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NOED has counter play, DS dosen't



  • woundcowboywoundcowboy Member Posts: 595

    At times, slugging is efficient. However, what is more efficient: leaving a survivor on the ground or eliminating them from the game? The answer is obvious.

  • CrassardStreamsCrassardStreams Member Posts: 179
    edited February 2020

    Slugging is decent, but tbh if they have decisive strike odds are they have unbreakable too. Besides that, it last so ridiculously long that you can chase and hook someone else and happen upon them and still get stunned despite obviously not tunneling.

    It needs to be disabled once they interact with something other than themselves (in the case of self care, mend from borrowed time or legion, etc)

  • Vert3xVert3x Member Posts: 125

    You either have some comprehension issues which I'm gonna wish you not to have or just don't want to pay attention to what you're reading which is in all likeliness the case.

    Just re-read the message you just quoted possibly without ignoring the parts you're unable to provide a counterargument to and try to open up your mind.

    If you're upset that the perk can be easily countered then you don't think it's fine, it means you wish it had better strengths which we're all here for, we just want it to have a different and better potential that doesn't impact the game as lamely as it's always done.

    I would also like to hear you mention something about Totem spawns because you are really borderline ignoring that part which is just childish to be honest.

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 2,130

    nice bait. :)

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 3,268


    Slugging does counter DS, you are trying to counter the stun right? You got 60 seconds or less of you didn’t actually go back to the hook.

  • woundcowboywoundcowboy Member Posts: 595

    Slugging, as you said, uses 60 seconds. If two people are on a gen, it’s finished. If even one person is on a gen, that’s a ton of progress. What makes this even even crazier is that if even one person runs it, you must respect it for everyone.DS is the best perk in the game.

  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 1,589
    edited February 2020

    Both perks have counterplays.

    NOED: stop repairing generators and go to find all 5 dull totems, because killer MAY have NOED

    DS: do not hook a survivior you have caught doing a gen 5 meters from you, instead slug him for 60 seconds because survivior MAY have DS. Alternatively, you can tunnel them on purpose to get DSed early. If they dont have DS, then too bad, they got tunneled.


  • TR_stonezTR_stonez Member Posts: 54
    edited February 2020

    Or something that killers do is eat it to get it over with. That's what I do as killer but I dont play killer seriously though so I cant say much

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    I hate how much I have to defend survivor aspects on these forums. There are a ton of legit issues that we face that I'd love to hammer on, but these dumb posts about DS and NOED are too much.

    1. NOED has a counter - But, I think a survivor perk with a totem counter would solve a lot of the issue for solo players.
    2. DS has a counter - Either avoid tunneling, or down them and move on to the unhooker - that way you have 2 off the gens and a 3rd that comes to pick up the downed victim. 3 Off of gens is a really nice thing, and much better than a simple tunnel with one off the gens. - But, I would like to see DS deactivate once a survivor jumps into a locker and reactivate once they fully leave. The locker DS thing is plain dumb.

    If you don't see the counter to DS, you are likely not a very good killer and fully rely on tunneling your victim down in order to win. Try to get better.

  • NicholasNicholas Member Posts: 1,096

    It needs way more than that to truly help tunneling. All of these changes people request to DS are about improving it for The Killer then it is about remedying the problem it is intended to address.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 3,268


    But gens being done doesn't mean you aren't countering DS.

    Also, those are big "ifs".... I could also point out that if the team is too altruistic they will most likely go for the heal first.

  • AnkiAnki Member Posts: 42

    Well that's the counter to it. Either eat the stun or slug. Same with the noed, destroy the totems or die. And like I have said before, how often do you lose the whole game only because all survivors used ds at the right time/how often do you lose your whole team to noed. Not very often. Both of these perks makes the game "not so simpe" and you have to play around them.

  • woundcowboywoundcowboy Member Posts: 595

    This is flawed logic. That would be like saying that to “counter” old Ruin, just don’t do gens and find the totem; the killer wanted survivors to waste time, so Ruin did its job. DS still does its job (for everyone) if you get slugged.

    While I did have some “ifs”, optima survivors will take advantage of the slug. Potatos will lose anyways.

  • kazakunkazakun Member Posts: 581

    Do the survivors really think slugging is toxic? Slugging has counters as well. The only time most think it's toxic is if you slug all 4 and leave them to bleed out,which wastes everyone's time if no one has a counter. I mean if one person is down,and ones acting a troll right next to them,I'd probably smack them too lol. I'm not a red,so I don't see DS as often as NOED. It might cost you a 4k,but I don't really see what would be a fair solution.

