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Dedicated Servers so far on xbox...

xGREENCATxxGREENCATx Member Posts: 431

So far:

Dead hard in 3 games doesn’t register anymore, so you have to pre-use it or just go down.

Decisive has a MAJOR delay now, therefore giving the killer a chance to hook you if you’re close to the hook (defeats the purpose of the perk entirely)

Killers LAG OUT VERY OFTEN. 3 Games i’ve seen a killer just run straight into a wall and then lag out... Not fun for anyone and they’re being punished now.

Dedicated Servers have only had mostly negative feedback on PC, PS4 and Switch, and now xbox one users are experiencing these SAME issues.

Im posting this hoping that maybe the devs will realize their dedicated servers don’t work properly and they shouldn’t be enabled tbh.

Just from what i’ve experienced so far.


  • Casto081294Casto081294 Member Posts: 10

    I much prefer them on, no more killer bad connection forcing me to run in place half a match, or make skill checks impossible. When the killer leaves the lobby for no reason I dont get kicked into another 10 minute queue. There are issues that need to be addressed, but I'd rather have them on for now.

  • ChriashaChriasha Member Posts: 1

    I have had issues with killers hitting me from a mile away all day. Dead hard not functioning right, and DS not working properly either. Trying to play matches as survivor right now is terrible. On top of these issues, I have had every single killer I play against camping hooks today. Survivor is un-enjoyable right now and I hope they realize this is a mistake and fix this.

  • TheOhioHutcHTheOhioHutcH Member Posts: 24
    edited February 17

    Yeah I've been having a lot of problems so far with these dedicated servers on Xbox

    I've been playing killer and for some reason I'm really laggy and I can't really hit the survivors. Everything they do seems to work decisive and dead hard Etc. Haven't tried as Survivor myself yet but from what I'm getting as playing as killer is not good i get stuck on things often as well especially when I pick a Survivor up and they struggle I leg back to a wall makes walking them to the hook difficult. I know its not my end cause it was never like this before today.

  • CabbageCabbage Member Posts: 219
    edited February 18

    I refuse to play survivor until the dedicated servers are UNenabled. Killers should not be able to hit me from one end of the shack to the other. My ping was 80 when we had host to player and now it's 230. They were not ready for release and should turn them off.

  • RemoveLegionRemoveLegion Member Posts: 152

    After reading this thread I'm dreading logging in:<

  • AJakeMain92AJakeMain92 Member Posts: 2

    Dedicated servers are a joke. Turn them off! Hitboxes are broken now way more than ever before. Im hoping its just a bug. If this is how it is from now on im forced to uninstall the game.

    Other than the hitboxes though the game feels smoother overall👍

  • violetcherriesvioletcherries Member Posts: 13
    edited February 18

    Same. I had 70 ping with peer to peer, I'm now struggling with ping of 200-300. I have not found a lobby with green ping, they literally don't exist. This is literally unplayable as survivor.

  • DBD_PinheadDBD_Pinhead Member Posts: 585
    edited February 18

    Two consecutive games now a survivor quits put before first down and then later on the games will slow to a crawl and the game crashes so I get a DC penalty. I would like to think this is a bug but I don't trust survs to have not done this as the newest exploit. If not, these servers are trash.

  • trevman256trevman256 Member Posts: 1

    Been lagged out of three matches so far getting penalized for each. Wont be playing this game for a solid couple of days until it gets fixed

  • DYNAMICskills7DYNAMICskills7 Member Posts: 129

    Worse thing is their bias to pc and have no comment on why. Pc has better servers closer to what people need.

  • Mad_Scientist321Mad_Scientist321 Member Posts: 2

    Happened to me earlier today. Was playing killer and the game kicked me out only for me to get a minute penalty. It was not my internet and I did not intentionally disconnect but I still got stuck with a penalty when the game/servers were at fault.

  • MPUKMPUK Member Posts: 357

    I have played across PC, PS4 and Xbox. Xbox has been by FAR my worst experience on dedicated servers. I can't get a green lobby, EVER! I am always around 180ms(Yellow) and occasionally red. It is verging on unplayable at the moment. I am based in the UK.

