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It's time to make Hillbilly a 110% killer.

CoderCoder Member Posts: 699

Hear me out. If you think Deathslinger's power is strong enough to justify 110% movement speed, you've never faced a God Tier Hillbilly. And I'm not saying a "good" hillbilly, I'm pretty sure you face those every day, I mean God Tier, those guys that can do insane curves that feel like he's hacking somehow and who can end chases in 3 seconds. You died the moment you joined the lobby. Well used, hillbilly's power is ridiculously and game breaking strong.

I don't see Deathslinger's power being that strong to justify 110% movement speed. Even Oni is stronger and he's 115%.

The only killers I think justify the 110% speed are Huntress and Spirit (not even hag), but Spirit because it's broken (see this video by OH TOFU). Deathslinger's power is not that strong or broken, I don't think 110% speed is justified.




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