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What Two Perks Do You Have A Problem With? (Doesn't Matter How Obscure)

SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 6,762
edited February 2020 in General Discussions

We all have our opinions on certain perks, whether they're meta or not, what two do you really think do too much for a perk slot?

The two perks I have a problem with are as follows:

Infectious Fright

I simply think this perk needs a cool down, it enables the snowballing of an entire team given the correct killer, and has quickly become meta on killers with Instadowns.

Object of Obsession

It certainly has to be the most annoying survivor perk to exist, I often find myself going out of my way to make the survivors that run this perk lives miserable, by slugging/downing as often as possible even off the hook.



  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 6,762

    It's up to you! If you have more issues with two survivor/killer perks then it is whatever you want to put!

  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 6,762

    While I do disagree, I appreciate your input, thank you!

  • MTKMTK Member Posts: 60

    Object of obsession takes top spot. At least other annoying perks have a gameplay purpose. Object on the other hand? Does it even serve a purpose other than being toxic?

  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 6,762

    I'm not looking to argue however, I do believe there are other things you can do while you either slug the DS user or not chase them at all, there's other survivors (I can accept this is an issue end game, however) and I do think that DH is so easily bate-able that it isn't a worry (at least for me).

    Thanks again for the input, I think we'll have to agree to disagree, though 😊

  • Whiskers93Whiskers93 Member Posts: 95

    D strike:

    Make it be active for 40 seconds instead of 60


    Rewards bad plays

  • vampire_toothyvampire_toothy Member Posts: 381

    I know the thread says two perks, but I'll list two perks from both sides since there are some perks that just simply cut it too close for me to say "yeah, this is definitely the perk I have more of an issue with".

    2 Survivor perks ;

    1 : Object of Obsession

    • Object is one of the most problematic perks in the game, it can often be a complete nuisance to Trapper, T2 Myers (with M&A), Freddy & Huntress while often times offering an extreme advantage to a SWF group that utilizes this perk to make callouts on every mindgame a killer can attempt.

    2 : Unbreakable

    • This is the one perk I think can turn a losing game for survivors into a complete win, with a maximum of 4 times where a game can be completely reset despite the fact that the killer has succeeded in their chases assuming everyone runs it. Other perks like DS are at least more excusable because of what it's meant for.

    2 Killer perks ;

    1 : Spirit Fury

    • I get it, this perk has its counterplay which is to drop pallets early. The problem I have with this perk is that it's very stale in the sense that stunning a killer should be the correct play and instead you just get killed for it. Pair this with a map that has large deadzones like sheltered woods and you simply just aren't going to have a fun chase.

    2 : Bamboozle

    • People often say this perk is meant to stop extremely strong windows but often times it doesn't do this job correctly and is often just obnoxious to go against as it takes the life out of some chases. Shack for instance is one of my favorite tiles on both sides but this perk just shuts it down, deleting valuable gameplay while other times actually problematic structures like the one on Disturbed Ward & Mother's Dwelling feature multiple strong windows, making the perk worthless.
  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 6,762

    How would you change NOED? I've always liked the idea of adding a "token" system to it, whereby it wont activate unless x amount of hooks are achieved, too. The only issue I have with NOED is players that camp with it, they camp super hard, and what are killers answers to combat camper? "Do Gens" so you do gens and inevitably get hit with NOED because of it, I don't think you can reasonably takeout all totem & do all gens before the first person has died.

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,847

    I have problems with lots of perks. I'm not too concerned about most of the meta perks. I'm more annoyed by the perks that are never used because they are objectively garbage. The list of perks I consider garbage is fairly large so I'll just pick a couple random ones to throw a highlight on.

    Buckle-Up. It's just bad. Since virtually no one uses this perk I'll remind everyone what it does. It makes it so you can tell by the intensity of a survivor's aura in the dying state how much recovery progress they have made. Then if you heal them from the dying state to injured state both you and the survivor you healed can see the killer's aura for 6 seconds.

    This perk is so narrow in it's use. You could play 6 consecutive games with this perk and not have a realistic opportunity to use it in one of those games. Survivors should have a pretty good idea how much recovery progress a downed survivor has just by the duration that they have been on the ground. More often than not if the killer slugs a survivor they have a pretty good idea where the slugged survivor is and generally don't go too far from that location. So both the rescuing and rescued survivor probably both have a pretty good idea where the killer is anyway. It's just a poorly designed perk. For killers I'm going to go with Furtive Chase.

    Furtive Chase. So much wasted potential. The idea behind rewarding the killer for hooking the obsession and a new obsession arising from whomever rescues the old obsession is really good. This is the kind of behavior that the killer should be rewarded for. But that is just it. There is NO reward! Even if you get the maximum amount of tokens the perk allows it will have virtually no impact on the game. For instance, what if the killer could see the obsession's aura if they are further than 74 meters away and that distance decreases by a reasonable amount for each token earned? But as it stands the only reason killers run this perk is if they are playing a meme build or they are doing a challenge that requires hooking an obsession X number of times.

