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Taken from the Dev Update:


Debuting alongside the next chapter, we are pleased to announce a new feature that will allow Killers to shape the map as they hunt down Survivors: Breakable walls. This mechanic is available to all Killers.

Breakable walls appear in preset locations, much like pallets. Unlike pallets, a Survivor cannot interact with them in any way. The Killer, however, can walk up to one of these walls and break it down whenever they like.

For now, they will be exclusive to the upcoming map, where we’ll be experimenting with different uses. Breaking some may make a strong window loop weaker, allowing you to catch up much quicker. Others might open up new paths to get around the map faster. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how everyone uses them to see what works best before adding them to existing maps.

When breakable walls are added to other maps, they will appear differently to suit the Realm’s theme. Although they may look different from one map to the next, we will make sure that they are easily recognizable so it is clear which walls can and can’t be broken at a glance.

Additionally, any Perk or Add-on that affects pallet breaking speed will be extended to breakable walls. Killer Powers that can break pallets will also be able to break these walls."




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