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The September 2020 Developer Update is now available.

Devs, are you gonna ignore the gen speeds for.. mounths?

Toolboxes nerfed? Honestly, the sabo aspect made it a lot stronger and killer's time wasting.

If the Survivors in red ranks are competent - gens will fly anyway, no matter what the Killer does. Survivors are just tough and strong and they have got lots of awesome second chances which work against all Killers players, not only tunneling/camping.

And incredibly poorly designed maps like farm, ormond, red forest, disturbed ward make the gen speeds even worse. Again, why Lery's was changed before those ones? Bcs of the doctor? But for game health it would be a lot, A LOT better if you change farm, etc. and god loops (how long should we wait for breakable walls in Ironworks of Misery?)

@Peanits, @not_Queen please, say something about gens and Survivors' second chances being a bit unhealthy.



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