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Future of Legion

Whiskers93Whiskers93 Member Posts: 95

What do you think should happen to Legion?

Future of Legion 50 votes

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More nerfs
Fine the way he/she is
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  • batmanscarbatmanscar Member Posts: 466

    I'd say his time to recover from fatigue should be reduced as it seems to long now , and the timer that reduces when he is in feral mode should start depleting after 8 seconds when he first hits someone so he has time to chain hit another survivor if they are'nt close by , or at least 4 seconds and reset after he hits the first survivor in feral mode

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 2,386

    Legion is the only Killer where if you buff them in a way that their power would be actually good it will be broken for the other side.

    If you only buff their ability to injure Survivors there would be still the problem with downing the Survivors.

    If we want Legion to be viable they need to rework them, since their power was flawed from the start...

  • nimesulidenimesulide Member Posts: 39

    I think the addons need a complete rework. Most of them are worthless, illogical.

    Also the cooldown time is insanely long, even with the addons (addon rework needed).

    Other than that, Legion is fine.

  • Riot72Riot72 Member Posts: 15

    I think they should bring back multistabs but every missed stab decreases half the current gauge amount, then make it so stabbing a survivor a second time decreases the deep wound timer up to 25% (5% with each extra stab stabbing twice still stuns) then make it so that it only decreases outside of a chase and that mend counts with nurses calling (because it's a [BAD WORD] healing action) also make it so his standard move speed is increased a bit, maybe make is so deep wound removes scratch marks. Also stabbing a hooked survivor with frenzy should give you the killer instinct but pauses the hooked survivors timer for the length of the frenzy and makes it so the hooked survivor suffers no penalty for trying to escape until after the frenzy (also adding broken status effect to survivors for a certain amount of time after the deep wound could be a good thing)

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,609

    I really love him

  • GibberishGibberish Member Posts: 437

    Full Rework, Freddy style.

    Awful to play as, awful to play against, complete waste of a concept.

    The other 3 Legion members you arent playing as should be incorporated into the power somehow.

  • Mo4ntusMo4ntus Member Posts: 415

    The hook part seems illogical and nobody wants multi stab legion again though he does need a rework to help his down speed

  • trouble2xtrouble2x Member Posts: 32

    Though every killer juggles with the issue of being gen-rushed, I think that Legion is one that has it the worst. The reason I say this is because of his/her speed. If Legion was to receive a buff perhaps consider an extended time length to Mending and a shortened timer on the Deep Wound. Also, another idea that I think might be cool is if while in Feral Frenzy whenever sliding over a pallet if it acted like Clown’s Bamboozle Perk. If Legion vaults a pallet The Entity will block that pallet for X amount of seconds forcing the survivor to traverse a new path. The ability would only be available for Legion himself as it would be an ability correlated to his power and it can only be active for one pallet at a time; also if his/her Frenzy runs out then the pallet is no longer blocked. Furthermore, I think another possible idea that could be incorporated is perhaps whenever Legion Deep Wounds a survivor it slows the survivors base speed movement while not in a chase until fully mended— walking, crouching, running, vaulting, hiding etc.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,854

    Get rid of the stupid downsides such as no blood and scratchmarks, missed hit is a power lost, reduce stun and reduce recharge time.

    Usually you put downsides to something to compensate the streangh of a ability, see nurse with blink or spirit with phasewalk. Legions power is not deadly so there is no need for such heavy downsides.

    Also add a new secondary ability for downing survivors. That would be my suggestion. FF itsself is a fun and nice ability, but its not enough for a Killer imo.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    This is going to sound kind of crazy, but let's have a full rework, Freddy style, but take inspiration from Deathslinger.

    Let's ramp up the "edgy teen" factor and combine it with their power's berzerker mentality.

    Make it so that you have a shorter timer, and about half the stun and cooldown. You hit a survivor, they get deep wounds, your power ends. You stab someone in Frenzy while they have deep wounds, they go down. This makes it strong, and more easily able to be balanced.

    Now, before you ask, "Why don't you just play Deathslinger then? He has range!" Ok, then. Why don't you play Huntress over Nurse? Both require lethal aims. Deathslinger can reload and shoot faster than Legion can Feral Frenzy with this itteration, but Legion is faster and doesn't require precise aim.

    This also fits more into the characterisation of The Legion, with them being these edgy teens who are in all likelyhood, going to lash out visciously and extenensively on one person, rathet than lashing out at a group. Or one at a time anyway.

  • Riot72Riot72 Member Posts: 15

    I simply feel that multi stab should comeback due to it being one of the main perks of his ability in the beginning, however I do believe that there should be a penalty for missing such as making it so a missed hit results in have the current power gauge being lost

  • Mo4ntusMo4ntus Member Posts: 415

    That’s already how legions power works wdym and it was a miss conceived part of his power it was not fun to go against

  • DarkHunter99DarkHunter99 Member Posts: 18
    Fine the way he/she is

    I think he is fine the way he is, just need to change the Deep Wound mechanic.

  • SirCrackenSirCracken Member Posts: 601

    Proposed rework:

    • There are multiple Legion members in the trial at once


    • Survivors take more hits to down

    I've tested this out in a KYF using the 2-killer glitch with "Stab Wounds Study" and "Franks Mix-tape" to get a glimpse of this re-work could be and it was extremely fun to both play as and against.

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