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That's it. I quit killer. Uninstalled

emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 1,259

I'm tired I really am of being bullied and taunted by these toxic survivors who have infinate magic power over killers.

Facing people 15 ranks away from me. 3 minute gens are done I only have one hook... screw this. I watch this guy on the hook and they dead hard and tank hits for saves and even if I outplay them and pull the next guy off its Decisive strike again ! Its sprint burst and adrenaline again. Heals heals heals mindless scooby doo loops around a hay bale and I cant run stab puke or hatchet anyone because like a superhuman they dodge every wind up. They tbag past every throw

I sweat and I sweat and follow every youtube I win chases faster I use ultra rare add ons i slug I tunnel i camp i play dirty oh so [BAD WORD] dirty. I practice shots in kyf

2 healthstates with 4 perks and a tool each that instantly heal someone who already has 3 hookk lives and I'm suppose to kill people who can literally waste an entire minute circling an haybail.

i tape my tv for hatchet sights

Theres no end to these second chance perks and saves.

I set timers for hooks. I poor over every inch of these forums and the wiki and memorized perks.

There is no horror anymore.

There is no balance.

Loops are frustrating, gens fly.

I've got 2k-3k hours since launch longtime player longtime payer and I'm out.

Your survivors ques just got alittle bit longer



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