  • LightscenceLightscence Member Posts: 6

    Hitboxes are terrible, i am 20ft away of killer and he still hit me. Its imposible to play as survivor.

  • BigTime11BigTime11 Member Posts: 13

    It's not hitboxes, it's ping. You think that's bad, you should try playing as killer. I feel like I'm playing on ice skates and the survivors have a new teleport perk lol.

  • NineTimesNineTimes Member Posts: 4
    edited February 19

    Alright a quite a few things:

    1. You guys messed up.
    2. You shouldn’t have dropped the new penalty system with Dedicated servers until thery’re properly maintained.
    3. Dead Hard, Sprint Burst and DS are broken. I’ve played countless games only at 60ms and I’ve been hit every time. even though I have the proper distance and timing. (Not a noob)
    4. Framerate has gotten worse when getting pop-up effects, especially Mangled. (Playing on Xbox one X)
    5. Queue times have slightly improved, but I still see a decline everyday I play.
    6. The HitBoxes are so bad right now That Resilience and Spine Chill with a 15% vault bonus don’t even function anymore. Every vault feels normal. Also being hit when you are at least 20 yards in front of the killer has been an on and off cycle through games. (Keep in mind I’ve only been staying in games with 60ms)

    Edit: Just played 2 games since my last post. it’s becoming more frequent with the hit box’s I’ve been getting hit with 10ft range, while just starting up my sprint burst at the same time. Vaulting is nearly impossible now and if you hit the killer without the killer glitching on the other side of the pallet call yourself lucky.

    Post edited by NineTimes on
  • KkiveKkive Member Posts: 1
    edited February 19

    Xbox one player here. Killers are glitching across maps, I've been hit and downed when the killer is nowhere near me, when being carried they glitch to the hook, killers downing all survivors and leaving them. Haven't left or been kicked from a single match and now my DBD won't even open. "For some reasons dead by daylight took too long to start", am I being punished for not even leaving or disconnecting once?. My internet is perfect so I don't want to hear its that please just sharing my experiences so hopefully something will be fixed because this has become my favorite game and I'm very disappointed that its complete trash and not enjoyable. Adding a new killer and survivor while all this is going on is a terrible idea. How was this supposed to fix anything when the game is literally unplayable now.

  • DeadVisionDeadVision Member Posts: 26

    Correct me if I'm wrong but one of the locations for dedicated servers is London, UK, yes? It's funny because I live there and 75% of my games I get ping between 150 to 200. I'll take them as survivor because it's not too bothersome as I'm expecting to get hit after vaulting, but it's beyond frustrating having yellow ping lobbies as a killer.

  • xGREENCATxxGREENCATx Member Posts: 431

    i’m really glad the majority if not ALL agree- it’s an issue. I can’t use dead hard, sprint burst, or even LITHE properly. And to make matters worse i’ve noticed more killers using Dedicated servers to their advantage- like ill be going for a fast vault but now they know 9/10 regardless if i’m far away or not they’ll hit me because of dedicated servers so more killers are just swinging at hits that shouldn’t hit but it does now. It’s like i’m learning an entirely new game and that’s not good at all... I really REALLY hope they care and HEAR our feedback and do something about it because like i said, i feel like i’m having to relearn this game i’ve been playing since release...

  • LightscenceLightscence Member Posts: 6

    I know its a ping, and i play as killer, and survivor doesn't teleport for me.

  • BigTime11BigTime11 Member Posts: 13

    So apparently there IS a dedicated server in Sydney for Xbox. Which means there has to be some sort of problem causing the absurdly high ping. Really hope BHVR get on it.

  • MazMaz Member Posts: 3

    Ok, this gives me hope. I really hope they get this sorted out, the game is literally unplayable.

  • BlazedupKebabBlazedupKebab Member Posts: 4

    Let’s be real console has always been neglected, we’re going to have to wait a while for any change to happen or for them to even openly address this a problem on console, plus I want to be playing so I can complete my season pass.

  • ErasoxErasox Member Posts: 80

    The Problem is not the server. Issue comes from the matchmaking because its ignore where you live and put you in lobby where you have a bad ping maybe. I come from eu and on xbox the many times on us server or latam. only 2 matches was green. This issue is really rare on ps4 but also exist.

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