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Which survivor or skin makes you go "ewwww..."?

CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,780

For me it's Quentin... I don't know, I just don't like that character, and as killer, a P3 Quentin are usually the toughest survivors I've played against.



  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 3,295

    Steve. I despise Steve.

  • saminationsamination Member Posts: 307

    Meg. Just Meg.

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 1,607


    I love her anyways; but she is in serious need of a good shower. Have you seen how oily her hair looks?

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 3,358

    Nea. Especially the P3 one.

  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 1,778

    Jake's current skin from the Rift. The hair is just ugh. Awful. I like the shirt, but the hair and trousers, that's a nope from me.

  • WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,118

    ANY of the Nea cosmetics with the weird Coachella glasses with or without. The cut just isn’t... cute.

    Shirts goes to... Jake, especially the Cowboy fit. Kate deserves that cowboy hat.

    Nancy, for pants and or other accessories. You have the choice of a weird skirt, dirty pants, or off red pants. Not to mention her shoulders are super broad.

  • gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 1,007

    Survivors with really bad unique perks because you’re betting on what they have unlocked, which sometimes isn’t a lot.

    Steve, Tapp, Ace, Yui, Kate, Zarina etc.

  • undeadcookieundeadcookie Member Posts: 178

    4 Claudettes with the base skin never fails to physically disgust me

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,220

    P3 Claudette. Normal Blendettes you can hash up as "this person is new and thinks selfcare is a good perk" but P3 means theyve been at it for awhile and just REALLY embrace the hiding in a bush life.

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,054

    That elf skin for Dwight. Bleh.

  • inferjusinferjus Member Posts: 479

    Almost every skin released with and after the patch that introduced shop.

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,283

    Hag's cocktail dresses.

  • AcculllaAccullla Member Posts: 925

    any meg skin that doesnt cover her face..

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946

    legacy anything that turns out to be a complete scumbag

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 1,001

    Laurie. I can see your knife Miss!

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 810

    Well I despise YOU!

    Just kidding.

    All seriousness, Kate's new skin is kinda gross to look at, especially her blow up doll face.

  • SkeletonWitchSkeletonWitch Member Posts: 89

    Ace’s golden robe thingy, he looks creepy in that thing it makes my skin crawl.

  • FluorescentLemonFluorescentLemon Member Posts: 240

    Nea. Neas always tend to be bullies

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,102

    Recent Kate/Nancy skin ugly af.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,569

    Any female character with a skirt. I hate a majority of skirt cosmetics except the Meg tennis skirt and Nea’s skirts (even Nea are kinda cringe).

    I especially hate the Feng skirts.

  • toxicmeggtoxicmegg Member Posts: 662
    edited February 27

    Ash 100%. i just dont like him, his voice is annoying and the fact that he talks when he joins the lobby

  • PyroGLPyroGL Member Posts: 154

    Spirit's Hallowed Catalyst head and body

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 10,818

    Literally all silly skins make me go like that.

    In my opinion, its release has permanently damaged DbD in the cosmetics department, with the creators becoming more and more daring to go to the silly side.

    At least Clown's elephant costume i find excusable because of who he is, and he's still going slash & kill.

    I wouldn't be surprised if we're eventually gonna see Ace in a mankini from Borat...

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 3,295

    I hate Steve because almost every Steve I encounter is the worst. It actually has nothing to do with his cosmetics. I do agree with you though. I could do without Porno Kate.

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