  • MrjuiceMrjuice Member Posts: 94

    Object of obsession

    Same reasons as the OP.

    Decisive Strike

    It working when I obviously didn't tunnel.

  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 1,217

    DS and Unbreakable. Losing a lot (sometimes all) of my pressure because someone slapped on a perk is very frustrating.

  • Spooky13Spooky13 Member Posts: 1,471

    For survivor, DS. On it's own it isn't that bad. Either slug them or eat it. But when you add in perks like Unbreakable, meaning you can't slug them, Head On and Inner Strength if they go ina locker, it gets pretty bad. Then there's the whole issue of DS being used as an offensive perk rather than anti tunneling, making them make stupid plays that can't really be punished, especially during Endgame.

    For killer, NOED. Cheap kills endgame, especially for solo queue. Granted, it's not that bad, easy to cleanse totems, but I'm just not a fan of perks that can easily turn the tide of a game. Killer starting to steamroll? DS. Survivors getting gens done before you can apply pressure? NOED.

  • KycerKycer Member Posts: 337

    Object of obsession

    Gives too much information and can be abused by SWFs.


    rewards the killer for failure and it’s so annoying to get killed just by it.

  • EnderloganYTEnderloganYT Member Posts: 616
    edited February 2020

    for Survivor: DS

    a survivor right of hook should not have the option to work on a gen or my hex IN MY FACE while I can't do anything about it or I get punished. it should stop when either you become healthy or you start an action like working on a gen, saboing, or cleansing

    For Killer: Insidious

    it has little to no value except for, you guessed it, going camping. no, really, think about it, this perk exists to stealth from survivors. when camping, you want to stealth from other survivors so that you can down them as well. HMMMM.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 4,467
    edited February 2020

    Killer: NOED and Insidious.

    Sometimes I have to do the gens quickly instead of looking for totems because my teammates are being trashy. It's more of a "my teammates are crap" complaint rather than "this perk is OP".

    Insidious basically means "you're getting hard camped and tunneled, no matter what". Sometimes it can be used to catch Survivors off guard at loops but it's really risky and won't always work.

    Survivor: DS and Head On.

    DS can easily get you when you're not tunneling and it's kinda boring to run around either protecting the slug or looking for the others while waiting for DS to run out even though you didn't tunnel.

    Head On was just a terrible idea from the beginning with how ######### the servers and registration are. I've had a decent amount of incidents where I began the locker grab animation only for it to cancel and let the Survivor stun me instead. I wouldn't mind if BHVR temporarily disabled the perk or brought back its old version until they can get it to properly work.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632
    Object of Obsession

    Honestly there is nothing in this game that doesn't immediatly just make my mood drop faster than seeing 1 or 2 survivors in a single match running OoO. The moment it even exists in the match my hopes sink into the pit of my stomach, and then I just play like a bot until the gate's are powered because I already feel like i'm not going to have any power that match. Last time I ran into this disgusting perk was when I played trapper, and if I chased the obsession they simply safe looped for 2 gens, when I tried to ignore them, they followed me around the map disarming all the trap I tried to put down. I don't normally run add-ons on killers, but damn it would of been good to have that add-on that injured survivors for touching your traps. It's the most broken perk in the entire game, and i'm surprised it still hasn't been touched by the devs.


    It's a really bad perk! Not like bad for the survivor, but bad for the Killer! It does what? Get you one killer, but you play the match with effectively 3 perks? The part I don't like is that when I see it while playing survivor - I know that I'm going to be the only kill this Killer gets. I don't expect it to be nerfed or anything, because it's incredibly weak. It's just annoying to go against.

  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 6,762

    My favourite with rancor is seeing a killer forget they have it and hooking the person for their first hook at end game, I guess they may be wanting to bait out more saves but who knows?

  • CoderCoder Member Posts: 690

    JUST TWO???

    No way, so many perks have problems. not that they're OP, but they tend to be unfair or annoying in some situations.

    -Object of Obsession. If you play wraith, Pig, GF... you know how annoying is, also I hate OoO coward players that when you go to the gen they just leave without looking.

    -DS. Needs to be reworked, I'm not a tunneler, but sometimes it's just unfair. DS should be activated if you "tunnel" a second or thirds guy, but sometimes you need to build up pressure and you don't see the rescuer, or even some survivors just go to you so they can execute their DS, it's annoying.

    -Sprint Burst, a free reward for holding SHIFT when the killer gets closer. And I main Wraith... "wooow, outplayed I guess, you pressed shift, what a gamer! I'm bad, you're a GOD!" again, not that it's OP, it's just unfair, you didn't do anything to deserve it other than walking or sitting on a gen. 0 skill, 100% reward.

