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Dead By Daylight has crashed

DiziVanDiziVan Member Posts: 10

Crashes every 10-15 minutes of the game


  • Slay___Slay___ Member Posts: 455

    Is your graphics driver up to date?

    If not, update it. And if it is then try using older version of the driver.

    Also if your graphics card is overclocked disable that and try default or even lower clockspeed.

  • DiziVanDiziVan Member Posts: 10

    Rolled back the driver but still crashes. The video card is fresh gtx1660 ti played for a couple of weeks everything was fine now the flights have started

  • DiaTechDiaTech Member Posts: 8

    Are you using a Discord overlay? Or any shaders, like Reshade or Sweetfx? Do you think your power supply is strong enough to power your computer?

    If you hit windows key + r, and type "%localappdata%" without the "s, then go to Dead by Daylight, then Saved, then Crashes. Go into the most recent folder and throw that "DeadByDaylight.log" file on this forum, that might help in diagnosing the issue.

  • DiziVanDiziVan Member Posts: 10

    I use discord, but there are no shaders. The 750W power supply for the video card needs 450

  • DiaTechDiaTech Member Posts: 8

    Are you using GeForce Experience? Do you have a program called "RivaTuner" installed? Have you overclocked your GPU at all? You could also try uninstalling the NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver as it is known for causing some issues for people.

    You could also go into your Windows Update settings, then advanced settings, and then hit "Give me updates for other Microsoft products" to see if it queues up a download for something that may be missing.

  • DiaTechDiaTech Member Posts: 8

    You can also go into properties of the game by right clicking it in your steam game list, go to updates, and either enable or disable the Steam Cloud Sync to see if that fixes it.

  • DiziVanDiziVan Member Posts: 10

    RivaTuner installed but I did not overclock the GPU video card is fresh and so powerful. During the game, I watched the GPU load 30 percent. Disabled the Discord overlay, added virtual memory, right now I will update Windows and try.

  • DiziVanDiziVan Member Posts: 10

    it seemed to help

  • DiaTechDiaTech Member Posts: 8

    Sick! Feel free to post again if the problem persists.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 1,417

    Huh, interesting to know that the discord overlay can cause this issue... thanks for the tip.

  • DiziVanDiziVan Member Posts: 10
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