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Today I was kicked out of the match ( disconnected from the host) AND I GOT BANNED FOR IT.

After it I was watching a streamer, he was kicked out of the match as well AND WAS BANNED TOO.

What is going on with the dedicated servers?! Why do we get banned?

We pay for this game , so be that nice to make customers enjoy what they spent money for.



  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 698

    Ive made it a point that the MTBF factor on this software is something to be discussed. I got tons of flak for it. I sill can attest to the fact that we are playing these games on LEAD-FREE soldered motherboards and with RAM sticks that are still from the TERRIBLE batches of chips that FOXXCONN received. So unless your computer is clustered on High Availability and your network has near-ZERO packet loss and you are playing on BONDED NETWORKING. My suggestion is, Dont play the game.

    I was really stoked about the new killer coming out and was going to buy him. I love playing hitscan and was onboard. But after this fiasco. IM going to save my pennies until they resolve the penalty system which fits the average consumer-level pc model of SOHO networks and systems. VS what a business can run. 😞

  • nyan_painbownyan_painbow Member Posts: 53
    edited February 2020

    1st time "disconnected" and got a 5 minute ban, the streamer got 5 minutes as well.

  • BushetteLyfeBushetteLyfe Member Posts: 27

    You do know that lead free soldered mother board solder (also no Mercury) have been the norm since right before the PS3 launched right? Companies lobbied against it since the early 90s with most past 91 don't have it. It's not the servers but the programming and location in relation to the servers. Some people have no problem but the live near the server and have fast internet.

  • JudgementJudgement Member Posts: 955
    edited February 2020

    It’s better this way. For Honor has a disconnection penalty system in place where you’re penalised for 15 minutes if you quit, and it can be entirely circumvented by pulling the plug or task manager or system menu depending on your platform. That lets people ruin others games by being replaced with terrible, useless bots, or having high-level bots that wreck and carry the worse team and get the win.

    At least this way, people can’t quit and come back within 30 seconds of leaving. Of course there’s gonna be cases where you weren’t “meant” to get banned because it wasn’t actually your fault that you got kicked out, but it’s better to do it this way than make it easily exploitable and otherwise useless with there being no point for it to exist.

    Just be lucky that at the very least the first ban isn’t 15 minutes long in DBD. If you’re getting constantly kicked out, then you should give up and play another game before it really does become a hard ban that leaves a mark on your steam/platform profile. Try again tomorrow if you want to avoid that.

  • ChriskoChrisko Member Posts: 288

    I got disconnected once and got a 5 minute ban timer.

  • AlonzoAlonzo Member Posts: 151

    Happen to me last night. Server closed connection on me while I was placing a Hag trap. Got banned 5 minutes. I agree with the DC penalty system so right now as its was a one time only and 5 minutes i'll give it a pass. (plus tonight it will be 24h and the punishment goes back to 5 min again if it happens again which I hope it won't). What I am worried about is players who have these issues more often.

  • PB182PB182 Member Posts: 80

    I got a 10 minute penalty. Game randomly crashes while I'm playing sometimes, just now I get punished for it. I play on PS4

  • Strome21Strome21 Member Posts: 16

    If you got a full on ban than I doubt your story. You have to DC quit a lot to get a full ban so you're either lying or you have internet so bad you can't connect to a host in which case get an upgrade and stop screwing over your team with your lag

  • findmeready88findmeready88 Member Posts: 7

    I like the penalty. I never dc because it does screw everyone over. I had 3 survivors dc when they seen the doctor. Then the doctor found the hatch first, closed it, then shocked me until the entity killed me. This match hurt my rank. So yes the dc penalty is very necessary, much needed and rightfully added to the game.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,471
    edited February 2020

    I love how when people give feedback about the current penalty system, some of you immediately assume the person is suggesting get rid of it.

    Just because you aren’t experiencing the lack of optimization this game has doesn’t mean others aren’t.

    Maybe they could look to fix these issues while they are at it, or is that too much for some of you to handle?

  • HuntarHuntar Member Posts: 844

    Oh, good. The system is working as intended. Thank you for confirming that!

  • SmesonSmeson Member Posts: 43

    Playing onlinegames with other people that depend on you on a potato internet make you deserve bans jsut as much as rage-dcs.

  • InTheBushes321InTheBushes321 Member Posts: 72

    This is why I changed my mind about the ban topic. I initially supported d/c bans, but when I stopped to consider how buggy and poorly supported this game is, with various glitches and d/C's occuring regularly, it doesn't make sense. At least half of the time, people d/c because of the game itself, so d/c penalty is a bad idea.

    It's another one of those band-aid fixes the devs love so much. People hate d/C's? Don't fix the problem, blame the customer for falling victim to the 1,000 bugs this game has.

