectively.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    DS - not if used correctly. Actually used against campers/tunnellers properly.

    Adrenaline - Small temporary boost. Rewards staying alive and punishes greedy killers closing hatch.

    Unbreakable - Killer left you. Their loss.

    Borrowed Time - CAN be abused, but still useful anti-camper perk. Abusable too since it relies on terror radius.

    Spine Chill - Stealth killers, genius. Try spotting a cloaked Wraith at 20m with terrain. No audio notification.

    Sprint Burst - Walk everywhere for a 3 second boost that you can still get hit in.

    Dead Hard - Smaller than you think and works even less.

    Balanced Landing - 3 second boost, and killers have zero effect from heights. Find a high point in half the maps.

    Self-Care - Play solo in anything below red. Nobody heals you. It's an insurance policy.

    Boil Over - Can be used to a killer's advantage and you're going to get one escape in a hundred games instead of a thousand.

    Iron Will - Maybe I'm a little sick of hearing Jane's thirsty moans.

    Breakdown - 2 uses. Nobody runs it. You'll get your hook back anyway.

    Deliverance - One use only . With conditions. Leaves you broken after.

    Hope - Used for an Archives challenge. Terrible perk.

    Inner Strength - Leaves you vulnerable with maximum 5 uses.

    Flip-Flop - Terrible perk. Relies on bad killer play.

    Now. NoED

    NoED free kills - You can't win a chase normally, so here's a free hidden Exposed effect and a movement speed buff for free.

    Rewards failure - No requirements on your end as killer. Just be bad and get to endgame.

    Cleansing totems - Can't always find them! Can't exactly use Small Game when I'm limited with Archives for perk slots either.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    People mainly say free since the killer is free from putting in effort. As for defending a dull totem, then it's a dead giveaway that you are running NoED. Free information to the survivors.

  • ChiTenshiChiTenshi Member Posts: 831

    The only issue I have with NOED is that it can punish you for having lazy team-mates.

    You might cleanse 3 or 4 totems but if no-one else does a totem, you can be on the receiving end of that insta-down.

    A simple fix would be implementing a totem counter in the UI.

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,173
    edited February 2020

    Noed is fine but I do agree that rewards failure.

    But you're wrong about survivor perks rewarding failure.

    Hope... it rewards you for completing the objetive

    Deliverance... it rewards you for performing a safe hook rescue

    Balance Landing... it might be uhmmm How do I say it? Unrealistic but. How is that falling from a hill it's a failure? Hmm?

    And every other perk you mention How do them reward failure?

    You're mixing unrealistic with rewarding failure.

  • AceOfSpades1773AceOfSpades1773 Member Posts: 50

    I play killer mainly and I do agree that NOED needs either a nerf, or a change. It is 100% low effort, and does reward failing your main goal. You shouldn't be able to get free kills for failing. Almost all of those perks you listed for survivors can be countered in some way, except for DH and DS, sometimes you just gotta deal with those, it's life. NOED is a reward for failing, low effort, and a boring perk altogether. It needs a change.

  • LustForBPLustForBP Member Posts: 611

    How’s it reward “failure?” The game isn’t over until the exit gates are open and the survivors escape.

    I’m not wrong about the survivor perks rewarding failure, except for, maybe Hope.

    All the other perks reward failure in a sense that you got caught in some form or fashion, but are given an OPPORTUNITY, NOT from skill, but from a perk I.e. NoED. 🤔😮😮😮

  • LustForBPLustForBP Member Posts: 611

    Survivors do not need any more help with communication. You have the option to play SWF and you’re gifted perks that give plenty of information.

    Exit Gates open or not, you’re warned when NoED activates. Either cleanse the Hex or get out.

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