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How are some stramers still deranking? DEV attention needed

DamienDuffDamienDuff Member Posts: 88
edited February 2020 in General Discussions

some 4 stack swf streamers are still able to derank somehow even though BHVR stopped (SAM) that old app streamers used to derank .. and now that BHVR implemented DC penalties , how are these people still deranking?

I can see them start their stream at rank 12 , finish it at rank 6 or 5

then the very next day stream starts at rank 12

DBD devs need to find out how are these toxic 4 stacks are still able to derank to impress some viewers bullying low rank killers

edit: after research, I found a website that teaches how to derank using third party applications


this thread is meant for the devs to see this

If a dev reads this and wants proof, please feel free to message me.

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