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The Winter 2020 "Guess the Killer's Name" Competition!

Wow, it's that time already. According to the dev stream (thanks for the summary @Fibijean), the PTB will be here as soon as next week, which means we only have one weekend to guess... who is next?

The "rules" are simple; guess the new killer's "The" name before they're officially announced and win bragging rights until the next season. Feel free to choose the same guess as someone else, or pick multiple names, but just don't go through half the dictionary.

Now a quick nod to our previous winners, which was a lot of people last time around!

👑 NoShinyPony

🏆️ MedicSpirit7

🏆️ Cussock

🏆️🏆️ PhantomMask20763

🏆️ Science_Guy

🏆️ MegaWaffle

🏆️ Okapi

🏆️ SpookyJeff

🏆️ TheLastGreatStar

🏆️ UsagiDoll

🏆️ Karltastisk

🏆️ Andreyu44

🏆️ BBQnDemogorgon

🏆️ Mc_Harty

🏆️ Mikeadatrix

We don't have too much to go on for this chapter. Who knows, maybe there's also an obscure hint hidden in a corner of the game no one will ever check. But otherwise, we just have the teaser trailer this time:



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