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New Doctor on XBOX One Frames Deteriorating

Thund3rstruck57Thund3rstruck57 Member Posts: 28

I was playing games with most of the killers yesterday on XBOX One and everything was fine. Then I started trying out new doctor and every single match, the frame rate would start fine, but deteriorate rapidly as the match went on. After 5 mins, my frames were around 10 fps. After 10 mins or more, my frames were around 1-2 frames per second with freezes constantly. I tried to play as the doctor again today and same thing. It was so bad it was basically impossible to hit survivors. Doctor is unplayable on XBOX One right now (at least for me). Please fix ASAP!


  • Thane_ValkarianThane_Valkarian Member Posts: 28

    A fix I found was to change the equipped attire I changed that onnmy doctor and for some reason my loss of frames fixed itself.

  • Thund3rstruck57Thund3rstruck57 Member Posts: 28

    Ya it's the auto-lobotomize and foul bile cosmetics apparently. Removing it fixed the issue.

  • Thane_ValkarianThane_Valkarian Member Posts: 28

    Auto lobotomizer is apparently still causing me to loose massive frame rate to single digits the more gens get completed. I've tried different appearance combinations. But every time I equip that head peice I can barely play without loosing frames to the point do to becoming unplayable. Chase a survivor and woosh there gone. Or the effect of rubber banding the survivors see when there playing against me at the time.

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