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What’s with everyone wanting NoeD nerfed all of a sudden?



  • yadielrodriguezyadielrodriguez Member Posts: 515

    Problem is any beginning Hex perks when people see it will cleanse it fast but not noed until they know you have it.

  • yadielrodriguezyadielrodriguez Member Posts: 515

    I need to use noed now on all killers because that beat the ranks 1 survivors that annoy me so much.

  • Karl_ChildersKarl_Childers Member Posts: 669
    edited February 2020

    You have no counter argument. You said NOED is 100% preventable, even against campers. I told you outside of crawling to the gate, DS is 100% preventable. Both are incorrect by any logical player, but we are going by YOUR logic. You 100% have the option to not pick up or grab the survivor who may have DS... just as you say 100% the survivors should have to cleanse all the dulls to prevent NOED no matter what...even against a facecamper. (You should adamantly speak out against “just do gens” btw, as I guess 99% of players are wrong saying to do this, you are the 1% who looks for dull totems to cleanse them all). Now let’s see you continue to show bias and not acknowledge the issue. I have already admitted how DS can be problematic when it comes to hooking someone else. Unlike you, I’m actually seeing both sides.

  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 1,589

    All of sudden? I thought baby Bubba campers with NOED were there for quite some time...

    So why nerf NOED? Well not really nerf it, just nerf it for campers, bad players and no one else.

    Simple nerf:

    NOED can be used only on surviviors you have hooked before.

    So basically this will be a nerf only for killers who cant even menage to get 4 BBQ stacks. And if you get only 3 stacks, then thats still 3 people you can use NOED on.

  • supman22supman22 Member Posts: 17

    As someone who plays both killer and survivor pretty equally I think noed is in a good place right now you can say "it takes no skill!" And it's op but really the only people it's op towards or swf or super altruistic players if you see someone get hit with noed then leave immediately and if you're the one that got hit then just eat the lick just because you died doesn't mean you lost and you shouldn't get upset about it because noed had no factor in the game until the Egc and it took up a perk slot for the killer that they could have used the whole game.

  • orangegoblinorangegoblin Member Posts: 91

    Its because at end game, if survivors were good, the killer would have gotten only like, 2 hooks and looped for all the gens in that time.

    If the killer was playing "fair" IE not tunneling recently unhooked survs, not slugging, not bringing a mori to play by their namesake and actually friggin kill people, these situations happen even more often, play by their rules, and You Get [BAD WORD]. If you play killer, you need to play dirty, then at the end game, when the last survivor gets their Lone Survivor movie ending, you did your job.

    Not the killers fault really, it happens often. With BT, and DS on just 2 survivors and unbreakable on 1, even NOED can be countered at the end game, and from green ranks upwards, they Have those meta perks.

    I've tried noed, didn't work, especially against Nancies, they love bones, didn't even activate, I had a game against a SWF and right after the first down with noed the totem got broke because the Claudette was waiting for it. I've recently picked it up again, and let me tell you, survs don't look for bones anymore, the ruin nerf unintentionally nerfed survivors bone detectors, they completely ignore them! Half the time I get 2-3 kills before the gens get done, and that to me is a win as long as I black-pip, even with 2k you can get that darn entity displeased, feelsbadman.

    NOED is a perk with a name and a meaning, No One Escapes Death, end game is reaping hour, you either gtfo and let steve die on 1 hook. Or you YOLO that [BAD WORD]. You can soft counter NOED with 3, sometimes 4 perks, DS, BT, DH, and If the killer slugs, Unbreakable. You can hard counter it by doing a bone inbetween gens, keep track of how many you cleansed, if you cleansed 2 during that time, you can look for the others before the last gen is done. Or bring 1 of 2 really great totem spotting perks, a Map, or just not being a blind M1 robot during the game.

    Even with rift challenges, you can still cleanse, you don't need perks to polish some bones.

  • OshiOshi Member Posts: 306
    edited February 2020

    Everyone? If grey rank survs crying about NOED on forum it means "everyone"? 

    Oh, wait, for "devs" it is. 

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    It’s not all of a sudden its been requested for years. Barely anyone asked for Ruin to be nerfed. If you have survivors a choice between Ruin and Noed for the nerfhammer they would have picked NOED everytime.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    These people don’t play survivor so they have no idea. They expect survivors to play perfectly, get all 5 gens done and all 5 totems cleansed within the 2 minutes it takes a survivor to die on hook because in their mind all 5 gens really can be done within 2 minutes.

    They’ve never played solo and had other survivors sandbag, vault pallets to try and get the killer to kill you all because you cleansed dull totems and post game they rip into you that you were wasting time with it and not helping the team. Because for some reason there are a number of survivors out there who take offence to cleansing dull totems.

