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Please, no more chapters for a while, just fix this game

I’ve been playing for a few years now with a red rank survivor and a green rank killer (as I hate playing killer since it’s just plain miserable against red ranks all of the time). I think playing this long it’s safe to say that this game is broken. There are so many bugs and somehow with every update the devs manage to make the game worse and worse. I love this game, and unfortunately it’s the only game with a decent amount of content of this type, so I am stuck with it. But as an avid player of this game (it’s the only game I normally play) there are too many bugs for them to continue to release new content. The devs just simply need to fix the massive amount of bugs in this game and fix the horribly unbalanced matches. Even as a survivor main, matches are becoming too easy. I’m constantly paired with green or yellow rank killers, teammates with meta perks, and just a really easy game. It’s not as fun anymore. Legion needs to be fixed, Freddy’s slow down addons are miserable for both sides (maybe spice it up and make them interesting?), BUBBA needs COMPLETELY reworked, gen times need adjusted (I loved a post someone made about a set up thing in the beginning of the game to help killers like trapper an hag), meta perks need rebalancing or the devs need to find a way to make them have less synergy with each other (DS and Unbreakable or Adrenaline, etc), matchmaking needs fixed DESPERATELY (which they’re apparently doing), and the MASSIVE amount of horrible BUGS need fixing especially with this new DC penalty. I was playing a game where I grabbed someone on a gen and it made me pick them up, then they started running around me and I was unable to do ANYTHING for the rest of the match, being forced to depip and waste about 5-10 minutes. Speaking of which, GRABS NEED FIXED BADLY. I can never get a grab anymore because if a survivor stands up as I grab them I don’t get a hit and I don’t get a grab. Even hitboxes could be improved on a bit. I know the devs said this isn’t a precision game but quite honestly it’s not supposed to be completely off 80% of the time. It should at least require some precision to land hits/hatchets/the new chain thing. I just can’t get over how broken and frustrating this game is, and the most frustrating part about it is that the devs care more about cash grabs than they do the overall health of the game.


  • ElvenmonkElvenmonk Member Posts: 363

    We'll have to see.

    Anecdotally, not counting me, I know 6 people who haven't bought anything since GF. 4 who have stopped playing all together.

    Of those 4 all of them have trashed the game to new players and even 1 who still plays says to not start.

    Then with the bs they pulled of oni and ash with massive nerfs after everyone bought them I can't imagine too much good will.

    For me spirit was my last dlc and I've uninstalled because I can't play the game as it got progressively worse on my laptop, no other games did, and since moving I'll be green ping but the game rubber bands so badly that I can't even walk.

  • Jigsaw_pprentice1993Jigsaw_pprentice1993 Member Posts: 177

    There is a bug fix team and a art/creation department chapters have very little to do with eachother what i do agree on is they should fix sound for killer tho

  • LeonardPChurchLeonardPChurch Member Posts: 24

    Yeah they only work for the same company on the same game under the same game direction under the same game budget, under the same human resources manager.

    They literally have nothing at all to do with each other.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,831

    Since the Rift is out now, and I hope enough ppl purchase it, it could replace new chapters in terms of profit so then the devs can focus more on balance updates about the core game instead of new chapters.

    Thats what many ppl dont see or understand, the devs didnt made the rift to "milk" ppl out, they try to earn money on a different way then with new chapters.

  • NakedwildmanNakedwildman Member Posts: 197

    honestly, i dont see the point to purchase it, if i dont even manage to complete it anyways.

    Im at reward stage 13 now, and theres no way (i did calculate it) to get past stage 30 even if i would complete tome 2 and 3...

    In my point of view tome is way to grindy to get it done. Not everyone can spent 10 hours a day to get it done.

