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Head On Perk not working as intended

Steam (PC)

Head On doesn't activate, leaving ample time for killer to M1 (attack) as I leave the locker. Maybe 0.25 seconds after I leave locker, Killer can M1 to stop the stun animation from kicking in. As a result, I (survivor) get downed.

Have the survivor wait until Head On perk is activated. Once killer is in front of the locker, survivor should quick vault out of the locker to stun killer. However, if Killer has fast hands, Killer can M1 (attack) after seeing the first bit of the locker animation. This results in the M1 attack taking priority over the stun. Killer downs survivor as a result.

I haven't tested how often this occurs. But I have seen videos on Youtube (popular youtubers 50-500k subscribers) using head on and it doesn't work sometimes. I was assuming it only happened to them. But the moment it happened to me, I knew I had to post this on the forums because it most likely happens to more players than expected.

Behaviour, Please fix this soon!


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