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Survivors don't make sound when they are on the ground

tekkersqttekkersqt Member Posts: 14

Platform: PS4

Description of the issue:

So often I can't hear people that are downed on the ground and its just annoying and kinda gamebreaking. FIX THIS ASAP PLZ.

Steps to reproduce (if possible):

idk. down people.

How often does this occur:



  • PatchNoirPatchNoir Member Posts: 404

    i always tought that was a iron will bug, this is happening to me too on ps4

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,496

    Even with Stridor, I was standing 2 meters away from a Laurie in the dying state who made practically no noise. I had already walked over her twice before realizing she was there. I'm not saying this shouldn't be impossible from a game-play standpoint, but the way that sounds for injured survivors right now work does not support that standpoint.

  • tekkersqttekkersqt Member Posts: 14

    Up. This is still happening. Its so frustrating

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