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The new killers gun dosnt seem that good especially since his movement speed is 110%



  • BrendanLeeTBrendanLeeT Member Posts: 272

    But it doesn't make sense, most 110% killer have a power that justifies it but with Deathslinger? I don't think it justifies it. He's really fun and he doesn't need any major buffs but some quality of life tweaks that's all.

    Im not saying all killers need to be nurse level but for a 110% killer with no mobility, his power kind of needs to justify his movement speed. If he was 115% then he'd be fine even with some flaws he has but in the current state he does need tweaks.

    This is not me trying to be biased but more logical that a 110% killer relies on their power and usually it's quite good to make them that way.

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