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Sabotage is fine how it is on PTB in my opinion.

There are lots of perks that can counter sabo and give you additional slugs if you have an overly altruistic SWF.

You can use:

Hangman's trick which can be used almost in place of BBQ if you felt you needed to open up a perk slot.


Mad Grit


Iron Grasp


Or even just slugging and using a knockout build (those are fun)

If it had limited to no counters then I would understand but as someone that plays both sides equally and lived through the old body block sabo squad that literally made it impossible to even hook someone most of the game I don't see a problem with it. I prefer it than current sabo (live version) as an organised Sabo squad can 99 hooks in an area and with break out make it impossible for you to hook someone as they don't need to take a hit to finish a sabo.

If people want to sabo in my face and get hooked then go for it but they are going to get smacked. If sabo builds become meta then Mad grit will be meta and ruin a whole survivors build with one perk (which I look forward to being able to piss of toxic swf squads mad gritting them all.

At sabos current state getting someone of the killers shoulders unless having pre 99ed is impossible plus if a killer sees you running to a hook he will just keep walking. When the body blocking meta was a thing the Devs compromised by making the hooks spawn closer together on almost all maps now you can almost always get to 3 different hooks at the very least. I have still had games where all my team are downed on the same sort of spot and the killer still managed to hook us all on separate hooks showing how close a lot of hooks are. Plus unless you are a well coordinated SWF then you aren't going to manage to Sabo more than 1 hook because the chances are the killer will hit you then move to the next hook onwards and you wouldn't be able to Sabo that one unless someone was already there, then there is only 1 person on gens so the game will be going quite slow.

Finally, in the new map the killer shack with the breakable wall placement if it is rolled out to all killer shacks is a massive nerf to one of the best survivor time wasters in the game. So they can't waste as much time against killers there.


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