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Can't accept invites /they can't accept mine.

dar6a6dar6a6 Member Posts: 4


I'm playing dbd on ps4 and as the title says i can't swf since 17 January 2020.

The issue just popped up from 1 day to the next i suddenly couldn't swf at all but still play killer and survivor alone and it really frustrates me, (other online games work fine) i contacted the game support and tryed so far:

Reinstalling the entire game freshly,

Connecting my ps4 without a router to the internet nat type,

Tried changing various settings in my router that are related to online play such as opening all ports dbd related manually and automatically open ports, DNS settings, upnp etc.

I contacted my provider they said they can't see an issue,

Multiple private settings in the ps4 options,

Completely disconnected the ps4 and my router (fritzbox 7490) from the power source for 30+ hours, checked firmware of both ps4 and Router.

I still couldn't find anything that helped and the dbd support was saying at last that they will forward the issue to the development this was around 20 days ago and i haven't heard anything since tho i messaged them again, i found nothing similar to this regard anywhere online so i wanted to try here if you have some ideas or are encountering the same issue as me.

PS sorry for eventual wrong spelling.


  • DiaTechDiaTech Member Posts: 8

    Do you get any errors, and if so what do they say?

    Are you using an Ethernet cable, or are you connected wirelessly?

  • dar6a6dar6a6 Member Posts: 4
    edited February 12

    I don't have a error code I'm set back to main menu with the German sentence "Die Einladung konnte nicht angenommen werden" ("the invitation couldn't be accepted" roughly translated) i'am playing on wireless because we don't have lan running up stairs, just to the router. But we are having 3 repeaters set up and my signal is great.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 1,417

    Incoming really, really dumb idea.

    Does your mobile provider allow you to use your phone as a hotspot? If so, try it. Don't do it too long though as I wouldn't want to be responsible for data usage charges, but it's a good test to eliminate a possible problem.

  • dar6a6dar6a6 Member Posts: 4

    Yes my mobile provider allows it, i will try to look if i can accept the invite than.

  • dar6a6dar6a6 Member Posts: 4

    But my ps4 can't connect to the mobile hotspot due to DNS error blabla.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 1,417

    If it won't connect to that, i'm wondering if it might be a wifi problem... as in the wifi card in the console.

    I'd try wiring it to the router at this point.

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