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Why does Legion lose the ability to see Generator Auras?

Can someone please explain to me why the legion gets basically the blindness status effect after hitting someone? What do I mean you may ask. As legion when you frenzy you can no longer see scratch marks, totally get that, sure. At this point I can still see generator aura's, however the second I hit someone with my power I lose all ability to see a generators aura and instead can only see the "frenzy" indicator of where survivors are.

So once again, why does Legion lose the ability to see generator aura's after hitting something? I honestly have never noticed this before today, and it just seems like the dumbest nerf to his power ever.

Which makes me question, does legion have a perk that is countered by his own ability. If two survivors are working on a gen have I have Discordance and I use my ability to hit a third person, do I lose the ability to see the perk being highlighted by my perks power? If so, you literally made a perk that came with a killer less useful on the killer it was designed for. lol



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