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DC pEnAlTiEs oP ;-;

They're fine as is.

If your internet is bad, don't play the game. Simple.

If you're a teabagging meg with a flashlight and things don't go your way, don't blame the DC penalty for smacking you on the wrist.

Just get over it. There's loads of people complaining about a functional penalty, and if you just can't stand waiting ten minutes, don't get so salty, or don't play if you have bad internet.

Here's a solution to people who have bad internet.

PS4: Persona 5 has 100-140 hours of content. It's twenty bucks. Go get it.

Xbox: Heard Halo is a thing.

Switch: literally about half of the Nintendo library at this point is single player games. Go play Puyo Puyo, or something.

Mobile: Turbo Dismount is a trip and a half.


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