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Killers please stop bringing noed



  • xGodSendDeathxGodSendDeath Member Posts: 320

    I don't agree with OP. Ever since the Ruin change, I've been able to get Devour Hope up to level 3 in 75 - 80% of my games where I'm running it and that's even with some very obvious spawns next to gens/shack. It seems people don't even bother to look for totems since Ruin has been changed. They only start looking for it after I instadown someone and they get notified it's active. People are just smashing gens as fast as they can and getting out. Inversely, I haven't been able to get Haunted Ground to get cleansed at all. The last two times I ran it, it stayed up the entire game. I did not have it paired with another hex perk FWIW. I was using one perk Spirit because I started leveling her up

  • GhostofYharnamGhostofYharnam Member Posts: 597

    Nah ive been using it alot since most of the survivors ive gone against are using prove thyself and toolboxes. They're in such a hurry to do butt dancing at the exits that they forget to check totems.

  • RecklessAppleRecklessApple Member Posts: 14

    Do bones, kid.

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    When sWF's and running coms stops, NOED stops...

  • ScytereScytere Member Posts: 123

    Tell the survs to stop being their purples into the match. Yeah not very likely so...

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    It was Ruin that made people proficient at totems. And it was Inner Strength that drove the rest of the nails into the coffin.

    There's also zero downsides to breaking them besides Haunted Grounds.

  • imlegionimlegion Member Posts: 62

    And it’s fair that Mikey has a add on that kills you before you even get your first hook? Nah bro start looking at your addons and stuff you killer have every advantage you just get caught up in a moment get preassured and ######### when your ass get handed to you

  • imlegionimlegion Member Posts: 62

    I’m a devotion 5 level 80 right now and that’s just on my one console on my other ps4 I have a devotion 3 level 89 I have played many hours in both roles so yeah

  • Babyyy_BoyyBabyyy_Boyy Member Posts: 444

    Because inner strength is the better version of self care and will actually give you a reason to cleanse totems. Survivors are not required to cleanse totems to escape. Only generators.

  • imlegionimlegion Member Posts: 62

    I’ll come out and say it noed should work like a ebony Mori instead of giving you the insta down you have to hook the survivor atleast once in the trial to get the insta down on them at the end as a survivor the worst is going into a game maybe doing a totem or two do gens if your lucky go the whole trial without being noticed then bam at the end your trying to Idk help save take a protection hit ect. Point is it rewards you for doing nothing but either wait for it to be useful or play like garbage and destroy endgame regardless it’s not fair to new players who have no idea what their getting themselves into

  • BubbaSawyerMeatsBubbaSawyerMeats Member Posts: 108

    I brought NOED on the "two endgame collapse kills" Rift. Boy, did i feel like a hunk of garbage.

  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 2,340

    Guess what! I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more NOED!

  • laKUKAlaKUKA Member Posts: 406
    edited February 2020


    and you close the chat!

    NOED is LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • imlegionimlegion Member Posts: 62

    Noed is a crutch for baby killers devour hope and blood warden absolute victory and hilarious when people teabag and realize they can’t leave

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,625

    Noed and end game is very important nowdays so it's a must for me. Many games that looked like a four survivor escape have turned into 1-3 kills thanks to Noed. The perk is simply too good to leave out.

  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 442

    NOED is the new Hex: Ruin.

  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 442

    Why would you assume that the poster is a baby killler?

  • GzillaGzilla Member Posts: 28

    I try not to use it every game (i love devour hope myself) but I still feel it necessary on some killers, especially m1 killers. If the game didnt go by so fast then i would definitely consider using it a lot less.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,151

    I see no reason not to. The gens are flying, and so NOED is too.

  • CrescentGentCrescentGent Member Posts: 60
    edited February 2020

    They wrecked ruin, so noed is the next best thing.

  • FrankieFrankie Member Posts: 807

    You do realize it's hardly ever actually used in an anti-tunnel situation, and is usually used as a superman perk because you're invulnerable for 60 seconds, right?

  • LOALOA Member Posts: 235

    Lol. I don't run NOED either and feel the same way. When I play survivor, I cleanse every damn totem I come across or at the very least,remember where I saw them. NOED is the easiest thing to counter in the whole game. There's 5 ######### totems!! Everybody get one and I'll do 2!!

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    If only... Can you imagine pulling someone out of a locker, eating a DS and then DSing them right back?

    How do YOU like it? Hurts doesnt it?

  • DaGreenBoltDaGreenBolt Member Posts: 453

    Yet that same add on requires a lot of stalk to get to tier 3, and by that time you lost 2-3 gens just trying to get into tier 3.

    Also when playing tombstone myers, you get punished if you don't hook them.

  • JustAbillyMainJustAbillyMain Member Posts: 11
  • yutycornyutycorn Member Posts: 246
    edited February 2020



  • FrankieFrankie Member Posts: 807

    You literally didn't refute anything I said. I even mentioned it was supposed to be anti tunnel.

    Are you okay? lol

  • emyungemyung Member Posts: 135

    The totems locations are easy and unless you play certain killers you will fail to protect your totems.

    Nancy perk also promotes totem cleasing.

  • miahelloiloveyumiahelloiloveyu Member Posts: 3

    Run thrill if you're worried about your lit totem being cleansed. I wouldn't say NOED is the problem here. Totems are worth a lot of points and they're mostly not well hidden, plus Inner Strength makes them multifunctional in destruction. Biggest problem to me is bad spawns for devour.

  • GreezyWeezyGreezyWeezy Member Posts: 72

    Killers shouldn't have to bring it. It should be a part of the game.

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