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Luck - rework [update 18-02-2020]

KaraageKaraage Member Posts: 339
edited February 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

Update 18-02-2020: I scrapped all my old ideas. At first, I was thinking of Luck in its literal meaning (success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions), so I was adding more RNG elements to the game. It was horrible idea.

I don't think we need more RNG in the game. Survivors can't rely on it, and if it happens it only cheats the Killer without any counterplay. So in my second attempt, I'm treating Luck in a gaming sense, that is as a stat that affects slighty all other stats.

Luck can now be increased by Survivor perks and offerings, but also decreased by Killer perks and offerings

It no longer affects unhooks or Bear Traps.

Better Idea 1

Luck increases/decreases Survivor perk cooldowns. 1% increase/decrease per point of Luck.

Affected perks: Any Means Necessary, Dance With Me, Premonition, Quick & Quiet, new Saboteur, Small Game, Windows of Opportunity

Better Idea 2

Luck increases/decreases positive effects/perks duration. 1% increase/decrease per point of Luck. Works only on effects that directly affect yourself, not effects that You inflict on others.

Affected perks/buffs: Haste (Adrenaline, Sprint Burst, Lithe, Balanced Landing, Hope), Alert, Babysitter, Better Together, Endurance (Borrowed Time), Breakdown, Buckle Up, Dance with Me, Dark Sense, Decisive Strike, Deja Vu, Detective's Hunch, Distortion, Leader, Lucky Break, Poised, Streetwise, Camaraderie

Doubtful Idea 3

This one I'm not sure about, basically it makes Luck effect similar to old Tinkerer.

Luck increases/decreases positive effects/perks effectiveness. 1% increase/decrease per point of Luck. Works only on effects that directly affect yourself, not effects that You inflict on others.

Affected perks/buffs: Haste (Adrenaline, Sprint Burst, Lithe, Balanced Landing, Hope, Breakout), %chances (Ace in the Hole, Calm Spirit, Technician), action speed (Leader, Prove Thyself, Resilience, Botany Knowledge, Pharmacy, Spine Chill), Streetwise, Autodidact, Boil Over, Fixated, Flip-Flop, Iron Will, No Mither, No One Left Behind, Self Care, Slippery Meat, Solidarity, This is not happening, Tenacity, Unbreakable, Urban Evasion, Vigil, Wake Up, We'll Make it,

Effectiveness doesn't affect Aura-reading range.

As an example: Sprint Burst gives You 150% speed, with 10 Luck it is 150x1,1=165% Speed; Resilience gives You 9% speed, with 10 Luck it is 9x1.1=9.9%. And for example with Killer's perk giving You -20 Luck, Sprint Burst is now 150x0.8=120% speed.

Better Idea 4

Introducing new mechanic: Wheel of Fortune. It only occurs after the game if You ended the Trial with positive Luck. It gives You random rewards, rarity based on Luck. For Killers, they can steal Luck from any Survivor they sacrifice or have Wheel always avaiable, but rewards based on number of sacrifices.

Scrapped ideas:

Idea 1

Upon being Hooked, there's [Luck]% chance that the Hook will break. Survivor will be put into Dying State and recovery/wiggle progression will be reset. Base chance: 0%

Idea 2

Jumping into Hatch no longer grants free escape. Now there's only [4+Luck]% to escape safely through Hatch. Otherwise, anyone who jumps into the Hatch will be sacrificed by the Entity (similar to EGC, but new animation!). Base chance: 4%

Idea 3

When Hatch is closed, You can attempt to open it, with [Luck]% chance to open it. Succeding allows You to escape through the Hatch safely and then closes the Hatch. Failing puts You into Dying State and notifies the Killer. Only one attempt per Trial. Base chance: 0%

Idea 4

There's [Luck]% chance that Good Skill Check will be considered Great Skill Check (similar to Stake Out). Base chance: 0%.

Idea 5

Keys provide 100% chance to safely open Hatch, and [30/50+Luck]% chance to escaping safely through the Hatch. Chances based on Key rarity. If Hatch is opened with a Key, improved chances to escape apply to everyone as long as Hatch stays opened. Otherwise they only affect the Key holder.

Idea 6

There's [Luck]% chance that You're notified of Killer's location when Killer is within 16 metres but there's no Terror Radius. Base chance: 0%

Idea 7

There's [Luck]% chance that when in Chase Killer will receive a loud noise notification in random location within 32 metres. Base chance: 0%

Idea 8

There's [Luck-25]% chance that when Killer attempts to kill Survivor by their own hand, kill will fail, Survivor will recover one Health State and Killer will be stunned for 5 seconds. Only once per Trial. Base chance: -25%

Idea 9

There's [Luck-75]% chance that the next Killer's attack will be ignored (similar to Mettle of Man). Base chance: -75%

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  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,673

    I just dislike how your ideas just promote SWF. (also Idea 9 with those numbers is impossible, but still it's a bad idea)

    I do like idea 1 and 4, Idea 2 basically is a nail in the coffin for the last survivor, Idea 3 (if 2 was also introdouced) would be pointless except ofc in a 4 man all luck things.

    And Idea 6 and 7 seem slightly out of place for Luck mechanic.

  • DreadnightDreadnight Member Posts: 89

    I like idea 1 and 4.

    SWF could abuse this, but its not a problem if Up The Ante is not stackeable.

  • AAAAAAAAAA Member Posts: 558

    I agree about 1 and 4, although if this happens I think bear traps should be harder to escape from since luck effects will be more common.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,421

    I don't like any of these, to be honest. Most of these are just "someone gets randomly rekt." The only ones I don't hate are 4 and 7, and even then, they don't actually make the game better; they just attempt to justify a supremely poorly implemented mechanic.

  • OicimauOicimau Member Posts: 897

    I think the only one more thing that should be luck influenced are the skillchecks.

    The bigger your luck, less skill check will appear.

  • YucchiYucchi Member Posts: 250

    Those ideas aren't the best

    Why is hatch affected by luck? It just seems like you write this after getting key escapes x time in a row

  • KaraageKaraage Member Posts: 339

    Hey everyone, I agree with all that was said. My bad for writing down ideas hastily, before I could think more about them. I now reworked my post with different approach.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,673

    For the updated ideas:

    I like'em. But i think it would be a better idea that it's always a static number (let's say a 0,5 second/5% more for buffs and 5/10 seconds for cooldowns) but luck affects if it triggers or not.

    Because then you are "lucky" to get it :p

  • KaraageKaraage Member Posts: 339


    My aim was to reduce RNG elements completely. Getting "lucky' like this wouldn't translate well into satisfying gameplay, I think. People mostly appreciate mechanics that give You consistent results; like, recently Hex;Ruin was reworked because inconsistency of skill checks made the perk either non-existent or very frustrating to play against.

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