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Did I kind of predict the death slinger

A while ago I posted this

How about a killer that is a sniper.

32m tr

4.6 m/s

Ability: the sniper can press the active ability button to enter the shrouded assassin state.

While active you sheath your machete and switch to you sniper.

Your slow to 4.2m/s

You have the undectable status effect.

You can crouch and lean

You have 3 bullets these bullets have different effects that you can switch between at any time.

Armour pirecer: these bullets apply deep wound to healthy survivors and go through thin walls such as killer shack or jungle gym walls (add ons increase mend time and pierce)

Toxic rounds: these shots apply madness to survivors for 60s and the effects vary with add ons.

Tracer rounds: when a survivor is hit their aura is revealed for 10s have oblivious and hemmorage for 45s(increased with add ons)

Hitting a survivor with any shot deals 1 state of damage.

Head shots instadown

Fire rate is 1 shot every 1.5s

Missing a shot or downing a survivor will cancel your power.

Power recovery is 60s(reduced with add ons)

Alternatively you can sling your sniper to start a 30s timer where you are 4.6m/s and are undectable(essentialy ghostface 8ncase you get lerys or Hawkins)

Iridescent: semi auto sniper

Magazine now has 6 shots.

Fire rate increased to 1 shot every 0.5s

Missing does not cancel your power

Headshots don't instadown

Iridescent: long barrel

Hitting a survivor outside of 24m will always instadown and does not cancel your power

Magazine reduced to and capped at 2 shots.

3rd iridescent or purple? Thermal scope

While aiming survivors auras are revealed to you within a 32m range



Kicking a generator causes all generators within 64m to start regressing at 150% rate.

Mangler :

After hitting 3 survivors the perk activates.

The next survivor you hit will cause the survivor that heals them to become injured and broken for 30s


Hooking a survivor causes all healthy survivors outside of your terror radius to be exposed for 60s

Cooldown of 60s after the time has elapsed.

Tell me what you think


  • CornMossCornMoss Member Posts: 465

    Would've been an actual good killer

  • Flarefire_XxFlarefire_Xx Member Posts: 353

    I live the Idea of the reaper perk and BBQ

  • AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 3,104

    I remember that i basically guessed demogorgons power after the teaser or leak of the portals, I nailed how they worked and even guessed that he would have a extended lunge similar to pigs but usable during the chase since just portals alone wouldn't be good enough for him.

  • DBD_Is_FFPDBD_Is_FFP Member Posts: 3

    Reaper is kinda op as its a haunted grounds on steroids and especially really good on killers like Myers in tier 1 with 0 terror radius if you like sneaky Myers so it should be 30 seconds

  • DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 2,632

    I had a somewhat similar idea to the current Deathslinger. The only difference was just having fishing attire

  • KingOfBadRNGKingOfBadRNG Member Posts: 424
    edited February 2020

    No your talking about a killer whose ability is similar to huntress and ghost face but overpowered and really unfair. the death slinger reel in survivors from afar to bring the survivors closer to the killer for a hit or he could walk up to the survivor then hit.

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,511

    I mean, you guessed theyd have a gun....that's about it.

  • WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,118
    edited February 2020

    I guessed the harpoon gun, so go me!

    But what Carpe said. The gun is about it.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 3,007

    I believe Hide or Die predicted it first.

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