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Remove killer redstain

emyungemyung Member Posts: 135
edited February 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

Perhaps a easy way to buff the killers and improve their mindgame during chases is to remove the red stain.

It is not fun to force killers to back walk to conceal it.


  • JinnRemonaJinnRemona Member Posts: 3
    edited February 2020

    Removing the Red Stain essentially removes the mind gaming from every loop that involves walls too high for the Survivor to see over. You no longer have to mind game them into thinking you are going one way when you are actually walking backwards, and can just turn around. It leaves the Survivors at a horrible disadvantage in a chase.

  • Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,055

    Removing a function that allows survivors to have intel on a killer just because you don't like the idea of having to put effort into getting a hit is ridiculous!

    There are perks that do this, try running them if you hate moonwalking:

    Beast Of Prey - removes the red stain once in Bloodlust

    Tinkerer - removes TR and Red Stain once a gen repair hits 85%

    Or just play as Ghostface lol and use his ability in a tall loop chase

  • TrollthemTrollthem Member Posts: 186

    What those two dont understand is in a game where its supposed to be scary you shouldnt give survivors your position , even in film they dont .

    'Removing a function that allows survivors to have intel on a killer just because you don't like the idea of having to put effort into getting a hit is ridiculous!'

    That's the most ridiculous things i've read in this forum .. Yeah that's so right , survivors put so much effort to pallet loop a killer... Wow i'm so tired when i do it.

    Its a good buff for killers , its ridiculous to see a killer ' moon walking' who are we playing ? Michael Jackson or a true killer? , it would add so much stress to this non scary game

  • Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,055

    @Trollthem with a name like that i'm taking your response with a HUGE pinch of salt.

    A survivor does put effort into loops. They took the time to learn how to properly move during chases to keep distance. Killer's mindgame the Red Stain among other things to help mess up the survivor in chase. Removing the Red Stain baby's lower skill players

    (Just so i'm clear @emyung @Trollthem how experienced are you at dbd?)

  • TrollthemTrollthem Member Posts: 186
    edited February 2020

    Hmm uuh dude , if you think that pallet loop is putting efforts , i recommend you to not play something more harder than Dbd because you're heart will stop from exhaust i think . How dare you asking people's experience when you think than survivor put more effort than Killers.

    FYI i have the game since 1 month after its release.

  • Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,055

    @Trollthem so you think good survivors just run without thinking and no gameplan to their routing? Don't go acting all high and mighty. You're agreeing with someone saying the Red Stain should be removed, and that no Stain means more mindgames for the killer. Tell me how no Stain means more mindgames. It would remove the effort of a killer mindgame-wise since they can just hold forward in a LOS blocked loop and the survivor is none the wiser if they canmot see them. At least now they actually have to manipulate their movement to gain an upperhand at certain tiles. It takes effort and skill to do well. Just like it takes effort and skill for a survivor to properly read and predict the killer to win the mindgame and then mindgame the killer right back.

    You're taking offence to me asking your experience level? It was a simple question, I wasn't calling it into question or assuming anything, relax. Too many survivors whom have minimal experience often have too many opinions of the game and what to change, before they even know the game at a proper level.

  • emyungemyung Member Posts: 135

    I am not sure if the red stain is fair because...

    Survivors can confuse the killers with 360, blend and juking. They have panoramic vision. Some survivors are simply magical, they know how to vanish during chases...

    Most killers do have terror radius, unique loud sounds and are visible most of the time...

    Most loopings are made of barrels or low height walls...

    So my 2 cents is that removing the red stain could make the game more interesting... otherwise the survivors (wich I also love to play as) will keep having longer waiting times...

  • Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,055

    @emyung so, what would removing the red stain do when, as you say, most loops aren't LOS blocked anyway?

    Look, the Red Stain shows the survivor which way a killer is facing, this in turn allows both the survivor to play accordingly to what they see the killer doing and what they think they will attempt to do. A killer can manipulate their red stain to mindgame the survivor by putting false ideas into their head about what they're doing. Yeah, survivors can do those tricks to avoid the killer, but killer can use their eyes, pay attention to crows, blood, scratchmarks, listen to groans of pain, footsteps, healing. Killers are not in a wesk state. People need to stop thinking they are. And the devs are in the process of adding and changinb things to improve balance in the game. The red stain isn not an issue. Like I said, use perks to remove that function if you struggle with manipulating it for mindgames or play as stealth killers like Ghostface.

  • TrollthemTrollthem Member Posts: 186

    Dude , how is it hard to chose a pathing route ? Maybe you're a rookie and you dont know the maps yet , but i played this game so long that i know where pallets are , even if you dont know where they are , there's a park who can show you where they are . Removing Red stain would just add scarier attacks from nowhere and force the survivors not to mess with loops too many times and just go for the pallets (which is why pallets are there)

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,822

    There's a diffrence between good pathing and just running from pallet to pallet.

  • Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,055

    @Trollthem hypocrite. You're assuming my experience to try and insult my argument. The exact thing you got all defensive about when you thought I was doing that to you (which I wasn't).

    @Milo is spot on with their reply to you. Good pathing means the survivor is manipulating their movement to confuse and mindgame the killer, ultimately juking and losing them. Not just bouncing from pallet to pallet and dropping them early to avoid a potential hit.

    You're literally encouraging the removal of Red Stain so that survivors would be scared and drop pallets earlier? That would make the game insanely boring for killers. I don't play killer to vs teams who just tun forward from pallet to pallet; with no attempt to outplay me: mindgame, juke, evade me etc I love vsing strong survivors whom actually interact with me in a chase. Because it's fun and satisfying to play that way.

    You say you've played since a month into the game debut and you think interacting in a fun chase is pallet hopping? No. Just no. And it's funny you telling me about perks that offer particular functions when I literally gave two perks that remove the Red Stain as an example in my first response to this thread. Maybe you should use those perks I listed if you want the Red Stain gone so badly.

    So cut it out with the stupid insult attempts and realise what you're saying about the Red Stain is illogical and would turn killer players away from playing, since people wouldn't interact with chases, instead just drop pallets and run to the next one with no intention of trying to outplay.

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