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So, NOED needs a skillfull play? Lets make this a requisite for all survivors perks!!!

Yes! You can DS after 3 succesful escapes.

Or BT just if you looped the killer for at least 120 seconds with no hits!!!

Better, DH only if you already 360 the killer 3x!!!

Deserve it! Lets make all perks to only activate if the player shows a skillful gameplay! For killers and survivors.


I really hope the sarcasm was understood by ppl reading...


  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    Tbf I have actually seen suggested changes to BT and DS to have them require actual thought/strategy.

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    Bud, I've been playing killer for two years and I know well how NOED works. The fact that you are crying about it needing to wait until end of match and only having three active perks is an absolute joke. Anyone running an end game build likely runs most of the match with 1 perk, since most end game builds require 3 perks to build it up.

    Heck, run a hex perk and have it destroyed in the first 2 minutes and you run the whole game with 3 perks. Run a shaman build with 3-4 hex perks and you might face the whole match with no perks.

    Getting to end game is not a matter of skill, heck, NOED is a punishment perk, sure, but it is also a reward perk. If you are just running random NOED, you are being rewarded for the survivors getting their gens done. Rather odd when you think of it that way. YOu failed to keep enough pressure to stop them, but now you get to one-hit-down them.

    Seriously, NOED is a powerful perk and helps as a fail safe for a match. It has zero, I mean zero to do with skill. Running the match with 3 active perks is no different than someone running Blood Warden, Hex:I've been destroyed in 30 seconds or even Remember Me. Again, no skill required. If you fail to stop the gens from being done (not a skill requirement), then you get the reward afterwards.

    Nice try though.

  • OicimauOicimau Member Posts: 897

    Lets make Umbreakable only activates if you had... oh, nothing is required, but getting downed by killer...

    So lets make Adrenaline only activates at the end game if... oh, nothing is required but the gens done by teammates...

    But, well, lets make Sprint Burst only work if... no, wait, no requisites but start to run...

    What about Boil Over? Yes! You must be downed and taken on killer shoulders to activate... looks like no skillful requisite...

    And Sabotage? First you taunt the killer and them you... oh no, you can sabotabe at will...

    Lets talk about self care. First you heal at least 1 survivors and then... oh no, no requisites for that also...

    This BHVR is not doing things right! Perks without any skillful gameplay to activate? Its lame!

    Wake up is preposterous! Wich skillful gameplay is required to see the hatch's aura if all team was dead before gens are done? None. It cant be!

    BHVR, how dare you...

    Heads Up without getting in the locker during a chase? This is an offense to any skillful action of the survivor!

    And what about Distortion? OMG, it should only get active if the survivor got into a locker 3x to avoid aura reading! Of course... a skillful survivor will aways suppose the BBQ or another aura reading perk.


    Oh, BHVR, my sarcasm is so deep, but its just sarcasm. Maybe im not a skillful sarcasm user, so i cant use the sarcarm perk. Sorry. But i hope devs will understand my statement. Nerf me, please!

  • ImmortalReaverImmortalReaver Member Posts: 243

    Please tell me how getting hooked is a skill, being in the killers terror radius is a skill, or being injured is a skill.

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 1,262

    Survivors perks reward failure

  • AceOfSpades1773AceOfSpades1773 Member Posts: 74

    I have no idea what's wrong with this fanbase anymore.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,045

    I've said before, and I'll say it again. Remove the Hex part and put it on a timer. Start with a base timer of 60 seconds. Then add 15 seconds for every hook the killer got that game. That way it's no longer controlled by the survivors if it procs or not. And it rewards the killer for playing well.

  • WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,133

    I just don’t understand that argument in regards to NOED.

    NOED just activates as soon as the Gates are powered; there’s not a whole lot of skillful play there. Hex Totems being dull and unable to be tracked makes the perk just super unreliable.

    I think currently the major issue is how FAST the game is— the sixty second measure can take up a good chunk of time, especially when doing a gen by yourself only takes 80 seconds.

    But the question is, what now?

    I want to see more alternate objectives, not just gens— core gameplay refinement is important but I wanna see more unique alternate objectives, such as searching for gas... you get the idea.

  • fozzy_ozbornfozzy_ozborn Member Posts: 48

    Tracking Hex totems is a breeze with Detectives Hunch or a Rainbow Map or a map with addons

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    Nobody said it was a skill. As I mentioned before, there is no perk that requires skillful play to activate. All I said was that it was a prerequisite to activation. Reading comprehension is a lost art on these forums.

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    Very true, but even the limited survivor play that I've had results in me destroying 3-4 totems while doing gens and engaging in chases only to have NOED pop because other idiots don't do totems. That's not the killer's fault, but unless there is a way for survivors to communicate the totem situation, there is little chance solos will get all 5 totems. Or, maybe if I ignore all else, but then the group suffers because I'm not doing gens.

    The point I'm making is that NOED is fine on its own, but I feel many killers use it as a crutch to cover sloppy play. I know I did when I first started playing killer. After some good advice from another killer, I stopped using it and got better. Now I only use it as part of a build. Many killers feel they NEED NOED and in truth, they just suck and won't get better until they throw the crutch away.

  • FogLurkerFogLurker Member Posts: 337

    NOED requires a massive amount of skill and sacrifice. You need to defend all 5 totems from getting destroyed that are all hidden in plain sight in various parts of the map. All while willing to sacrifice all 5 gens. Only then will the perk activate.

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    That was good. I enjoy the humor. NOED requires skill to get and use? Truly funny. Face campers, tunnelers and proxy campers work hard at making NOED work for them. lol

  • FogLurkerFogLurker Member Posts: 337

    Losing 100% of defense objectives is the cost the skilled killer must pay. Nothing else in the game requires this much sacrifice. With great power comes great cost. Only the most skilled killers can take advantage of a perk like this that can only be made use of in the very few last minutes of the match.

  • OicimauOicimau Member Posts: 897
    edited February 2020
  • AnkiAnki Member Posts: 58

    Tbh, how often do all 4 survivors escape only bacause they all used DH, DS or BT at the right time? Not very often. How often does all 4 survivors go down only because of noed, not very often. Last time when my whole team went down because of noed, even when the killer only got 2 hooks before endgame I was actually surprised. I laughed when the Ghostface teabagged at us. All these perks have counter imo, and I like how they make the game "not so simple". You have to play around them. No nerfs needed

  • KrispiesChickenKrispiesChicken Member Posts: 171

    The game is unbalanced when survivors can do amazing with only one perk and killer needs all four to apply and decent pressure.

  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474

    Devs, pls, add this.

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