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Rank Update Error Megathread



  • TDZ_LukeTDZ_Luke Member Posts: 78



    since this months rank reset

  • NoinochiNoinochi Member Posts: 11
    edited February 2020


    Screen name (PSN ID): WickdShot

    Rank Reset error

    before reset rank 1 survivor

    after reset rank 10 survivor 2 pips

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  • FroschbartFroschbart Member Posts: 6

    Is this topic going to be buried under Rank Reset Bugs instead of Rank Update Errors now?

    To me it seems the Rank Update Errors have increased these past days. We gonna get an update on this any time soon? Devs?

  • Autumn985Autumn985 Member Posts: 1


    Was on Rank 4.

    Now Rank 11 !

  • yandere777yandere777 Member Posts: 728


    first time getting it

    just got it after logging in since rank reset

  • NoinochiNoinochi Member Posts: 11

    u do realize an bug or better said an software bug is actually an error / fault

  • LegionGhostfaceLegionGhostface Member Posts: 161


    Steam name: PLAY NURSE!

    Rank Reset error

    before reset rank 1 survivor and killer

    after reset rank 10 survivor and killer

  • SkitzoztikSSkitzoztikS Member Posts: 9
    • Which platform you are on - PC
    • How frequently you get the error - Every few rounds I get it for two or three rounds and then it is fine for a few rounds then I am back to the error again.
    • When you started receiving the error - I started to get this error several weeks ago. During the New archive opening up for play.

  • matakamataka Member Posts: 13


    Since stranger things chapter.

    Often happened when killer leave lobby before bp finished counting.

  • Darkeyes94Darkeyes94 Member Posts: 3

    PC, fix it already.. it's been half a year already. -.-

  • FroschbartFroschbart Member Posts: 6

    So?. If you do not realise it, I adressed 2 different errors. The one that this thread was created for and the one that is just being spammed in here for no reason starting on page 4.

  • RailtyRailty Member Posts: 7

    This error is the "rank update error" not the "rank reset error". Stop posting the rank reset here, theyve even already addressed that bug, but the rank update error is more of a problem

  • SonOfHades267SonOfHades267 Member Posts: 14


    Every other game

    Since ghostface

  • rileymrileym Member Posts: 6


    Its happened twice so far when i would have become purple rank but i just got it to work so idk how frequent it would have been

    After rank reset

  • jaiboojaiboo Member Posts: 24

    @Peanits any updates? the error still very much happens every match for most of us, it seems.

  • MinibonesMinibones Member Posts: 5

    Platform: Nintendo Switch

    How often?: About 3/5 games I play

    when did it start? It started last week

    extra notes: I think this should be focused to be fixed since the disconnect punishing still is happening if I get this update rank error so I wait the whole punishment before playing again.

  • riotangelriotangel Member Posts: 176


    Probably 25-33% of matches

    At least since last quarter 2019, and just gets more frequent per version update. This is getting out of hand. I even get thrown out of active matches, and now being branded as a disconnect loser. Why, thanks so much.

  • ShAdOuLaWShAdOuLaW Member Posts: 2

    Platform: PC

    Almost every game

    1 Week ago

  • 강승우강승우 Member Posts: 2

    플랫폼 :pc

    문제설명:게임을 하고 난후 랭크창에 랭크 업데이트 오류뜨고 로딩화면으로 넘어가짐


    발생빈도:한판마다 오류가 뜬다


  • DhrCaliDhrCali Member Posts: 5
    • PS4
    • happened only once
    • since the 13th of this month

    PSN ID: DhrCali


  • ApothicApothic Member Posts: 2


    Rank 5 back to Rank 12

    First time that I had this issue is when Iogged in on 02/15/2020 and was set all the way back to 12.

  • TwilightNihilTwilightNihil Member Posts: 1

    Platform: PS4

    Description of the issue: Reset from rank 4 to rank 11

    PSN ID: TwilightNihil

  • radwulfradwulf Member Posts: 110

    it was gone and now seems to be back:

    • Which platform you are on: PC
    • How frequently you get the error: have started getting it again as killer
    • When you started receiving the error: the doc rework

  • BritannicusBritannicus Member Posts: 1
    • PS4
    • as soon as I booted up the game I got the rank reset error and when the game restarted both my killer and survivor ranks were reset to rank 11 despite being in the red ranks before the reset
    • Patch 3.5.2

  • MinibonesMinibones Member Posts: 5

    This was me concerned about the penalty of a couple minutes.... THE ERROR CAUSES THE PENALTY TO ENACT AND I HAVE OVER 5 HOURS OF DC PENALTY THAT THE ERROR HAD DONE!!

  • poxybanditpoxybandit Member Posts: 2

    Platform: PC

    happens every game where I’m about to rank up or down.

    have only noticed it the last week but have been away and have not been online

  • DinitoDinito Member Posts: 2
    • PC
    • Seems to have appeared since the last rank reset where i was red rank but still got back to rank 11.
    • It seems to have happended atleast 3 times but i got penalty because of the DC and have to wait.
  • Sgt4PepperSgt4Pepper Member Posts: 1



    Only on this most recent reset.

    I was a rank 8 and reset to 13.

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 610


    It happened after my second game / I havent played for a while/

    I was not doing anything special just runinig around mid game and suddenely I got the error /rank update/ and I got dc-ed from the match

    The worst part is I was matchmake banned which is really unacceptable since it is a problem on YOUR side

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