  • Danielgdp3Danielgdp3 Member Posts: 255

    In this scenario how can you allow one survivor to unhook two people and also open the exit gate though, that sounds like a bad play on killers behalf

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 3,268


    When people speak about "countering" DS, they mean the stun. Not the possible scenarios to be avoided or objectives to be prevented from getting done.

    Counter to old Ruin was hit the great skillcheck.

    I don't see the 'flawed logic' just because it indirectly impacts other objectives.

  • woundcowboywoundcowboy Member Posts: 595
    edited February 2020

    The perk massively affects the game, regardless of whether the slug is picked up or not. Even if the killer waits out the timer, the survivor bought time for the team and ultimately allows that same downed survivor a better chance at escaping. Your perspective is too narrow: getting stunned is not what makes DS effective (by itself).

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 3,268


    When I decide I want to take the stun, they might last like an extra 10 seconds if they are even in a good position. A lot of how it impacts the game after the stun depends on that. Which in essence you can blame RNG.

    It's just as unlucky as a killer with Spirit Fury, if they are already caught up to you, there is no way you are going to avoid the hit through the pallet + if you're in a bad area, you're going down anyway.

  • FrankieFrankie Member Posts: 807

    I was going by the survivor rule book. "Don't camp".

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  • evil_one_74evil_one_74 Member Posts: 312

    Same. It's 5 seconds. Take the stun, and move on. Odds are pretty good that you'll find them again during the match..

  • geishroygeishroy Member Posts: 139

    slugging is not the same as hooking a second/third time. It does not create the same pressure

  • JC316JC316 Member Posts: 693

    I lose to DS in the EGC fairly often. Maybe 10% of the matches. It literally has no counter once the doors are open.

  • TBfishyTBfishy Member Posts: 28
    edited February 2020

    Step 1. Use infectious fright or discordance

    Step 2. Slug possible DS user

    Step 3. Find another survivor and get them while the other recovers and the other survivors get off gens to get the pick up and heal


    Go for someone else in the first place and dont waste your time on them if youre too scared of DS


    Down them, pick them up and hope for the best. Theres a decent amount of survivors who either dont have the perk or will just miss. If they do have it, just eat it and be thankful they wont have it later.

    Unless its endgame, then you just gotta take that L and move on.

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 606

    How often are these two perks actually used? From my own experience DS appears in ~90% of my killer matches and is equipped by on average two of those survivors. While playing survivor I've only encountered NOED twice in the last three months. I play on PC about 60/40 killer/survivor and generally stay around rank 10 in both. If NOED is really that much of an issue I really want to know the numbers cause I must just be super lucky as a survivor and super unlucky as killer.

  • Kongtwenty12Kongtwenty12 Member Posts: 140

    DS is just as much a crutch. I rewards poor choices on the part of survivor just like NOED does for killer. You can't get mad about killers one second chance perks when survivors have like 6 some of which can be used at the same time.

  • SleepyWilloSleepyWillo Member Posts: 1,031

    I don't think it's fair to say ds rewards bad choices on the survivor (At least not the survivor using it). I use it in solo for when the killer tunnels or a "teammate" farms me. This game was designed to be a 4 v 1 but solo survivor feels more like you're against the killer and other survivors.

    As killer I have no problem with DS. I don't tunnel. Simple. Or I have the brain cells to know who was uncooked in the last 60 seconds and the cop on not to pick them up.

    As for NOED I think it's fine. It rewards a killer for playing with only 3 perks. Survivors can just do totems.

    At the end of the day both perks are used to counter aspects both sides complain about the most - tunnelling and gen rush.

  • AnkiAnki Member Posts: 42

    No no I get that, my point was that at that point you probably didn't lose the whole game because of that DS. Before that survivors had to complete all the gens and so on. But I get it that it's frustrating to lose a kill, maybe the only kill of the match at that point because of a perk.

  • KrispiesChickenKrispiesChicken Member Posts: 171

    Why is it that everytime a killer perk is nerfed they automatically hop on the next train to nerf another. Maybe they should remove killers and just make the game an escape room at this point

  • Vert3xVert3x Member Posts: 125

    I completely agree with that, but still considering that a good player doesn't need crutch to play well and keeping in mind that NOED is currently one of the reasons why we can't get decent totems spawns, I would be down for taking a "hit" and getting it nerfed considering it's a perk that I don't need but rather I would definitely need my other Hex perks to spawn in a decent manner.

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