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I got the penalty when I got kicked because of “no network connection”

It blocked me out of servers when I got kicked out of a game for “No Network connection.” Is this a bug? Or really unfair?


  • VammatarVammatar Member Posts: 88

    This is a big bug. I experience this too sometimes

  • chapo87chapo87 Member Posts: 3

    My internet goes down and we get punished for it!! What is this new update about? Yeah punish the ones that purposely leave the match not the ones with bad internet in their area!! We as a family love this game and enjoyed playing until we have to wait even longer to get in a match because we are being punished for something that's not our fault!!

  • chapo87chapo87 Member Posts: 3
  • chapo87chapo87 Member Posts: 3

    This was 45minutes ban and its not that we left the game our Internet's rubbish!!!

  • Mikey4HireMikey4Hire Member Posts: 270

    Yeah sometimes my game kicks me out and says I have no connection but yet my internet is fine and connected. Thank God xbox has them disabled atm lol

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