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Camping isn't bannable, right?

Hi, how's everyone doing? Been playing this game for a while now, first time on the forum.

So as for some context as to what happened, deciding to play some Hillbilly (I main Trapper and Pig), in the pre-game lobby I saw all four of these guys had toolboxes, so mentally I prepared myself for a genrush. One of them sent us to Ormond as well.

The funny thing is that they tried repairing gens in front of me (namely the Killer Shack one), and weren't too nimble at getting out of the way while contesting it to get smacked.

At one point the Billiam Overbeck player ditched his toolbox for a flashlight, blinding me once. I knew he was going to keep trying that, so to get the Feng to the hook, I decided to go backwards.

Tow Mater style. And it worked.

Sure enough, he tried for the flashlight blind when I was doing that. And failed.

So once it was like, all gens done, I had Billiam on the hook and Claudette (the salty shitter you see in that postgame) downed, and I was watching Feng, almost daring her to open the gate since it wasn't too far away from us.

Then Kate rushed in, and that's when I started getting juggles and kills.

They could've just opened the gate and left to leave me with a 2k. But no, they wanted to be altruistic, and all three got themselves killed, while the Kate who was just at the exit gate wisely decided to leave as I was coming over.

Now I'll openly admit, I'm far from the best at this game, but I'll only camp if all gens are done. In any other situation, I won't do it since I view it as a waste of time.



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