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Penalised for leaving game due to bugs will be the death of the game!!

I'm all for getting rid of rage quitting but your new ban system is stupid! How can you penalise players that HAVE to quit due to a bug in your game? I wiggled out of the killers grasp and fell through a wall on Hawkins Lab! I couldn't do anything and I just kept falling!

I decided to leave the match and BOOM, 5 minute matchmaking ban! This was the first time I've had to leave a match in 10-15 matches and you decide to punish me straight away? We should be allowed 1 free DC every so many matches to account for issues beyond our control! Slapping someone with a ban on their first DC is beyond stupid!

Then in another match, I suffered with the hidden skill check bug. The killer was using overcharge and the other guy just kept moving from one locker to another to avoid the crows. It was IMPOSSIBLE for me to hit the overcharge skill check! If the killer hadn't have had overcharge then I'd have just tapped the gen like with nerfed Ruin but nope... The second I touched the gen the skill check came on but I couldn't see it!!! I tried leading the killer to the lockers where I knew the other guy was but no joy so in the end decided to leave the game. BOOM another time-out!

You can NOT keep penalising people with time-outs until the game breaking bugs are fixed. All you are doing is punishing people unfairly and people will simply stop playing! You also force people to wait to rejoin matchmaking when they had a legitimate reason to quit, what on earth is this going to do to the already high wait times? (on console at least)

Every time I receive a time-out due to a bug forcing me to leave the game I will simply go and play something else! (I imagine many other people will do the same) Queue times are long enough without being penalised!


  • Happy2Heal4YouHappy2Heal4You Member Posts: 117

    This ban system has been wanted for so long and the devs have said it plenty of times before. If they have to delay the DC penalties to fix every single bug in this game then they would never be able to put in the ban system.

    Also how likely is it to get a game breaking bug where you can’t leave the game? I’m not sure if EGC would have Killed you while you were falling but the no skill check thing you could still just play the match out, get as many points as you can from stuff like getting chased and getting unhooks and avoid having to DC and screw over the rest of your team because YOU weren’t having fun.

    All these people who say we need DCs for getting out of matches where you are held hostage is dumb in my opinion because a game can’t be held hostage unless the killer traps you in a corner. Maybe like 2% of DCs are because of bugs but the rest of DCs are done by babies who can’t stand then idea of losing in a video game.

    Even if you have no choice but to DC, it’s only going to be 5 minutes. That’s nothing, if you are willing to sit in the 10 minute survivors queues then you aren’t willing to wait 5 minutes longer. Just find like a 5 minute YouTube video and BOOM! Back to the game.

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 2,207

    I've had the hidden skill check bug. I stayed in the game. I am more useful to my team being a distraction to the killer than I am disconnected.

  • LordCyphreLordCyphre Member Posts: 168

    Penalties aren't high at first for reasons. If you stack timeouts like crazy so you can't play for extented periods of time there's possibly an issue on your end that needs resolving or you've ragequit a bunch and deserve it.

  • tkwmmtkwmm Member Posts: 84

    Another solution of hidden skill check bug that similar to what you did in the game, Suicide yourself to the killer, no 5 min DC penalty and you can start searching match, sound better right.

  • JasonisanicefellaJasonisanicefella Member Posts: 237

    Wait 5 minutes and requeue, all is working fine.

    Quick tea and bathroom break and you are ready once again.

    Game breaking bugs like that are very uncommon

  • Katie28Katie28 Member Posts: 22
    edited February 2020

    I'm not dc'ing, the game freezes and I get kicked out to main screen, I'm on fibre broadband and every other game I have plays well.. How can you possibly penalise me for a glitch in game. This happens to me several times a day, so I played one game today got camped and tunnelled and 3k blood points, then the next match it kicks me. So I turned it off rather than find myself banned for something I can't control..

    Oh and the killer didn't DC either, the game continued because my friend was still playing..

  • BelganPancakeBelganPancake Member Posts: 43

    As the dev’s said they will not be banned for disconnecting just one time or three times the devs check if you disconnect from games often only then you will be penalized

  • killdekillde Member Posts: 53

    I have never, ever, seen a game's flaws be justified and called features like I have here.

    In every other game community you'd normally see people want to justify wasting money on that said game, but here it seems some enjoy laziness and a broken system in exchange for their wallet. Demented, that's what you have to be to support developers not giving a [BAD WORD] about you.

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