  • rubberrubber Member Posts: 4
    edited February 2020

    Eh. Nah. Noed is OP in the sense that it requires very little work on the killer's part and almost never does a team fully clear every totem. it's easier just to reach endgame and then if someone goesdown, find noed on one of the many dull totems you came across on your travels and cracking it then. Killers are dumb if they think survivors should go through cracking literally every totem every game for 1 perk that not every killer needs. it is a baby killer perk 100% in that it will help you get at LEAST one down at the end should u happen across someone, and if they dont FEEL LIKE searching for noed you get a single kill. If that's worth it to you then I'm fine with that, I'm of the opinion that usually if you're running noed, you're probably bad and you need it but that's just my opinion. Rarely do actual good killers depend on noed.

    So nerfing it is a no from me but just assume I hate you and your training wheels.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,172

    Lets not forget the "echo chamber" effect.

    Once one prominent person mentions it EVERYONE needs to be on that train.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 7,721

    Not really "all of the sudden"; NOED has been a topic since I joined the Forums. It is not new that people want NOED to be changed. Meanwhile they changed Ruin, which nobody asked for, even tho their reasoning is really understandable.

    Thing is, why I dislike NOED: You dont need to learn how to loop when you get those 4% extra MS at the end. The Instadown is one thing, but pairing that up with 4% extra is simply BS.

    Then, NOED is a bigger threat for Solos than for SWF, if I would play in a 4 man SWF, I can easily be sure if 5 Totems are gone. As Solo, while cleansing myself, I dont know what the others are doing. And the Emblem System does not allow that I just run around, cleansing Totems.

    Not to mention that it is not optimal at all to cleanse Totems for a Perk the Killer might not even have. While I am someone who cleanses every Totem he finds, this is highly unproductive for just a few points. I can spend those seconds on a Gen and be a bigger help for my Team.

    Also the Totem Spots on some Maps are really good, making it difficult to find all Totems.

    And last but not least and probably my biggest reason for my NOED-Hate: Bad Killers who just camp a Survivor. It is always said "Just do Gens then", which is indeed the Counter to a camping Killer. However, there is not enough time to do all the Gens AND cleanse all Totems, leaving the Killer with NOED to secure at least another Kill...

    I really wish for a Change of NOED, I mentioned it earlier, OhTofu made a good suggestion which removes the Totem Status of NOED and let the Killer gain a Token for every Hook he gets, and each Token grants 0,5% Movement Speed and after a certain number of Hooks, the Killer gets the Insta-Down (both after all Gens were done). This is so much better, it rewards not the guy who does not know how to play Killer and also not that guy who just facecamps the first person he found, but those Killers who are actually giving their best get a reward at the end which might help them to turn the game around.

  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 937
    edited February 2020

    Go ahead and nerf noed, in return how about a MS buff for all killers across the board with maybe an extra effect blindness exhaustion etc for 60 seconds. Id almost be willing to do that 😈 bwahahah

    Edit: After reading some more comments, even better idea, lets remove the hex requirement of NOED. That way when people say DUH KILLUH GUTS REWURDUHD FER PLUYING BUUUDDD NUURF NO COUNTEROPPPP" then they will be right 😁

  • CrispyChestnutsCrispyChestnuts Member Posts: 175

    People are not wanting noed nerfed all of a sudden. This forum is like 40% killers complaining about bt, adrenaline, etc., 40% complaining about noed, 15% people complaining about the 'us versus them' mentality here, and 5% general discussion. The beef between the bloods and the crips is over whether noed is balanced or not. Archaeogists have unearthed ancient burial tombs with hieroglyphics inscribed on the walls calling for nerfs for noed. The Amazon Rainforest is actually a post in braille talking about how op noed is, and the fact that humans keep deleting parts of it is why bad things happen.

  • DigwiidDigwiid Member Posts: 208

    All of a sudden?

    This is daily a part of the DbD forums.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 1,470

    Because they want "Facecamping/Tunneling against Ruin nerf" back on, but the Ruin part changed for Noed 😎

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,903

    When it first released it was completely busted. No counter but stealth as it released before hex perks did

  • Joao_BandicootJoao_Bandicoot Member Posts: 285

    Wait, Survivors spawn on hook now !!?? Unless this is just exaggeration you have more than 2 minutes to do 5 gens (80 seconds by default for 3 people on each gen) and have the opportunity to cleanse any totem you found throughout the trial. Didn't found all 5 and NOED activated ? You know where the totem isn't so finding now is easier than ever.

    Also, "these people" don't play Killer if they don't know that you are playing with 3 perks for a gamble at Endgame, if that isn't enough of an effort than do it yourself, play with only 3 perks and say that you don't need the slot for DS or BT or your favorite exhaustion perk.

  • JasonisanicefellaJasonisanicefella Member Posts: 237

    Very true, since they win every time they are now going after noed, and they will win. They always do

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