    Not everyone WANTS to spent so much time, beside having a family and stuff into a videogame. But many do want some new cosmetics.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 859

    I do agree that the devs need to put more resources into what they have now and there is way way to do it

    From a game play perspective it's gens in general, and skillchecks can be tinkered with to make status effects have impact

    All killers need to be tuned to fit the current state of the game

    Perks need to be updated/changed

    With breakable walls coming up maps will become a bigger topic

    I hate to say this: but survivors are just cosmetics.... give them something unique like a talent or a selectable skill

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,831


    You get alot more xp if you already have the premium pass, I purchased the pass right at the start and I am a week ago doen with it. My best friend that didnt purchased the premium yet is at 40 right now. She plays probably alot more then you but its save to say that ppl with premium pass get alot more xp. I play 3-4 hours a day, I have some days where I dont even play at all.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 1,614

    This answers it all. The big wigs at BHVR are in a meeting saying

    "Do we balance the game and release a patch that's free? or do we get the rights to a licensed killer, get more new players to throw at our red rank survivors that wait 10 mins for a match?

    They already have our money. Get a new customer in here and that's an untapped resource.

  • AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 1,049

    I've just accepted that this game will never be balanced, think about it. How many other games like dbd are balanced? The answer to that is none because their isn't another game like this and trying to balance a game with so many different things in it for two completely different roles is nearly impossible. The closest game i can think of is evolved but that game had both sides hunting each other instead of it being one sided with objectives being the main focus of survivor side.

  • Lukepro2315Lukepro2315 Member Posts: 16

    No money from me, until they nerf ghostface (killer that can one hit survivor + no fear radius is quite unbalacned) AND they FINALLY repair Dead hard!!!!!!

  • AlonzoAlonzo Member Posts: 151

    I agree they could skip a chapter and focus on some bug fixing. People who are in the chapter creation and are devs to be moved at bug fixing if they work like someone mentioned above (bug fixing dep, etc).

  • PodgeNotRodgePodgeNotRodge Member Posts: 329

    Couldn't have said it better myself honestly XD Yes there are different sections working on different things. They can of course still do that but just don't submit a new cosmetic every bloody week. We have enough... well except for poor old Quintin. The devs have made it clear that their main goal is to profit off the rift season pass and encourage people to but the next best killer/survivor. And yes they have (somewhat addressed) issues including hitbox and what not but damn it felt like they were saying that they would have a hard time fixing it. Without a doubt sure, but you better damn try.

    Just means a major re-evaluation on the game. Ever since Stranger Things was released, this game got from bad to utter hell with their bugs. And this talk of 'Potentially fixed'... either you fixed it or you didn't xD there is no, we think we did a pretty good job on it. Dedicated servers are a mess. Matchmaking is a mess and their plan on handling it isn't great either. DC penalty is fine but brought at the worst time.

    There is a reason there are test gamers you hire. But in this case, WE ARE THE TEST GAMERS. Working for free because they need our complaints on bugs and issues they've missed so they can clean up the mess they've made. Like a child being pointed out the food they've dropped on the floor.

    In the end, the devs will keep releasing content in to a very bad systematic game whether we want it or not. Because there major focus is money. And although they may argue that, it seems as clear as day.

  • snozersnozer Member Posts: 777

    Everyone will play the one with the most op perk, just like people play claudette because she is black.

  • Jigsaw_pprentice1993Jigsaw_pprentice1993 Member Posts: 177

    Yeah but their different departmants ofcourse they speak with eachother but their ur logic would be like hey art department fix the game

    dumb dumb

  • DoudouDoudou Member Posts: 29

    I will admit with the current schedule of the new chapters being released, the feel has been suffocating. I personally would like it if the new chapters were more spread apart at least if anything.

  • LeonardPChurchLeonardPChurch Member Posts: 24
    edited February 28

    No, that's not my argument. I'm sorry you don't understand how a business works. BHVR is allocating too many resources to the wrong department and has disregarded a large portion of "dedicated" customer's concerns out of greed for microtransactions and cash grabs.

    If you still don't understand that simple concept, please don't reply. I can't dumb it down any more.

    Just keep eating the spoofed nonsense they feed you and I'm sure your loyalty will be rewarded. 100% certainty.

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