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Initialization Error - need help XBOX

kazzymoyashikazzymoyashi Member Posts: 95
Hello devs,

I saw a previous post on this and I'm having the same issue now. I load up my game and it gets to the license cache stage, then an initialization error pops up.

It states:
The game has initialized incorrectly and may not save your game properly. Restarting your game may resolve the problem.

Player ID: (I will not post my ID).

I have tried the same fix as the previous post where I start up another game and then start up DBD. It doesn't help. I still get the initialization error. I tried hard resetting my xbox by unplugging it, waiting a minute, and then plugging it back in, doesn't help. 

I logged into my fiance's account on my xbox, and that didn't help. I think the servers are down, and you need to fix this ASAP.


  • ellaheath97ellaheath97 Member Posts: 9
    Yeah mine is doing the same thing.
  • kazzymoyashikazzymoyashi Member Posts: 95
    Yeah mine is doing the same thing.
    I'm sorry you're having the same issue. But at the same time, I'm glad I'm not alone.
  • ItsLouciferItsLoucifer Member Posts: 2
    I've been on all morning no issue until about an hour ago. I've just got back in after several attempts so maybe it's fixed now? 
  • kazzymoyashikazzymoyashi Member Posts: 95
    I've been on all morning no issue until about an hour ago. I've just got back in after several attempts so maybe it's fixed now? 
    I think it might be. It finally let me on. Probably too many people flooding the servers.
  • SeanC277SeanC277 Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2019

    I just got this aswell and i have tried restarting and didnt work

    I was just playing an hour or so before and now its not working

  • ur_ex_wifeur_ex_wife Member Posts: 18
    edited July 2019

    Im having this issue. Im seeing so many posts and no answers on this topic since over a year ago. Please tell me this is an easy fix now. I was just playing. Had to go out. Came back turned the box on again. And boom initialization error. Restarted. Untinstalled reinstall. Still wont work. Devs please give us an answer.

  • fcc2014fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,220

    Hey getting this on PS4 too. Can't imagine it isn't their servers.

  • ur_ex_wifeur_ex_wife Member Posts: 18

    If it helps, where it was getting stuck was 'loading cashe' for me. Its stopped now.

  • LiquidAgLiquidAg Member Posts: 24

    I have had this problem from the very beginning. I bought DBD over 5 months ago, and I've NEVER been able to load the game and play. I get the Initialization error every time (after getting stuck on the 'Loading Cache' step). I've been in circles with online support, and they don't know what to do. They gave me a possible solution (resetting my account), but when I told them to go ahead and do it, they stopped answering. I've been so frustrated for months... Can someone please offer better help?

  • Mak0Mak0 Member Posts: 155

    It's happened to me before Just do a clean Reinstall of the game that fixed it for me

  • LiquidAgLiquidAg Member Posts: 24

    I've tried that. I finally heard back from support after I started asking for help everywhere else. Apparently, my problem is VERY specific, VERY rare, and nothing that I can trouble-shoot on my end.

  • caleb902caleb902 Member Posts: 1

    Doesn't work for me or my group of four either. Same issue

  • FloofFloof Member Posts: 2

    ive been playing the game for a while now without problem. Just tried it today and all of the sudden I got the error. Its been over a year, how have the devs not given any solution?

  • FloofFloof Member Posts: 2


    I've been trying to troubleshoot this problem for a little bit now and I have gotten my game to work. It might just be that the servers are working now for everyone while I was trying things, I'm not sure. Just in case that isn't what happened, I'll try to explain the steps I took to fix my game.

    1. Load up the game and press A like you normally would to get into the main screen
    2. Once the error occurs, disconnect your internet from your Xbox
    3. Try loading up your game, and get the error that states that you don't have an internet connection
    4. Reconnect your internet and try loading up the game
    5. Once you get the initialization error, quit the game (press the little 3 lines button on your game when you hit the xbox button)
    6. Unplug your console's power from the back of your xbox and once it turns off, immediately plug it back in
    7. Turn your xbox back on and try loading up Dead By Daylight

    This worked for me but it might not work for you. I'm just a guy who tried some things that happened to work.

  • LiquidAgLiquidAg Member Posts: 24

    Thanks, Floof. That sounds a little like dumb luck, but I'll try anything, at this point. I'll let you know if it works.

  • mocosurfshopmocosurfshop Member Posts: 1

    I just got this message thisevening 😑

  • madison_37madison_37 Member Posts: 3

    The exact same thing is happening to me. I haven’t heard anything from the devs yet. Hoping they’ll get back to me soon!

  • LiquidAgLiquidAg Member Posts: 24

    I’ve tried everything that’s been recommended, but nothing works. They’ve released update after update, still no fix. I get more excited with each bit of new content that’s released, and then I get more disappointed every time I STILL can’t play.

  • dr_strangelove10dr_strangelove10 Member Posts: 16

    They (devs) know about the problem. Its been well documented, the problem is that 1. they do know how to fix it and choose to ignore it until dedicated servers come out, or 2. Have no clue how to fix it, and are hiding that fact until the dedicated servers come! Either way its false advertisement, and fraudulent in so many ways! I have proof as well!!!

  • LiquidAgLiquidAg Member Posts: 24

    You have proof? What kind of proof. And you say they're waiting until dedicated servers come out... Does that mean dedicated servers will fix the problem? When do they come out?

  • dr_strangelove10dr_strangelove10 Member Posts: 16

    Well with more research I found out this is actually a Microsoft problem, so file complaint there!

  • dr_strangelove10dr_strangelove10 Member Posts: 16

    and Microsoft won’t do anything about it! Or acknowledge it even exist! So good luck!!!!

  • LiquidAgLiquidAg Member Posts: 24

    They fixed it!!  I don't know what they did (the patch notes don't mention it, as far as I can tell), but after the 3.2.0 update finished downloading, I was able to log in for the first time ever!  Now I can play the game that I bought over 7 months ago!

  • efritinefritin Member Posts: 1

    Geting this message now a couple of days after dedicated servers went live

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