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CraftingSoupCraftingSoup Member Posts: 69
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Hey, I'm pretty new to DBD and i just wanted to ask for some advice for my future games. I'm mainly looking for Survivor but Killer would be nice too. Thanks!


  • Jholla31Jholla31 Member Posts: 247

    Do you play survior or killer?

  • CraftingSoupCraftingSoup Member Posts: 69

    Yes, i know the basics on how to do the things. I've actually been watching some Youtubers before i even bought the game.

  • Spectre13Spectre13 Member Posts: 179

    First and foremost don't be toxic. Wether survivor or killer please be respectful to the opposing faction. You'll find ALOT of toxicity on both sides in games you'll play. For survivor make sure to learn how to loop and juke and be stealthy. As for killer learn how to shut down loops and play mind games with survivors and for God sake don't be afraid to take a swing near a pallet. Idk how many times some cocky survivor was looping me while injured and I got them down at the last swing before they stunned me.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    I'd recommend starting with David King for his perks Dead Hard and We're Gonna Live Forever for bloodpoint gain and survival in a chase. Claudette in her default outfits is also a fantastic option to learn stealth and I also highly recommend her perks Botany Knowledge and Self-Care. Both these characters are base game (assuming Lullaby of the Dark is still a free DLC.......) and have their own Archives quests.

    Dwight also has some useful perks with Bond being one of the best survivor Aura reading perks in the game, useful to track teammates, and Prove Thyself useful for generators and bloodpoints.

    As for killers, it's all down to personal playstyle if you want to be a relentless hunter or an unseen predator. Good perks to look out for though are A Nurse's Calling (especially for stealth killers!), BBq and Chilli, Pop Goes the Weasel and Save the Best for Last.

    Surveillance and Dying Light are guilty pleasure perks of mine though.

    If you want to be more in the open, then Doctor is great for information, shutting down loops and anti-stealth. Hillbilly is also very high mobility and has a base instant-down. I personally hate how he has so much in one button press, but hey. He's very effective. Trapper is also a very good first killer as his bear traps are relatively easy to manage, provide information and damage, and he has a lot of the standard kit. 32m Terror radius, 4.6m/s movement (or commonly referred to as 115% movement, as in based on survivor movement), large size and a basic weapon.

    For more of a stealth approach, Wraith is probably the best one to learn on. Ghostface is probably the most powerful, and in a way the simplest, but is also DLC. I personally prefer Pig, but I'm a SAW fanatic, and can put up with some of her faults. Wraith and GF are more forgiving and better to learn on for stealth killers.

  • xCarriexCarrie Member Posts: 982

    Any advice i’d give to anyone new is never play just one side. Always play both so you understand each side and don’t become one sided or “entitled.” You can have a favorite of course (mines killer) but I always play both sides. Welcome to dead by daylight!

  • PornbjörnPornbjörn Member Posts: 52

    As a Survivor - rush gens

    As a killer - pressure gens

  • ReapersWrath85ReapersWrath85 Member Posts: 18

    only been playing a few months..just gonna say,dont buy most the killers, unless you can afford it..it just takes so much time to learn how to use them and spreading out all those points..Main has been pig, I cant say how many times I watched each one in theaters..Made me wish I could erase my memory of it to re-experience it..anyways,youll have games where you might hook one and then next you might kill all.My mains are failing me today..last game, all ranked 11 under me...but those who commented gave good advice.btw, when your killer, they will try to lure you away.to a god loop or just to keep you busy while they finish gens..theres just too much and Im new compared to alot of these guys..made alot of mistakes..dont go in with high hope, easy to get angry..why i ended on here with long message..sucks being solo,sucks going against a team with all toolboxs and all used same starting item.didnt think the fog could be so thick .im rambling..good luck

  • NickeleyeNickeleye Member Posts: 278


    You need to have a good understanding of the otherside to be good at the game.

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