  • LeonardPChurchLeonardPChurch Member Posts: 24

    It's human to think "our own experience" is the end all be all of everyone in the world. You don't have access to their support system. You don't have access to the game code, or likely have the experience to know what you'd be looking at if you did, and you certainly don't understand how you are playing right into the attitude the devs want their customers to have.

    In the end, you are screwing over your own fellow gamers by disregarding experiences that "aren't your own". Congratulations for being one of the fortunate ones that doesnt have to suffer the ineptitude of the developers at a cost of being blocked from using a product they paid for.

  • tortradertortrader Member Posts: 521

    At the very least, the people who DC on purpose will be forced to stop doing that. If they suicide on hook early then people will report them for too.

    Back when I used to play DBD I didn't get any DC penalties. Is it that the game coding itself leads to dropped connections, it is this more a problem with some people's gear? Given the abundance of bugs in the game I wouldn't completely rule out the former.

  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,903

    First of all the game does not "LEGALLY" let you do anything. the TOS says you do not quit the match without using in game functionality (killing one self on hook). to disconnect, or LEAVE MATCH, you MUST leave the game functionality and use menu functionality to leave the match. This is a last resort to if you get stuck where the game can not end (stuck in geometry etc). do not think it's legal anything, the LAW has nothing to do with it, but if you wish to use the term loosely the LAW of the game is the Terms of Service and Disconnecting (rage quitting) is against the game.

    If you are stuck in the geometry or the game can't end, you have to dc but at that point you need to submit logs and a ticket for people to look into what happened.

    fist of all "suiciding on hook early" is using in game functionality and that is not something that can be reported (or it will be ignored) just as camping and slugging are allowed.

    I never disregarded anyone's experience. I even have said that there are people that get hit with this when they shouldn't. but you are the one that is playing into someone's hands... the hands of those that think THEY write the rules, the ones that say killers can'ti camp, can't tunnel and that it is bad bad bad and I'm disconnecting because i don't like it. this is a tantrum like a 5 year old throws when they DC, and this hurts the game it causes people to stop playing. The devs wrote the game, they wrote the guidelines/rules/ToS that you agreed to when you downloaded the game. I gave my experiences to show that not everyone is crashing, or having issues like this as the people that don't have issues end up not complaining on the board about not having issues. this game is played 100's of times an hour across the world. you don't see everyone here messaging. ALSO I never said I do and thus why I said when there is a crash like that we should submit logs so that the DEVS can look into it and then perhaps find the part of the program causing this. I am not the problem, you are because you don't want to help improve the game, you only want the game your way and your way alone. If that is what you want go to play a single player game and forget this one. even in a single player game you can't get around their in game rules hahah!

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 698

    There really is no reason to be rude to me. honestly.

  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,903

    just because i admitted I laughed at your comment? well 1) I'm playing on none of what you specified, 2) I have rarely had a crash that could not be explained and if I do I send a report in. I have not had a Disconnect penalty at any point, and your recomendations are absurd to the point of being funny. I know several people that have no major issues with the game in various places, just their network connection issues (explainable issues) I was not rude, I even sympathized with you on your issues but you didn't see that because you through I was being rude. read and understand and if you are not sure of something ask don't blame.

  • SlivalSlival Member Posts: 94

    The fact is that before this penalty, teams would actually strategically disconnect for something as simple as keeping the killer from getting pop/bbqchili, or to "give hatch" in an unintended exploitative way based on out of game communication. People would disconnect if they were going to be mori'd or if the killer even did a mori anywhere. They'd disconnect to prevent blood warden, they'd disconnect to prevent the killer from pipping, they'd disconnect to help their friends pip by not getting the -10 altruism for being hooked without being rescued, and so on.

    The emergent gameplay of 0 dc penalties was for dcs to be used in degenerate ways. People STILL do all these things, but they do them a maximum of 1 time per day. And that's better than infinite uses. Having played at the highest level I can tell you rank 1-4 SWFs were the worst culprits, but I've seen green, purple, even yellow ranks dc to give hatch or deny a perk, and the dc penalties are just necessary. It became something people abused, and now we're here. So when you suffer a soft penalty for your occasional technical issue, realize that it is abuse by players that necessitates the system.

  • LeonardPChurchLeonardPChurch Member Posts: 24

    so you respond with a huge, long rant bringing things up that I didnt even mention, then again, bring up the ToS and that we have to play the game the way the devs tell us and so on and so on.

    I'm guessing you're still having most of your things bought by your parents. Tell ya what, lets finish this conversation when you start having to pay for things yourself.

  • AngeleouAngeleou Member Posts: 422

    Before the nerf I remember bots kicking people's asses in siege in For honor and we wanted them more than players . Man those were good times.

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