    -Head On. is not a perk, it's a weapon for troll survivors. Again, not OP, but annoying.

    -Adrenaline. How annoying is to be chasing an injuried survivor only to have him magically recover to full health and sprint away?

    For Killer only one:

    -Spirit fury: You lost the loop, you're a bad killer who can't even loop, but somehow you won the loop and I'm down. How is that possible?

  • CrazewtboyCrazewtboy Member Posts: 1,093

    For survivor I would probably have to say Decisive Strike as even after the rework it can be seen as a get out of jail free card. For the killer side I have a really big grudge with Iron Grasp. Hooks are already close together and it is difficult to wiggle off as is, but Iron Grasp literally makes it ten times harder. It literally isn't needed at all

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 2,161

    Adrenaline: I've lost too many survivors because I'd hook them as the final gen pops, they hang for like a full minute and a half, then get saved, gaining a healthstate, their saviours' borrowed time (AKA the 6 yr old's "You didn't hit me nananananana" perk) and if i manage to down them, they're close enough to the gates to either crawl out, or if I pick them up, DS me and just stroll out while I stand there stunned. Also DS, 60s is too long.

    I can't remember any killer perks rn but if I do I'll post again.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,578
    Hex: Devour Hope

    Useless 2-Token bonus.

    And no, i don't want something strong there, i want something that's weak, or QoL, not useless.

    All Stun Perks

    They stun.

    Being stunned isn't fun.

  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 3,127
    Object of Obsession

    Really, no competition. In an SWF it can be absurdly powerful, especially if their intentions is not to play the game normally and just bully the killer. I don't find it as annoying as most other people, but I do know that my brother (who mains Freddy ever since he was released) absolutely despises it. And I can guess why.

    This perk can completely hard counter 3 killers that I can think off the top of my head:

    • Freddy

    Because if he catches the Obsession in a dream at any moment, the Obsession will be able to see him no matter how close Freddy is to them. And that poses a huge balance problem no matter who uses it. Because that basically means as a killer, you literally have nothing you can do to beat the loop no matter how good you are.

    No mindgames, no way of faking out swings, nothing. And that isn't really fun is it?

    • Trapper & Hag

    Both of these killers get hard countered because their powers requires them to spend time to setup traps at the beginning of the round at spots and locations where the survivors least expect it.

    With Object of Obsession you can just basically... Remove their ability to do any surprises. If you see the Trapper or the Hag placing a lot of traps in one particular area, you know not to ever go to that area. And bam, power wasted.

    This perk is really problematic.

    Sloppy Butcher

    It's easy, it's effective, it forces survivors to either have someone else heal them or stay injured the whole match.

    Believe it or not it took me a while to think of a killer perk I dislike, have problems with or hate going against because I'm actually genuinely fine with every killer perk in the game. I think most of them are balanced.

    Buuuuuuuut, everytime I play as a survivor, I always hate seeing Sloppy Butcher pop up. Because I either have to wait longer to be healed, or stay injured the whole match. Which isn't ideal because I would prefer not to be the one being chased if possible.

  • Malik1178Malik1178 Member Posts: 34

    Survivor: adrenaline. Its annoying when your about to down someone and then adrenaline props at the exact moment they need it

    Killer:NOED. It gives the killer the easiest 4k of there life

  • DarKStaR350zDarKStaR350z Member Posts: 574

    I’ll pick 2 from each role:

    Adrenaline and Object of Obsession for survivor; Insidious and Shadowborn for killer.

    Most should be self explanatory but to explain Shadowborn I think it sucks to have to use a perk to adjust FoV when it should be a feature in the settings already and the FoV should be bigger than it is so survivors don’t disappear inside the killer model, really janky and disorientating.

  • Dokta_CarterDokta_Carter Member Posts: 614
    edited February 2020

    OoO mainly. But one i do feel annoyed by DS. Not in a "Nerf it" kind of way in a "really" i Could've sworn it has been at least 60s after everything ive done" kind of way.

    Killer side i HATE how useless Monsterous shrine is. And hate insidious in use

  • not_Queefnot_Queef Member Posts: 545

    +1 for the OP

    I don't know what the devs were thinking when they added Infectious Fright. For a long time it was pretty rare, so I barely noticed how awful it was. Calm Spirit is a nice counter, but if the rest of the team doesn't use it, all I can do is stand and watch as they get repeatedly slugged. It's so tedious.

    Object of Obsession just straight up needs to go.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,977

    Adrenaline and NOED. The amount of momentum they are capable of granting at the end of the game is too much for my liking, even if one is for winning and one is for losing.

  • MegHasCuteFeetMegHasCuteFeet Member Posts: 369

    DS + Unbreakable literally no counterplay lmfao

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