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How to counter DS? EZ

CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,325
edited February 18 in General Discussions

EZ: Mori, if you don't pick the survivor up he won't land the DS

But now, talking seriously, just stop tunneling or stop complaining about DS (tunneling is just a strat, but if you are using it you have to be aware DS is probably gonna land), I get it, if the survivor acted in a specific way so that you ended up hitting him like running straight towards you after being unhooked or hiding when his character is injured right next to you, or even try to blind you with a FL, yes, that's his fault and not a tunnel.

Now, if you're not getting the Ks and you're trying to tunnel for the last kill at the EGC and DS gave them a 4 men escape, just get good man, practice and you'll eventualy get there for the 3k+. Trapper and GF mains, rank 1 every month.



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